America Needs a Timeout!


STOPWe Patriots know that the mounting fiscal debt and deficit leaves America vulnerable but we must begin to raise with that same Tea Party passion for fiscal responsibility and focus as well on America’s ability to sustain itself for war production, food production and as well production of pharmaceuticals. The world is more dangerous today and will continue to be long into the future.

The U.S. accounts for more than half of the worlds export of grain. Yet we no longer maintain a physical reserves of grain, but today opt instead to hold cash reserves should we need to buy grain in the event of a crisis. In an article printed in 2011, CNN Newsroom, South Korea is one of the largest importers of U.S. grain. South Korea may try and lock in imports of U.S. grain but because of China’s role as an engine in the world economy, the United States might find it difficult to restrict grain exports.

Do you old farts recall when the Soviet Union having experienced a severe drought in 1972 turned to the world market for a tenth of its grain. It drove the price of grain from $1.90 to $4.89/bushel.

China is poised, thanks at no small part to economic liberalization, to demand the import of grains. What price do you think a bushel of grain will cost then? Who in America will suffer? The mainstreet American. Other nations on the brink of starvation will be sacrificed. China’s 1.3 billion consumers will turn to America for grain and they will be competing for your access to affordable bread. In the book by author Lester Brown titled Plan B: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble. In Chapter I: Food a National Security Issue he points out that these 1.3 billion Chinese consumers will pose a sensitive geopolitical situation. We run a very high trade imbalance with China. We arer in debt to China. We are dependent on technology equipment shipped from China. We are even dependent with regards to our power grids. Think a possible EMP weapon being used against us. We no longer manufacture transformers, China owns that market and not only owning the market there is a waiting list. Its a national security issue. Big AG and commodity traders salivate over the money to be realized you my fellow Americans are the ones who will suffer while you try and put bread on the table for your family.

Iran and Egypt depend on 40% of their grain needs to be imported. We try to persuade Iran to abandon their push towards a nuclear Iran, futile effort, while we willingly sell or give Egypt military weapons and planes. Do you think that Iran after becoming a nuclear weaponized state would sit idly by if deprived of their share of the world grain market? No. Nor would Egypt.

2012 Sept-Oct Pictures 029If one drives across the central plains you would see rusting grain silos long since abandoned. Abandoned manufacturing plants dot America’s landscape.

Because America keeps no reserves for its own people imagine what would happen if a war against us should occur. Not only may we not have the cash to purchase grain, importing any we could afford would be quite difficult. Think if The People’s Republic experiences a famine, they have in the past, what would prevent China from attacking the U.S. for our grain yields? This is a national security issue.

What if there was a world pandemic? One of the fears has been that the H1N1 would mutate into another strain, it has happened in fact we are up to H1N9. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) set a national goal of stockpiling 81 million treatment courses of the antivirals Tamiflu® and Relenza® to prepare for a severe pandemic in which 25% of the population could need to take antivirals. The SNS now has approximately 50 million treatment courses of these antivirals (primarily Tamiflu®). The problem is not only did HHS not meet their stockpile goal the new strain H1N9 Tamiflu and Relanza is not effective against this new strain.

Pharmaceutical companies have been abandoning the U.S. opting to offshore. America is rich with Biotech but they do research and development. The U.S. would have a difficult time ramping up to manufacture an anti viral. Many nations in case of a pandemic would be vying for an anti viral on the open market. It will be pandemonia and there will be winners and losers.

If you look at the Index Mundi Imports for the largest importer of Pharmaceuticals, the United States leads the pack. We import 80% of the compounds needed for drugs. Index Mundi Export is also useful to give one an idea of the exports of various products by country.

Instead of our government disarming Americans, purchasing bullets so we can’t lock and load and arming police units around the United States to impose martial law and shoot on site citizens, they should instead be arming citizens to protect themselves.

I read Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness  dated March 16, 2012, and signed by Barack Obama. I haven’t been able through research to discover if the E.O. has been taken seriously.

The United States should hold a two year drill of war preparedness. Now I am sure that idea would make the world tremble.

How did the U.S. become so vulnerable?

The most obvious is greed for short term gains.

