Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)


The partnership has emerged from a reaction you might say to The 2005 Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPSEP or P4).

See TPP for history and countries talking as well a list of the P4/TPSEP countries.

The TPP talks are not transparent. They are behind closed doors and we are not invited although each of us will be affected. It is about free trade not fair trade? It is fair only in a sense of protection of foreign corporations doing business in countries that become signatories.

I think all of us should keep our eyes on this and our noses for smelling out what may or not be, what each of us thinks, in the best interest of the United States thus Americas citizens interest. Remember Obama is at the helm. It may be the only defense we can mount and that is to contact and voice our concerns with our representatives.

All too often we conservatives back corporations without paying attention to their motives. We all, after all,  are for capitalism. While being backers of capitalism it is a different world we must navigate and as well the motives behind the Corporatocracy (government working in concert of the corporate). I urge my Patriots to be diligent.

Frederic Bastiat,  The Law, written in 1850, said  “It would be impossible, therefore, to introduce into society a greater change and a greater evil than this—the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder.”  The TPP can, in my opinion,  be thought of as plunder made so by greed and legitimacy.negoated in secret

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It is said the TPP will have the following fallout.

  • Under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free trade” agreement, foreign firms would gain an array of privileges:
  1. Rights to acquire land, natural resources, factories without government review
  2. Risks and costs of offshoring to low wage countries eliminated
  3. Special guaranteed “minimum standard of treatment” for relocating firms
  4. Compensation for loss of “expected future profits” from health, labor environmental, laws (indirect or “regulatory” takings compensation)
  5. Right to move capital without limits
  6. New rights cover vast definition of investment: intellectual property, permits, derivatives
  7. Ban performance requirements, domestic content rules. Absolute ban, not only when applied to investors from signatory countries
  • A major goal of U.S. multinational corporations for the TPP is to impose on more countries a set of extreme foreign investor privileges and rights and their private enforcement through the notorious “investor-state” system. This system elevates individual corporations and investors to equal standing with each TPP signatory country’s government- and above all of us citizens.
  • Under this regime, foreign investors can skirt domestic courts and laws, and sue governments directly before tribunals of three private sector lawyers operating under World Bank and UN rules to demand taxpayer compensation for any domestic law that investors believe will diminish their “expected future profits.” Over $3 billion has been paid to foreign investors under U.S. trade and investment pacts, while over $14 billion in claims are pending under such deals, primarily targeting environmental, energy, and public health policies.

TPPSD_VirginiaCobb_smallAbove taken from Public Citizens

Public Citizens states it “ is a nonprofit organization that does not participate in partisan political activities or endorse any candidates for elected office“.  That statement however does not let them off the hook for being thought of as more left leaning group by some. I will let you be the judge. I do think to dismiss their take would be naive.

An example of a corporation enjoying protection by the TPP  would be the likes of Monsanto. A recent bill that many dub the Monsanto Act  was signed by Obama, see the Critical Thinkers commentary at


Under the TPP it seems Monsanto would be a beneficiary. Those in Europe opposed to GMO food the clear losers. TPP would give Monsanto a by.

If China  or Russia someday joined TPP it simply would mean the way, methods and  their conduct would enjoy privilege from retribution in the U.S..  Of course whether they join or not what comes out of the TPP would be extended to them.

Nation governments are working from a desperate position. They are working from a non-fair playing field in relation to corporate. While it is true there has always been a Corporatocracy it is of such magnitude now (and going forward) that as I alluded to in my commentaries (see links above) that we will become more socialistic and it will require fascist governments to emerge as a controller. That may seem extreme thinking but I don’t think so.

Today in a speech to open the next session of the Louisiana Congress,  Governor Jindal said and I paraphrase, “LA paid out tax refunds to corporations of $74 million more than they collected from corporate”. He said this in the context of tax reform.  LA like all American states are desperate to bring new business to their states often offering generous perks. Likewise local cities out of desperation add additional perks to get them to locate in their city.

If what Public Citizens said above in their bullet points are correct it seems to me that there may not be an end to the noose around the neck the corporate would have on federal, state and local government, economic unions and for that matter the emerging one world government. Certainly the noose is tightening around workers and consumers neck. No you would be totally wrong if somehow you thought I was advocating a return to unionization. If you take that idea away from my commentary then either you misinterpreted or I failed miserably in  making my point.

Recently China was allowed a power grab to 600,000 acres of prime gas and oil reserves in Texas. Although at the time of turnover of lands and resource reserves to China our government said they will have to play by EPA regulations. Would TPP change that? Likely.libertas-eurosceptic-party-run-in-european-elections-libertas-eurosce-ptic-party-approved-elections

I have no real solutions to offer (maybe you do) except to keep ourselves informed, contact our representatives and aid organizations that you feel comfortable supporting when you smell a rat. As one might say the “world is in a mess” in a “heap of trouble”.

Please take note that recent legislation from Congress that has side effects of limiting our liberties and privacy are connected to the goal of the TPP, at least in my thinking.

Americans need jobs but must we obtain them at the cost of our liberty, freedom, privacy our First Amendment rights. Must we obtain the jobs from day one as victims?

Any clarity you have to offer is appreciated. It is about Fair Trade and not Free Trade!  It is about protecting Americans!

It is about protecting American jobs!