Republican Party: Woes and Balancing Act, 2016 Election, Comprehensive Immigration Reform?


2016 is not all that far away. Best we stay engaged and watchful on main stream media comments and entertainment news. Of course watching so-called conservative press is fair game as well. We should as responsible citizens read all rags, listen to both ‘to both’ news sources, right and left. I un

derstand whether you are conservative or democrat listening to opposing views is stomach turning at times. We all should not depend on our favorite line of news source, not only will we miss hidden truth, our favorite, lets be honest will be talking to the choir. Critical thinking is a must.

Lets face the truth candidates of both stripes play to an audience of potential voters, Gather info from ALL sources. Liberal or Conservative press does the same. Whatever they bolster their readerships, listening audience and for the politician its a possible vote at any cost. They present stories that promote their ratings or add, in case of the pundit, to their personal wealth. Right or left its at our expense.

Somewhere a bit of truth emerges when we mix up sources, we are better informed, not spoon fed from the left or right. Something to consider.

Blog on Republican blogs and yes Democrat blogs, comment on news articles it all helps, I think. Use your local news Readers Comment section to get your viewpoint heard. They just might print and it adds thought to the debate. Who knows you might hit a cord, a home run, with the liberal, the undecided voter.

Now back to the question who will emerge as candidates. Consider Republican’s of  taking a weed wacker to the field of candidates before the primary debates, Did the huge field of Republican’s who entered the field for debating hurt the Republican’s? Well there are arguments for and against this hypothesis. Certainly the left MSM had a lot of fuel for the fire to aid in electing Obama. This assault by the liberal press might be said to be the result of driving more registered Independent voters to vote for Obama. We lost ground with the Independent pool this last Presidential election.

Party Affiliation a Pew Research article may be of interest.

partyisoverrctWe Republican’s had a field that represented all ideologies we each hold dear even if their ideology was not in sync with our own. In the final we ended up with Romney and think about it we were not unified behind him, in the end Republican’s voted for him but were we pleased with him being the candidate?. We disparaged him on blogs (I’m first to admit that I did) its called debate between Patriots. To the liberal it was called a party who was dysfunctional, debate was not seen as healthy why? They were unified behind their only candidate in the primary. We Republicans committed some sort of sin by debating, a right most American’s should take more seriously. Well the left made the debate into an image problem for Republicans. I am not  advocating less debate among the base, however, the GOP could be astute, aggressive in encouraging debate for not only the Republican base but for all American voters, a PR campaign up front not after a gaffe has been made. Proactive not just knee-jerk reaction after the fact.

 Romney was insured by the GOP to be the candidate. Obama won, only by a few percentage points, clearly he was not given a mandate, something Democrats in Congress will freely say and I paraphrase,  “The people have spoken, there is a mandate”, all to garner support for their progressive agenda. Did we help the democrats? You be the judge. Are the Republicans in Congress handling this well? Not really. Are they leading from behind? Well some. Are they [Republican Congress] getting better? Yes.

Left leaning media helped the democrats, again they repeated and printed every blunder made by Republicans and at the same time not calling out the blunders of the Obama rule. Obama not held accountable even when his actions or non-action smelled like shit (think Benghazi just for starters) he came out smelling like a rose.

The left leaning press even resorted to reporting state candidates whom I agree made stupid remarks. Well the candidates from these States the left MSM focused on, well, in my opinion in many instances, not worthy to be a serious candidate, although their right to be. Right to run for office no matter the candidates stupids lost to the left.

Does the Republican Party have an image problem? I think so, certainly lame MSM drives that we do. Republicans in Congress think so, for they are bending over backwards  to repair.


The Fearsome Five

Just today a Republican House member in a speech in Ketchikan, Alaska, used ‘wetbacks, to describe migrant workers. While it is true, they once were referred to as ‘wetbacks. ’See use by Immigration and Naturalization back in 1954, It was once commonplace descriptive label used to describe this class of peoples working or to be deported. While many old farts still use the term in personal conversations, it is political suicide to do so by a representative or people running for election. Boehner and McCain derided Don Young demanding an apology, right for them to do so, damage control. Don Young apologized but hey will the apology make a difference?