Patriots you are not going to like what I am about to tell you, I only ask that you give my theory thoughtful consideration.


Its all about Free Trade and globalization. Its economic liberalization. I lean to the side of Fair Trade. But the truth is that trade will never be fair nor free. Free trade, the economic liberalization of economies is a major driver to a non-secure America. What about Free Trade or Fair Trade that keeps our nation safe? I contend very little.

Our misguided politicians are under the impression that America will survive economically by exporting technological know how. That is an arrogant thought for our technology research and development stash of engineers is small compared to India and China. Do you think that other nations will not be in competition for importing engineers? We will compete for them. This too is a national security issue.

We conservatives support free trade advocates in Congress. These economic liberalization advocates mouth their distaste of collectivism and Obama’s liberal/progressive/socialism of society in America but I think many talk with a forked tongue. If you investigate, explore Comprehensive Immigration Reform I can’t see how anyone would not see this as a connection to economic liberalization. While I agree that a component exist for building the Democrats voting base and many Republicans are bending over backwards to reward amnesty to illegals in an effort to nab some of this voting pool but we simply can not ignore the larger picture.

Even ObamaCare in my thinking is tied to economic liberalization. I know Republicans in Congress did not vote for the ACA. The Republicans could vote Nay to satisfy their base knowing their vote would not affect the outcome. Think about it as America opens its borders to the masses a strain on medical care will be great. Who are the economic winners? It is government, it’s a tax, and health insurers. It is also true that American insurers are competing for market share around the globe. First it was off-shoring back office functions to key countries like India this alone will help them to be big players in selling insurance in that market. Who will be the losers? Mainstream American citizens.

I think that economic liberalization takes us down the path of collectivism but on a large scale and that is world collectivism. American workers are placed in competition with workers around the globe and the result will be even lower wages. Will lack of manufacturing skills by American workers help the homeland for gearing up for war production? Not sure but I think it will have some effect. If the worker is a green carded former illegal it will not matter if they are not trained. Only the out of work American will need training.

WWII_MFGThe world is not the same as before and during WWII. America around WWII had a good manufacturing base that could be utilized for the war effort in Europe and the Pacific we no longer have those resources.

When war or major food shortages and a pandemic occurs the buy-in of economic liberalization and a collective world conscious will go down the toilet. It will be every nation for itself. Those nations who have done due diligence in preparing for a national security disaster would stand the chance of being the last nation standing.

There are those who believe that intertwining economies the result will be that nations would be less likely to go to war over resources. Balderdash that belief is nothing short of progressive thinking.

We, I think, would agree that the notion of collectivism as espoused by the progressive left is not good for America but why are we so compliant to the idea of economic liberalization that will lead to world collectivism, until things go terribly wrong? I can assure you that along with our government , other nation governments and the international institutions like the UN, WTOWorld Bank. WTO and the IMF are pursuing that goal. Economic liberalization also known as globalization has led to the need for economic unions. The North American Union is just around the corner. The EU and the NAU is to counter China. How long will the cozy relationship last between the EU and a NAU. Hard to say but I believe that the EU and an NAU if thought in their best interest would step on each other with a heavy boot. One needs only to remember the Monroe Doctrine followed by Roosevelt’s Corollary which could be interpreted as a departure from the Monroe Doctrine. The point here is that it does not take a whole lot to set nations off against each other.

This is tough stuff to wrap one’s head around. I am way short of being close to understanding this theory of mine. I will admit freely that I could be wrong. I hope I am. Perhaps my cheese slid off my cracker but my instincts for smelling a rat tells me I am onto something.

STOPWhat the United States needs to do is take a big time out. We need to get our homeland squared away. We need to heal America. Our government needs to put teeth behind National Defense Resources Preparedness. I am of the belief if America invents innovated products and technology and manufactures the products invented the world nations will come knocking at our door.

One last thought. If you think liberty busting legislation will slow, you are naive. If you think the Constitution that we all love will not be rewritten to deal with the turds of this economic intertwining, wrong.

Recently NYC Mayor “no big gulp drinks” Bloomberg said “We live in a complex world where you’re going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will. And our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change.”

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