When the Dollar Fails

Big Sister Janet

Big Sister Janet

Caught an interview of Greg Hunter on the radio last night, very sobering indeed. He specializes in the economic disaster our government has brought upon America and the inevitable consequences these actions will result in shortly.


Remember his commitment for a domestic “Security Force better equipped and funded than our own Military”, his own private army is being formed.

We as well as others question why the DHS had and is forming a standing army equipped at a similar level of a military assault force. We question why they have acquired 1.6 Billion rounds of tier 1 ammo, 7,000+ fully automatic defensive weapons and 2,700 armored military vehicles while pushing the recruitment of thousands of armed federal officers across too many federal LEO agencies to list, ALL WITHIN THE LAST 12 MONTHS. We question why DHS is effectively eliminating the supply of ammo for the American citizen. Lastly I at least question the tactics and ferocity being displayed at the federal and state level to disarm the general population.

Their standing army consists of all of the federal law enforcement agencies combined, they have a navy in the United States Coast Guard as it is under the control of the DHS. The one and only thing they lack today is air power. To fill this need they are now in the process of bringing on line some 1,500+ weapons capable drones. This platform is the perfect solution to complete their objective of total operational capability at all levels. I think the introduction of drones in the name of “security” was the only way they could sell this move to the public and congress. Drones will actually fulfill their roll of domestic control much better than a maned aircraft in many ways.


“May we see your Papers, Please”, the New America is upon us…

Of course this all sounds fantastic and something out of a Hollywood movie or a wild conspiratorial theory from Alex Jones perhaps. We have talked about this for months and months, and still I find it unthinkable and unmanageable the reality of what I am seeing. I just do not want to believe the United States Federal government, our government would actually use this massive power within and under the control of the DHS against the citizens of America. This realization goes against every concept this Republic was established on, against the foundations of society as we understand it, against all logical thinking that the unthinkable is actually going to happen here in America, on our own soil we call home.

But I am different today because now I understand why it is going to happen. I have always thought it may happen but always hoped at least in some way that it could be avoided in some way. Whatever would be the catalyst to set the wheels in motion that would be unstoppable could be solved or resolved in a peaceful way. I have envisioned many avenues that could lead to the breaking point for the American People, that would place us in a position of hopelessness that would force us to employ the options of last resort to deal with it.

I realize now what the catalyst is, how it has been growing and being sustained by the Administration through policy and direction of his cabinet. I think I even grasp the nature of this evil, it is not centered or even confined to the United States today, nor are it’s origins defined by national boundaries. It is not even a new event in history within modern time, yet it is unique in the approach and execution perpetrated within our shores.

In knowing this everything else makes perfect sense, every piece of the puzzle fits the big picture of what is coming. Nothing the congress or president are doing today does not fit in with the road we are on. Their is no question in my mind any longer what is coming and it is very real indeed, not going to be something you watch on the news of a terrible event half way around the world that does not directly effect your life and is forgotten when you change the channel.

They say the middle class of America represents and sustains our Republic. We are the backbone of life as we know it, we are America. Our Country simply would not function without the moral compass and production of the American middle class, the world would be a quit different place without the existence of this group of people enjoying our God given rights to stand alone as the most productive, inventive and generous people on the face of the earth today.

We will be tested, God will be our only ally to stand with us. In the Beginning the whole World was America……………..