A New Order of Czars and Super Committees


So what’s up with Obama’s fascination with Czars (Tsar)?  I mean why bring Russian culture into America?  Is there a reason for this he thinks will benefit our political system?  What purpose do they serve, who do they work for and answer to, what are they being paid and by who and what power do they yield.

What is a Czar and where does it originate?  Czar (also spelled as tsar) literally means an emperor or a male monarch. It was the imperial title of Russian rulers, who ruled Russia from 16th century until the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. The title Czar is derived from the Latin word Caesar, the title of Roman emperors. Czar also means a person having great power. The Russian Czars were the rulers of Russia, whose reign began with Ivan, the Terrible and ended with Nicholas II.

How the heck did Czars get into American politics, this is not American by any stretch of the imagination.  We have our own Western terms to describe Officers of Federal government defined by the Constitution as per our Founding Fathers to separate our Republic from the world.  They formed a new government, the only truly Free society on earth at that time.  We were a Respecter of Law, not a Respecter of Man like France was after their revolution in 1789.  The foundations of America were based on the English Magna Carta of 1215 with respect of Natural Law within a society.


Green Czar Van Jones is a self avowed Communist with ties to George Soros.

John Locke eloquently presented these ideas in his Second Treaties of Government he presented to our Founders in consideration of drafting the Declaration of Independence.  And were subsequently enshrined in our Constitution.  Of course we all know this as it is simply American history we were all taught in high school.  Yet his insight and knowledge of historic societies within the context of Natural Law of Man were remarkable and extraordinary to my small young mind.  He knew all about Czars and understood that type of society did not serve mankind or the Person, it only served the Czar.  Much like Obama thinks of himself today, his vacations will be discussed on a later post.

Franklin Roosevelt introduced Czars into American society in 1933, go figure.  He also established a Federal Income Tax and  also confiscated (stole) all the gold from American citizens.  Has a hand in the establishment of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 by President Woodrow Wilson.  He was a Socialist from the word go, an elitist to the max.  Yet a hero to the Progressive movement today of course and taught in school as a Great leader of WWII.

Obama has taken this Czar thing to new frontiers, he has positions for 38 of them.  He has a Czar to control every aspect of your life, because of course you are not capable of doing it without government help today.  And I guess Congress and his Cabinet could not function without them either today.  Their function within government is a bit confusing, answers to any of the questions above are hard if not impossible to get.  I must assume they answer to Obama because he hired them so they must by loyal to his agenda.  What they get paid and who pays them is secret I guess because there is no published information on this.  What their real power is remains unclear or defined, so what do they do?  It really looks like a good ol boys club, sort of keep it in the family thing going on.  Getting communist leaning individuals in the front door, a nose under the tent without much fan fare or publicity or oversight.


The 12 that strip Power from Congress to delegate funds without oversight or deliberation of Congress

I guess Van Jones is the best know Czar of Green Energy that got dumped once he was brought to the light of day.  I also assume an openly avowed Communist would be a bit much for Obama to get the public to swallow.  But it gives you an idea about the others that have not had the spot light on them yet.  And with everything else going on who has time to look at Czars anyway.

That reminds me of something else, the so called “Super Committee” (Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction) formed in 2011 to deal with the budget crisis then, no not this one, or the last one, or the next one either in September.  It seems we are always having a budget crisis now days, doesn’t it ever get fixed?  What the hell is this anyway, another Communist idea introduced into our politics?  Just to be clear I see this as the former Soviet “Politburo” in so many ways operating within the “Central Committee”  such as our Congress.  This raises even further concerns in respect to the structure of our government, is it being changed right under our nose?

What is fundamentally wrong with this is that it removes the Full House of Representatives from the process of controlling our budget, that is their job as mandated by the Constitution of the United States of America by the way I read it anyway.  They have given up the power reserved to them to balance the 3 branches.  We are paying them to do the job we elected them to do and they are not doing it.  This whole Super Committee stinks to high heaven is so many ways, it discuss me.  It adds to the reasons why Congress is a joke today, what the hell are they thinking anyway!

To add insult to injury they have also given up their responsibility to the Executive Office the power of conformation for nominations to offices within the Administration.  Their sorry ass excuse is sickening, they say they do not have the time and it slows down the process.  They also say it is difficult to reach agreement within the party lines (if there are any) to pass the person.

The mandate of the Super Committee is beyond common sense, it is a set up Chicago Style to get what Obama wants and be able to place the blame on Congress.  I guess Congress is spending too much time doing God knows what to do their job and understand how Obama is systematically stripping them of Power transforming them into nothing more then a figure head, much like the Caesar’s did to the Congress in the Great Roman Empire, yes history is repeating itself here again.

This committee was set up to fail, it is the plan.  That way Obama can further cripple our security through DEEP Defense cuts.  I have much too much to say about this mess, but will end it here.  We have Czars and Super Committees, what’s next?  Perhaps an extremely narcissist dictator that loves to play golf with Tiger Woods on our dime, well about $1 MILLION in tax payers dimes that is.  Yes he lives large indeed as we eat cake.

In the Beginning the whole World was America……..