A Cabinet of Radicals Progressive Revolutionaries


You just have to wonder about who Obama really is and what he is all about.  He has nominated some of the most Progressive Radicals in America today for his Cabinet positions and Congress just seems to be either ignorant as to who these people are or fine with them by confirming them.  They say “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who your are”, there is a lot of truth in that!

I have never in my life seen such a group of Leftist people being placed into positions of power by any President.  Individuals that have plainly and openly expressed their hostel views on America both privately and publicly.  Many of them have direct ties to Communist and Socialist organizations right here in America, some have strong Union ties and others are linked to people such as George Soros.  The list is too long to address each one individually to explain what these people represent and where their loyalties lie.  It is blandly evident every member of this Administration’s Cabinet does not indeed have the best interest of the United States in mind or heart.  This is obvious simply by hearing what they say and watching what they do, it seems everything they do and say is harmful to our Republic in one way or another.

One has to ponder whether they are simply not qualified for their job and don’t really know what they are doing or perhaps just driven by political ideology to move an agenda forward no matter what the cost or harm.  Well it’s the President’s agenda they all follow, the drum they dance to as he leads the parade.  And I think we all know by now who Obama is, I sure do, more on that in another post later.  And just when you think things can’t possibly get any worse with this group of revolutionaries, Obama nominates someone even more leftist to replace who is on the way out.  Yes, things just seem to go from bad to worse at a

constant pace under this man called Obama.  It is still early in his 2nd term and already he has accelerated his attacks on all of our God given Rights under the Constitution.  It also seems he is filling his cabinet with people willing and able to carry out his twisted ideas of change to transform America to a Socialist Oligarchy of his dreams, perhaps those of his father if we knew who he really was.

obama cab

Our Supreme Leader of the Elite Communist Oligarchy

I would love to go down the whole line up and give you my views on each and every one of them.  A bit of history on them, the stuff that the media has a black out on and will never tell you.  They won’t even tell you what they are doing now, not a word about their actions, policies or regulations they are installing into our lives.  How in effect they are destroying the American way of life with the power of their office carrying out Obama’s agenda.  I encourage you to take a close look at any of them, find out where they came from, their political background, their academic background, their associations with organizations and their relationship with Barack Hussein Obama II.

Just open your eyes and take a hard look at our Department of Energy and Department of Education.  You will understand why our children are graduating from high school and can barely read at an 8th grade level and can’t add 2+2 without a calculator.  Have no idea how the Federal government works or what the Constitution is all about.  Think that Socialism is pretty cool and Capitalism is pure evil.  Taught that the Collective as a whole is what America is all about and the idea of the Individual Person as a sovereign citizen is selfish, self serving and somehow wrong because the though of self determination is foreign to them.  Please research “CSCOPE” in Texas to understand what real indoctrination is going on in our schools today as per the Administrations direction to subdue the next generation.

Our Energy department under this administration is destroying any hope of America to one day become self sufficient, of course in the name of sustainability and environmental theory of bad science.  I am for a clean environment and responsible use of natural resources as well we all are.  But they are doing everything they can through regulation to dismantle every aspect of this industry.  There is too much to say here, it deserves a post of it’s own later on.  Just understand they have put a halt to all exploration or development that would serve the needs of the future, sold the rights of our natural resources to foreign countries both on land and our offshore holdings, forbidding any new construction of power generation or refining plants, closing our coal burning plants that supply electrical power for our country, investing BILLIONS of our tax dollars in failed “green energy” companies (all of them have ties to Congress members either personal or business association, and also ties to Obama himself through funding or Union labor).  When you now are paying (I am) 30% more for electricity today than you did last year for the same wattage and paying $1.50 more for a gallon of gas than you did last year, you can thank the Dept. of Energy!

Please remember Obama’s own words 4 years ago, he promised energy cost would skyrocket and the price of fuel should be in line with what Europeans pay at $10.00 per gallon.  Well he has kept his word.  Michelle Obama told us they would rewrite history (in schools today they are teaching our kids a version of American history the way they would like it, not the truth on what really happened), she has also kept her word.

