Invasion from the South


Well the Senate will vote to extend funding the Federal gov’t. The House it is expected to pass as well. The budget debate rails on and on.

Amnesty will be granted. Complete overhaul of immigration will happen although the debate will be lively. But it will go forward.

We have on avg. deported 400,000/year. We keep on avg 34,000/day incarcerated. We spend on avg. $122/per day for their incarceration (some areas the cost is $166/per day). We pay the private corrections folks regardless for beds, contracts drive, even if they have no warm body occupying. We release on avg. 1000 immigrants per/day. We fund those who are cuffed at home. 40% as reported, most likely higher, never show up for a hearing. Bonds people get in on the dollars when some are released. Green cards are provide

d like penny candy, doubt those are paid for before receiving. We pay the cost when they are deported and deportation only occurs after lengthy stays in facilities and we pay the fees for their lawyers, immigration judges salary’s. We pay for the cost of supporting their family’s if they have one.

I heard talk yesterday from progressives in Congress that we should not be incarcerating many of our own population.


They think America belongs to them, not the American citizen

Connecting the dots as I see it we are moving towards the notion, see we have numbers to back it up, that we can no longer afford and must go to open borders. It will happen even though some Republicans will make a fuss.

The Hispanic community are already making a lot of waves that immigration reform must include the right to Medicaid, SS and Medicare etc. I personally believe that ObamaCare passing is to provide medical for this amnesty group, it does provide in a sense corporate well fare in the sense it removes a lot of burden for them to provide health insurance. Of course the fall out is your and my sacrifice while a class of people get a little more. We will all be equally sick and poor.

Folks if you are over 60 rejoice if not you may live long enough to see the big time destruction of America.

Now on to another topic. From the Wall Street Daily email today here are a few things they said

“The middle class continues to shrink, as 5% of the public owns 90% of the money.”

“The borders of Washington D.C. encompass only 63.8 square miles, Manhattan in New York City only covers 33.8 square miles, together, they encompass a minuscule 0.0026% of the United States”

“President Obama’s largest campaign donor when he got elected in 2008 was Goldman Sachs? And that, collectively, Wall Street contributed $9.9 million to his campaign?”

“Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs now pays its employees an average of nearly $600,000 a year.”

“The starting salary for a big-time congressional or White House staffer is about $500,000.”


They have no respect for my home and never intend to assimilate into the American culture

“Over the last few years, the relationship between Wall Street and Capitol Hill has gotten, well… far too cozy”

“Roughly 854,000 people presently hold top-secret security clearances.”

“More ominous still, 33 building complexes have been constructed in (and around) the Capital Beltway over the last 11 years for top-secret use. Secrecy is spreading like an infection on democracy,”

“According to the U.S. Information Security Oversight Office, the number of new secrets rose 75% from 1996 to 2009.” Now you and I know that during Obama’s administration transparency is a joke and collection of data on the American people is at an all time high, attacks on the constitution that protects citizens from unlawful search and seizure or to be held without due process is live and well, embodied in legislation.

“The United States presently has over 2.3 million national secrets, designated as such by the government over the last 10 years.”

Now 1 in 8 Americans are on food stamps. Middle Class wages are shrinking while taxes are higher, gas is high and food is higher. A lot of people working are doing so seasonally or in part time situations. Overall we are getting poore


It seems they would like to bring their culture here, turn America into Mexico which they seem to love so dearly


In the 70’s a big exodus took place where citizens fled the city’s for the burbs. That demographic change is reversing today and the top earners are moving back to the city pushing lots of folks from the city to the burbs. This has a lot of repercussions burbs communities now having to deal with crime, services to the less fortunate and for the less fortunate who work in the city fuel cost makes them ever poor because mass transit is soften not available. The affluent gets an extra bragging right “I take public transit to work, I don’t own a car or my car is a hybrid or all electric.

We the people are upside down wrung out to dry. And folks gov’t elites are morally bankrupt and will forever now do what is necessary to protect their power.

I fear a troubled storm brewing in America and we are headed towards an American Spring one that will include sectarian (race) violence. May take a few years but it will happen and when it does Assad of Syria will appear as a pussycat when compared to the full force and power of America’s military and police force.

Can this happen in America, most certainly.