I cannot believe I actually voted for this flake!


We all know that elections have consequences but I had no idea that this flake would turn out to be a turncoat. But that is exactly what he is, a turncoat. I was duped!

Now there are rumors that he is flip flopping on his Nay vote on background checks. Do you suppose that this flip flop has to do with his connection to the gang of eight? Think John McCain.

Calling for a recall of the flake is not an option Though the exercise effect would be to let him know that he will not be elected again. Even if we had sufficient signatures to start the process if the Senator chose to he could fight in federal court and sadly the ruling would favor him. A strong case of malfeasance or misconduct would have to be met.

The sad truth is even though Flake will likely never be re-elected he has probably been assured that his future would be a lucrative one. Can’t prove it, just a gut feeling.

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform will be shoved down our throat. It will be costly. Not only costly at estimates of 2 trillion dollars but it will cost us by changing the landscape of North America. The North American Union (NAU) is now a reality. The Corporatocracy has effectively won.DHS_Burning the Constitution

We the peoples liberty will be eroded further. The Constitution will be written or a new Constitution will emerge for the NAU effectively relegating Americas Constitution to the dustbin of history.

Patriots fight the good fight!