Global, One World, Corporatocracy Folly


I don’t know about my friends but I get this knot in my stomach just thinking and writing (although writing about issues help me) when I contemplate about this new so called global world, one world we are moving at high speed towards. Yes we all know that we live on the planet earth but the notion of one world community is an idea that does not make common sense to me.

People no matter how hard the progressive try’s to make it so will never be equal. We will never be equally well off and on the opposing side of the coin not all nations will be equally powerful. While most of us would (conservative, progressive) say, and with sincerity, wish that all peoples on the earth lived better lives enjoyed a good meal, were educated, did not have to suffer from conflict, had good sanitation, clean water to drink and free of epidemics.  We wish for many peoples of the world that they taste freedom, liberty we enjoy(ed) in America. Not realistic, it’s a pipe dream. The fact is even in Western societies many of the populace suffer from lack of the basic things that make for a decent existence.

From this naivete we of the Western world are being sacrificed by the Corporatocracy. We mainstreet peoples are their sacrificial lambs. In the emerging grand project of molding the world citizen in Western likeness, they the Corporatocracy are moving the world ever closer to disastrous consequence. A consequence that the elite of the Corporatocracy will eventually share. They, the Corporatocracy will panic. They will at all cost  try to defend their grand plan, their markets and the corporations will call on their partners, governments military complex for protection from danger. The markets already send messages to the Eurozone to clean up bad behaving countries and unite as one federated country with a government body they can talk to, or control. Understand this is about doing away with sovereign countries in Europe. The Russians are watching.31863_102351189814025_100001174336126_18050_4591282_n

The world today surely we could agree is not the world of yesteryear and recognize that in the past we experienced many wars but not the type we have today nor ones we will have in the future. As it is now and going forward the world will be a more dangerous one.

I keep thinking about the colonization practiced by England, France, the Dutch and others and while they were able to realize economic gain although lasting years they dissolved and at great cost. Colonies were difficult to manage, requiring besides government from the foreign to rule the government required military support not only for government protection but protection for business. Well one and the same, the Corporatocracy protection. The countries ruling the colonies had to abandon. Unraveling economic unions will not be a simple walk away.

Who are the Corporatocracy? Its the governments, corporate and the international bodies that exist now and those who will emerge in the future to support the Corporatocracy needs. Its a futile exercise. Its for short gain I think. A disastrous future.

The Western Corporatocracy will continue the march towards economic units, the Eurozone, the looming North American Union to counter the problems of economics war, currency manipulation war, cyber-war, perpetual terrorist war, space wars, proliferation of nuclear arsons for war, small weapons war, bandwidth wars, wars for resources (food, oil, water). All wars are waged  with the idea that if you do not join us in our grand plan you (China, Russia, the Middle East, some other countries of Southeast Asia, Africa and others) you will not enjoy the blessing of prosperity instead you will suffer our wrath our sanctions.

Who are these international bodies today? They are the international court, WTO, IMF, World Bank, UN,  WHO, Codex Alimentarius  for starters, I am sure you could name others and surely there are others being conceived of as we read this . We have international treaty organizations most driven from the UN who try to garner signatories, already a futile exercise. Corporatocracy of  an individual nation will break if its in their self interest. The UNCLOS or Law of the Sea Treaty being an example of a treaty, U.S. has not signed on. Senate debate to ratify would be intense. The treaty was conceived back in 1982. It replaced four treaty’s.  Other countries who have signed on and ratified would break in a minute. Nations have signed on to treaty’s of all sorts for eons.

In today’s world, with arrogance, the nations of the West inject themselves into other nations, in the political, spying on, their sovereign wars, cyber-war and so on China is not cooperating and at a great degree Russia. See the insanity.

Recent failures such as Iraq, Afghanistan,  North Korea and Iran are examples of what perils lies in the future.

The UN peacekeepers are a joke at best. The peacekeepers serve only as arrogant  presence they are neutered to stop violence except if they are personally attacked. They stand by in most cases and watch women and children killed. See the insanity.

Make no mistake the church institutions are used by the Corporatocracy to serve their interest. While I admit I could be wrong, I don’t think I really am.  The Catholic church, while it is true its largest market for gaining flock numbers is in spanish speaking nations, While some say that is why a Pope was selected from Argentina. Partially true, in my opinion, much more lies underneath the bedsheets of the Corporatocracy. The church enjoys a symbiotic relationship, for now, in that they aid the Corporatocracy in controlling the populace. Argentina their markets is desired by the Corporatocracy. Its driven by power and greed. When churches create unrest for the  Corporatocracy agenda they too will be disappeared.

united-nations-un-one-world-governmentLet’s face fact. The U.S. as well as the Eurozone have lost the export war. We for the most part export/import among ourselves. Free trade is mostly free to those exporting to the U.S. Not free for our exports to them. We are about to lose the currency war a reason by Corporatocracy to form economic unions.

Yesterday, a fellow talking about his new book, my apologies for not remembering his name nor the title of his book. The one thing that stuck in my mind was his supposition, which I agree with, the United States will in three generations lose the battle of being the predominant leader in the world, in having other countries look to us to solve regional disputes e.g. the Israeli, Palestinian conflict. Well the Western Corporatocracy response is to form these economic unions aligned with each other. What if one economic union falls out of step and you find they have joined say China, what happens then? Its insanity. All the money in that exist in the world today (and a lot of printing has gone on these past four years) will never, ever make all peoples on this planet equal.