Anyway damage done. Let me state that I am for free speech, we are guaranteed 1st Amendment  rights however on a public stage being a representative for the party I do think carefully chosen words are in order. Is it couched in PC? Well yes. Is it compassionate, respectful language to use? Well no. Does it endear the Hispanic voter to consider  voting Republican? Well no. It would be equal to using the ‘N ‘ word in a speech to refer to blacks. Dumb. One more example we Americans used ‘Jap’ to refer to Japanese even when one was Japanese American around WWII, we called Chinese ‘Chinks’. All would be unacceptable labels to be used by the politician — while it is free speech for the rest of us we still, or at least many of us, use more respectful terms.

Do the Republican politician need sensitivity training? Yuk, perhaps  its come to that. God forbid if they already have. If they did some learned notta, not a thing.

Now with all that said while not using ‘wetback’, ‘Jap’, ‘N’  nor ‘Chink’ word I do say ‘evil’ when describing Islam. Not willing to give that up. See I unequivocally state there is evil in Islamic culture. If you call me an ignorant barefoot hillbilly that is fighting words my friend. Yet I will proudly tell you I am a proud redneck hillbilly. Its all about the  context  in which the labels are used.

Over the next four years it will be a balancing act for Republicans. The Democrats, for now, remain in the driver seat why? Well they were allowed by Republicans to set the agendas. Democrats, I’m sure we could agree, outsmarted the Republicans in the political boxing match.  Is this agenda set by Democrats healthy for America, her children? I say no. Each and every agenda needs careful thought, in-depth research by the populace liberal and conservative.

I’m going to stick my neck out and say while the Sarah Palins and Ann Coulter types are great at energizing some in the conservative base, others are not so impressed. Both pocket a lot of wealth from their speeches and books. Did Gingrich help or hurt? You be the judge. Gingrich has certainly made millions off of speeches, often the same speech over and over, tired old speeches. We can’t shut them up, nor would I propose doing so, The question is do they add to build the Republican Party? I will let you decide, Your comments in the Reply section below would be welcome,

Now on to another issue that will affect 2016 and elections in between.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is an agenda we all conservative and liberal should pay close attention to (see may bullet points below). While we allow the Democrats and Republicans in a shallow way to say over and over the catchphrase “We are a nation of immigrants” well duh we know that, so what’s new in that statement? We must evaluate every word written in Comprehensive Immigration Reform, every amendment introduced why? Don’t take their word for what it is in the upcoming Act, research for yourself.

We must

  1. search for protection of the citizen worker


  1. cost to American society at large, health, education, crime etc
  2. possible completely opposing cultural values and what results could happen in a decade or so
  3. the cost of Amnesty
  4. possible cost to liberty and freedom (you can take it to the bank there will be)
  5. if reform will result in more big government at the Federal, and if it will erode further States rights
  6. who benefits? Is it the citizen or the corporate looking for cheaper labor at your expense
  7. what the impact it will have in the personal (that is fair both in the negative and positive)
  8. if more dumbing down of the current citizen in lieu of furthering the education of the the new peoples to hit our shores (there are those now down playing higher-ed for our kids)
  9. will we have to abandon our constitution, rewrite the Bill of Rights (yes some, not me, think already it is antiquated, what danger lies in upheaval, one citizen pitted against the other, does it mean more divide, will we be setting the stage for armed conflict on American soil (sound far fetched, well just give it its due consideration)
  10. will the powers in Washington, D.C. assure no visas or immigration from terrorist states (they do not now)
  11. will English be the required language

I would like to hear your .02 cents. Add bullet points. Debate mine. Get involved in the conservation.


Jeb Bush is a very strong supporter of Common Core that is destroying our children in the Public Schools

Has anyone besides me think it arrogant of our elected (and even the progressive who embraces ‘the collective good’ theory) that the ‘melting pot’ of years ago will  give us the same results today? We live in a much different world today my friends.

