Bet your Beanie Babies and BowWow Beanies This Story Will Make the Amnesty Debate


This is a tragedy. I blame this squarely on the shoulders of Obama and DHS.

This was a disgusting story published by ProPublica, April 29, 2013, article titled:

Taken for a Ride: Temp Agencies and ‘Raiteros’ in Immigrant Chicago.

Wonder if DHS handed these poor souls green cards so they could go to the great Sanctuary City of Chicago? Perhaps they came across the border and escaped the Border Patrol and were then whizzed off by paid human traffickers? I suspect that the temp agency nor Ty the online retailer of the largest manufacturer of plush toys in the world did not use E Verify.

Help is on the way! Poor souls will be the recipients of amnesty, food stamps and ObamaCare. You can count on Obama, the Democrats and Eric Holder figuring out how to best use this for political gain.