Oh Dear God, Please Help Me! I Am Losing the Ability to Buy Votes!


No wonder Obama and the democrats in Congress are so upset on across the board budget cuts, it stifles the ability to buy and blackmail for a vote. Boo f’ing hoo!

Not sure where my head has been. Please no comments about checking my butt I honestly did not connect that Obama would lose control of democrats in Congress because of the across the board budget. Sequester backfired on him. Boo f’ing hoo!

Today in THE HILL’S pundits blog  titled the Lefts Real Shame, the post was talking about Obama’s defeat of the gun control legislation. Buying votes of those in your own party to push one’s own agenda is more difficult these days. Boo f’ing hoo!

scratch_my_backNow to be fair the Republican’s are not above buying votes. Political “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours” is at play on both sides of the aisle.

The key here is no matter the tears shed by the various self interested divisions of the federal who bemoan the devastating impact it will have on their spending habits and poor administration, let them whine.

God forbid if they had to actually budget, plan and make smart decisions. I am sure it is a bit painful and stomach churning to detox from a major Bipolar I high of throwing someone elses money around.  I have zero sympathy, let them detox pukeing their brains out.

Keep up the good fight in pushing for fiscal responsibility. It seems that we just might have an opportunity to take a real bite out of “you rub my back and l will rub yours”. It is just too darn bad that the Obama’s across the board cuts (the sequester) was not in play the year of the debates on Obamacare. It is possible the outcome could have been different.

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