Why Put Personal Energy in Worrying About the Government’s Assault on Presumption of Privacy, Liberty and Freedom?


Valid question. In a recent conversation I had with a friend she posed the following, Government has always spied on its citizens. That is true. Government has spied and infiltrated groups they deemed a possible threat to national security, threat to business interests. McCartythism was perhaps a most egregious outcome of government actions. Many examples of government spying on groups and individuals exist throughout our history. Over time legislation has followed trying to keep pace in ensuring government and business interest and enacting legislation that would stand in court. In the last decade the government’s interest has ratcheted-up. Our governments foreign policy, wars waged in Iraq and Afghanistan and sadly but a fact the government’s desire to allow foreign travel to the U.S. from states on a list of ‘terrorist states’ and immigration from the Middle East and Southeast Asia all contribute to erosion of our liberty. As well the government’s failure to track expired visa’s and lack of control of all our borders has lead to the erosion as well. The pingent of progressives towards collectivism is a big factor but is a huge topic to cover.

One might say that if you are not doing anything illegal, law abiding, that whatever government  does in their sphere of spying will not snare you in their net. This is true to a certain degree. However it is not a guarantee and I hypothesize that liberty and freedom of all American citizens are impacted whenever just one citizen is infringed on. The question is simply do we want the government that represents usto move ever closer to a fascist government? Is it possible, yes I think so and it is, I believe occurring each year. See also my commentary on this blog titled Chipping Away at Liberty and Freedoms

So Why Be So Concerned?

I suppose if I were laid back on this issue, sorta selfish in the personal, I certainly would not be concerned. Am I making too much of this street-camerasissue? Am I being paranoid? My answer to the first question is a resounding no. The second question is more difficult — yes there exist some paranoia. As Joseph Heller was quoted as saying “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they are not after you.”. I think today it is prudent to have a sprinkling of paranoia on this issue.

I was reminded today while sorta watching listening to a movie a Nazi who participated in the annihilation of Jews in Nazi Germany said something like this “you know why it took less than a handful of German soldiers to lead a thousand Jews to the gas chambers? His answer [the Nazi] was that Jews were timid, not willing to fight”. Obviously it was more complicated. However there is a lesson to be taken from this and that is if good Patriots fell to stand up, take action no matter how insignificant it may seem, are we not leading ourselves and future generations into a kind of gas chamber that burns away liberty.? For while we recognize the eroding of freedom/liberty and the trashing of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights, the future generations may very well grow up with our experience and will walk blindly like robots into the abyss of fascism. We must care as much, if not more, than we care about debt and deficit reduction.

What legacy will we leave the next generation?

Will that legacy be one of

•    debt
•    lack of liberty/freedom
•    a trashed Constitution and a set of new Bill of Rights that very well will benefit the fascist government to emerge

Today many progressives are asking the question is the current Constitution left by the founders sufficient to carry us forward in the new world order? It is true that academics are formulating a new Constitution the noise is increasing.  Just to drive that notion home here are some links of interest:

The Constitution in 2020, Yale Law School
A Blueprint for Tyranny
The Constitution In 2020

These links represent a small fraction of discussions on this issue.

I have come to believe that many of us Americans are so arrogant to believe that we can change the world into our mold. In my humble opinion this idea, arrogance, is proving not to be true. The rest of the world is molding America into their likeness. The knee-jerk reaction then is to write a new Constitution. This  is pure arrogance driven by current government progressives and liberals  and progressive academics. Its progressive collectivism at play.

My fellow Patriots we must stand for liberty, fight like heck for our Constitutions and Bill of Rights (yes and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence) in  whatever way we can.

We must, as Patriots

•    elect representatives that hold (and through their prior voting records) hold liberty and the principals of the Constitution on their shoulders at all times. Those running for election must love and fight for freedom.
•    Those currently in office, Republican, Democrat or Independent that has voted on privacy, freedom and liberty busting legislation must suffer the consequence.
•    We must fight for America and her prior way of life.
•    We must fight back against this march to one world governance

Stand tall and strong my fellow Patriots.