We make commitments to those we arrogantly like to remind they are, disadvantaged. The poor, the gangs  that live in areas of cities that I  bet most of those who read this (conservative, liberal) would not even drive through. I bet I would be safe in saying certainly not a choice to live there. Money and resources are poured into these communities, somehow guilt by the bleeding heart drives this. Oh want more sales tax for education, no problem not thinking that sales tax hits low income earners the hardest. Conscious  cleared for the more affluent. Pure arrogance. Oh and what about providing low income earners or a halfway house in the affluent ‘liberal stronghold” you gotta be kidding, not in my neighborhood will surely be heard. We make commitments to the ‘disadvantaged’ in America yet commitments bring little change. Now through Amnesty for the uneducated who now make America home will the so called disadvantaged that we committed change to half a nats chance in Hell of ever being fulfilled? No not a chance, resources will be ever more spread across and I contend never make a difference. Have we lost the cheese on our cracker?

Marching on. Can we mold these newcomers to  ‘our way of life’ our values? Don’t think so — its more that America is being molded into a sorta world mold. Is that good or is it a possible problem? Think about this issue carefully for I believe it is one fraught with danger..

I wanted to address culture values from a feminist perspective. All my adult years I have worked on issues of concern to women be it one of sexual harassment, violence against women and girls, to be valued and taken seriously in the workplace, equal pay for equal work, trafficking of women and children, against pornography because it adversely affects exploitation of women and girls but catches men in the snare as well.  I have marched and protested. Back to culture values, a culture that devalues women See do we really believe that we can change that, perhaps in hundred-fifty years if then. We have not been successful in eradicating in our own culture. We have made progress but we still have a long way to go. Another area that we might call arrogance, we can change them, bull-shit. Did you know that female genitel mutulation is on the upswing in America today? Genital Mutilation be sure to read the section titled United States. Can we really be so arrogant that we by our values imposed on others that we will change their culture values?  Do you believe that Congress, those lobbying Congress give much thought to the perspectives I offer here? If by chance you do then you are outright naive. Do companies, corporations, tech startups think about this, perhaps some.

Let’s skip back to the 2016 election

Quite possible that another first in history candidate will emerge. A woman, most likely a Democrat. Will the voting populace once again abandon the history making chose and choose instead to examine the record? Don’t count on it. As a woman I would love to cast a vote for a woman of these United States before my lights go out. However it must be a woman I believe in. The possible Democratic woman candidate would I think bring nothing new to the table instead I think more of the same agendas of the current administration, the UN’s agenda and more international governance,

Top runners for republicans, this year, one might say are Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Jeb Bush. Not bad. Might Nikki Haley be considered to take a front row seat? Bit early to tell.

I like Rubio, he is a conscientious hard working lawmaker. Don’t agree with all in the political.

Rand Paul well he would definitely be a winner in my eyes, ‘stand with Rand’. Again there are areas that I disagree with issues he has shown support for, but overall I like his political beliefs. Rand Paul while taking the liberty chips off of the old block Ron Paul. Rand Paul is crafting his own style of politics. He is serious. Ron Paul’s contributions were one of driving home liberty. Rand Paul does all so but there is more meat to his message. Read this article from Time, Swampland, dated March, 29th,  In Kentucky, Rand Paul Demonstrates the Art of the Sale.

Mitt Romney concedes in Boston

Mitt Romney

Among the top three, this years, possible candidates, Jeb Bush, while being a good governor of Florida he is the one candidate I have the most trouble getting behind. I guess my head is still reeling over George W.. I also have other issues but I am not prepared to tackle here, I need to do more in depth research in order to write somewhat intelligently.

OK Patriot or the Visiting Democrat, I have said a bunch of stuff in this commentary. Let’s debate!

By-the-way, A thought should the Republican Party do more to embrace Libertarians? I mean raise their issues to the top of the heap? Will we bring the younger generation, the Ron Paul supporters, more Independents, stop the flight of moderate Republicans? Well I think so but what is your opinion?

Take a read of the Libertarian Platform 2012. I am not pushing or campaigning that you become a Libertarian. No hidden agenda. My agenda lies only with rebuilding the Republican Party, an agenda that whatever it takes Republicans need to retake the peoples house.

Liberty, Freedom