Many nefarious countries flub their nose at us already. They will take our money, weapons and such but don’t advise us. State Department bends over backwards for these countries, why its the complex of the Corporatocracy. The Corporatocracy still holds on to the idea that these countries will see the error of their ways. The error being made is one the U.S. and other Western Corporatocracy  are making. Insanity is what it is.

There has been pandemics in the past. However because of the increase in travel from one continent to another the  looming threat is much greater. Getting a new pandemic under control by WHO or even with the help of U.S. CDC is close to nil.

Does your government ensure that new immigrants to our shores have the inoculations they require the ones the Federal requires her own citizens to have? No. Your government cares not about her citizens. They do care for the Corporatocracy interest. Not realizing that a major pandemic threatens them as well. It is arrogance and insanity by the Corporatocracy.

Face the fact our liberty and freedom is very threatened. It already has come under siege.

Think about it now you can not travel by airplane unless you are searched, often using invasive means. If government wants they can prevent you, the no fly list. Its liberty busting.

Business travelers, the frequent flyers, have been afforded privilege of traveling without the abusive intrusion most of us are subjected to. If it is all about security, which it is not, are they so dumb to think that a homegrown terrorist could not possibly come from the business community? Makes one wonder if travel by car from one U.S. state to another will come under similar scrutiny.

One of the things that irks me to no end. The globalist will say if we intertwine the economies, inject peoples from different cultures into the U.S. and other Western countries they will grow to love each other, it will become the norm. Bullshit. What this will accomplish is culture war between the masses while the elite of the Corporatocracy will brag about how enlightened they are. Academia, being more liberal, will increase in rank in an effort to indoctrinate students more endearing them to the Corporatocracy.one_world

There will emerge a global government. This government will have its own laws, constitution. Sovereign countries will be mere States of the global government. This global Corporatocracy. In the beginning it will  be socialistic in nature but will grow to be fascist. People will be in servitude to the global Corporatocracy.

The idea of global governance, global intertwined economies has been hatching for decades upon decades. It is ratcheting up. Yes nations have been trading with each other as long as they could walk the miles, ride a horse, an ass, camel and then came the ships. And yes wars have been fought over trade issues, access to resources. Today you can multiply the factor of danger Corporatocracy folly by a great big number.

There will be those who will call me a protectionist. They the Corporatocracy like to use this term in an effort to make one feel,  not only are you ignorant, you are racist and you are impeding progress. Call me protectionist or ignorant the Corporatocracy is insane.

Some may call me anti-capitalist. If they  do they failed to comprehend my message or I failed to convey in an understandable way (that is quite possible).

Corporations provide us a way to make a living but you must surely agree that what the  Corporatocracy provide they can take away. They have and will if it does not fit their goals. In the case of corporate it may be as simple as bottom line decision. Profits. Not a decision of allegiance to one’s country or of its people. Plant pulled from your shore to another’s. Greed. Ethical and moral responsibility to those who have worked for you some twenty-five years, helped to make them successful. These principles  just don’t exist. Hell they would screw their own Mother if someone would pay them for the act.

Many of us who possess common sense would say we could see the recent global economic meltdown coming. The financial giants say they didn’t see it not even with all their high falutin economic models. Oh they saw it coming they just kept trying to game the system gambling that they would make their wealth and hell with the stupids who were caught. Greed.

Multiple-Paths-Lead-To-One-World-GovernmentNow it is true some corporations are beginning to notice, understand, the global supply chain is impacting their bottom line. The price of oil on the world market,  prices alone is causing them to reconsider where their plants will be located. I heard the fellow who is head of General Electric talk about this. When ask about if American workers  would need to be trained for a job at GE, his response was not really because what GE builds is so well controlled down to the nuts and bolts. He further elaborated even when a product like a stove, refrigerator or even an engine looks from the outside to be the latest greatest what is underneath is rarely different. Truth is robotics plays a big role in manufacturing and will play a bigger role in the future.

Even a Forbes article, who refers to  those of us of concern “as the chattering class”  are taking notice, see article of impacts of robotics. See also an excerpt from Race Against the Machine, by Erick Brynjoflsson and Andrew MacAfee they have a Blog spot at the website as well.

Strife, violence within the U.S. will grow, as it will in all Western nations unless of course we ourselves become robots of the Corporatocracy.  What I predict will make the message of the song Meryle Travis and Tennessee Ernie Ford song Sixteen Tons with the line “I Owe my Soul to the Company Store” yes it won’t just be the coal miner but most of America’s children whose soul is sacrificed. We will owe the Corporatocracy our very lives. If we do not toe the line I will let you imagine the consequence.

One more thing to keep in mind for consideration is the notion of making paper money, coins a thing of the past. Make no mistake this will happen, its begun. Gold will not be something you can count on in a next crisis down the road. Confiscation of gold has occurred in the past, it was done here in America during the Roosevelt Administration. Gold fillings in your teeth will not buy you much. A firearm might be more useful. This my friends is another tool the Corporatocracy will have to control us. That ATM card will not be useful if the banks shut them down. Credit card use is already manipulated by the banks. What will your grocer require you to use as payment during a crisis? Well some hungry souls will take matters into their own hands.

I have no idea how long it will take for total world collapse, ruin from this grand plan of the Corporatocracy all I believe is it will surely happen.

I will stop now. Think about what I have written about and please share your thoughts. Disagreements and as well agreement your own take is welcome.

Liberty and Freedom and our lost privacy, they are worth fighting for.