Let us get back on topic now, just a few words on recent cabinet changes in the past month.  Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Director of the CIA and coming up will be Susan Rice for Security Adviser.


The four Amigos to advance Change

Well Hillary Clinton is a work of art in herself, she set a few records in the position she has just left.  She has done a lot things not in the best interest of the United States under the direction of Hussein Obama advancing his foreign policy.  If you understand Obama’s foreign policy then her actions all adds up.  There is much to speak of about her role and work she did at this position, too much to cover here.  But I would like to take note of 2 items, her relationship with Islam and Benghazi.

We all know about Benghazi, or should I say we know we really don’t know anything about it.  She never really answered a single question put to her by the congress, simply threw her hands in the air and screamed those 4 people are dead and it does not matter why.

Her deputy chief of staff Huma Mahmood Abedin has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood through her father, mother and brother.  I just find this odd that someone this close to Hillary has these associations, you draw your own conclusions.

Now we have John Kerry filling her slippers to project American policy to the world.  The same guy that called our troops in Vietnam “baby killers” and actually went against the wishes of the President by appearing in Paris at the peace talks for some odd reason.  His history as a swift boat captain is full of controversy to put it mildly.  He should make a fine Secretary, has demonstrated the ability to get in over his head, spoken badly of his brothers in arms (which I assume includes America) and seems to have a different version of reality with respect to his history in the Naval Reserve driving a river boat. Just what Obama is looking for.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta did not like Israel and more or less said that on his trip there last year.  He did not take action in Benghazi like he should have.  Also he mislead everyone on what happened that night and why no help was called during the 6 hour fight that cost 4 lives.  I think he was in on the arms trade between us and the terrorist groups in Syria that Stevens and the ex-Seals were there to handle that night.  His conflicting stories just do not add up in any way.  Not sure if Susan Rice was under his direction at the UN or Obama’s to follow the “video” lie she presented to the Security Counsel and to the public via talk shows.

In comes Chuck Hagel to head up our troops, the finest Military on earth.  Our Armed Forces are second to none and served our Nation with honor through history protecting our Freedom we enjoy here at home.  I cringe at the thought of Chuck taking the reins because of his open support to nuclear disarmament, unilateral if need be.  His ties to George Soros are also troubling, if you know anything about George.  He is also anti-seismic in a big way, openly dislikes Israel for some reason, perhaps George again.  And I wonder if he is involved in the new drone pilot metals being introduced by the pentagon?  They will outrank the Purple Heart and Bronze Star awarded to those in battle.  Again a good pick for the Zero (Obama) to run our military protecting Western culture.  I understand he feels the same way Obama feels about Britain, hates them also.  It’s funny how Obama hates all of America’s few good allies in the world and seems to love all things Islam.

So the CIA is getting a new Director in steps Mr. John Brennan.  Does he have ties to Islam?  Some say he has converted to become a Muslim.  It seems he has visited Mecca and Medina, both of which are off limits to non-Muslims while he was station chief in Saudi Arabia.  Is any of this true, perhaps half true?  It does raise some questions, but if it were all true then he would be the perfect pick for Obama.  You see, I feel Obama is a Muslim at heart with leanings toward Black Liberation Theology and this Christian face he presents is merely to deceive.  So Brennan is his guy, perhaps to feed the Muslim Brotherhood with intelligence and let them feed us with counter intelligence to justify policy as he wishes.  Ever wonder why they call a spy a spook and a plant a mole?

Susan Rice for Security Advisor, GREAT!  She has proven on national media that she is either a liar, stupid beyond belief or willing to deny truth by pushing the agenda of her personal ideology, take your pick.  I don’t feel all that secure right now.

We will leave Eric Holder, Cass Sunstein, Kathleen Sebelius and others for another day.  We will also connect the dots between Agenda 21 and this Administration later.

In the Beginning the whole World was America……….