RE-CREATING AMERICA: Cultural Sensitivity in Wisconsin Schools


Just a video, it pretty much says it all.  I am not a raciest, don’t care what color a person’s skin is as it is only skin deep of course.  Yet racism is a reality of life throughout the world to one degree or another, it always has been and it always will be.  Their will be hungry children and women of the night, always has been and always will be.  There is great effort by many people to eliminate this problem but in the end it is a fact of life just as surly as the sun rising toward the east and setting in the west.  Some in America simply refuse to acknowledge this fact and others refuse to address in a realistic manor due to Political Correctness that is harming our society because open and candid conversation is not polite.

I believe it was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (in office 1933-1945 for 3 terms) administration that introduced the idea to America that it was not polite to discuss religion or politics at the dinner table and America bough it hook line and sinker.  Why would he do this?  He was a Progressive Socialist that did great harm to our Republic installing his agenda into our laws, practically the first real dictator we have ever experienced here.  But not the first Progressive extremist President , that honor goes to Thomas Woodrow Wilson (1913-1924).  Barack Hussein Obama II (2009-????) is on his way to topping them both in the single handed destruction of this Republic holding the office of the Presidency.

But this post is about racism.  Barack has done more to divide the country than any President in history.  Along racial lines, political party affiliations, momentary wealth, citizenship status and sexual preferences.  I am a very old man and have observed many Presidents and social trends yet I have never seen anything like this, not even during the race riots years ago.  But things have changed of course as time goes on as to what, when and where are causing this and how it is so easily covered up and confusion about his immense.  We have purveyors of racial divide today that are trumpeted by the media and administration as good men.  The violent acts going on today are miss reported or not reported at all.  Why is this I ask myself and there is no one simple answer, it is a combination of many things going on.keep-calm-and-no-racism1

Over the past year young black gangs, as young as 14-15yo are randomly attacking white people.  It is happening mostly in the larger cities in the east but is all across the country.  They seemingly do this for no other reason than their victim is white, man or woman it does not matter.  It is going on in the streets, public transportation and in schools.  One of the games they act out is called a “knock out” game, the objective to hit someone hard enough to knock them out cold.  But it is not limited to fist, they use knives and pistols at times also.  There are quite a few deaths resulting from this game, white people beaten to death just because they are white by black kids.  It seems they also enjoy gathering together to rob and damage stores in malls or convince stores, they swarm in and overwhelm the workers with their numbers and carry out whatever they can carry.  But the beating and death of people is what is of most concern to me.  Just google it and see all the hits you get on this with most every story including video.  The police seem powerless to do anything because they are directed to just contain it.  Just off the top of my head at least 30 white people have been beaten to death by black kids within the past year and numerous sexual assaults.  Young black men are not the only ones, many incidents involve a group of black women assaulting a single white woman.

There is almost zero coverage of this violence going on by the main stream media, they simply will not cover it.  Local media must cover it.  They hardly ever state that the victims are white and the perpetrators are black.  They never ever say anything about a possibility of a hate crime or perhaps racially motivated, yet it is obvious.  Why, because those arrested say so, they are clear as to what they are doing and why they are doing it.  But it is not politically correct to report any of this today under our current administration.  Just as they will never report the Islamic terrorist was screaming “Allah Akbar” committing a violent act, it is not what the administration would want.  Mass media is not in the news business any longer, they are the propaganda branch of the federal government, the 4th branch if you will.  They were Progressive leaning for some years, but in 2009 they died all together, yes indeed mass media as we once knew it is dead.

Where did this violence come from lately?  Are the black youth of America somehow being encouraged or embolden to commit these acts.  Hussein Obama II has said in interviews that he feels white Americans of European decent must pay retribution to Americans of African decent because of slavery, is this the reason?  Perhaps it is because when the New Black Panther Party stands in front of a voting location in 2012 in military gear carrying batons saying “we are going to kill all the white people, all those white cracker babies when Obama is elected”.  And Eric Holder heading the U.S, Justice Department appointed by Obama refuses to prosecute any of these men for clear violation of Federal voter intimation laws, does that send a message?  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are both in the business of racism, not to discourage it but rather to perpetuate it as best they can, to keep it alive and strong.  They make their living off racism and play the black community like a violin keeping it going.  I honestly don’t know how either one of them sleep at night or can look themselves in the mirror.  They have done nothing for the black people in America, just the opposite.  Their evil is too great to talk about here, I will never understand why and how they do what they do.  A great man I admire with all my heart is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he would indeed expose these two profiteers for who they are.  His way was the right way for all to follow regardless of skin color.  Many black leaders tear Dr. King apart today because his truth had no agenda, he was a man of horror and courage.

ırk-ayrımcılığıMaybe Louis Farrakhan the leader of the Nation of Islam or Rev. Jeremiah Wright pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago are somehow encouraging this behavior in young black people against white people.  Farrakhan preaches the death of all white people in the world, or if they could just leave America and go back to Europe.  If that is not possible perhaps just split America in half and give the black America half as a separate country.  Do you think young black men hear his words?  Wright was Hussein and Michelle Obama’s pastor for over 20 years, he married them and baptized both of his children, his church is Black Theology.  Wrights hatred of America is well known as many of his sermons were about how evil the white man and America are.  He preaches white people were products of the devil and pigs, much like Islam describes the origins of the Jew.  20 years sitting in his church and Obama claims he never knew Wright felt this way, well we all know Obama is a natural born liar incapable of telling the truth to save his life.  Michelle knew what was going on, she hates white people also just like Wright and Farrakhan.  Actually the two of them are buddies along with the late Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.  They invited Obama to visit Gaddafi with them, but he turned them down because it would not look good, he was the Senator from Illinois at the time.  It does make me wonder though if Obama’s close relationship with these radicals somehow embolden the black kids today to commit crime like this.

Of course Hussein and Michelle claim to be Christian, yet Michelle says she had to drag him to church, has he attended church lately?  And Wright says he only came because it was good for his political life but was never a Christian at heart.  Being friends for 20 years you would think they knew each other well, so I believe Wright.  Obama has warn a gold band on his wedding finger all through collage, just look at any picture.  This is the same ring Michelle used when they were married by Wright in Chicago.  Inscribed in Arabic on it is “There is only one God, and that God is Allah” , a Christian would never wear a ring that said this.

I have no answers really as this problem seems to be a human condition, part of life.  It is sad and unfortunate humanity has not risen above this.  Slavery is still going strong in Islamic areas of the world, people are still killing each other over belief in God.  Perhaps one day we as a human race will embrace love and the concept that we are all brothers and sisters together on earth.  Yet the atrocities going on now globally leave little hope a time of true peace will visit us any time soon.   follll

Or maybe this has something to do with these school kids doing what they are doing.

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