Pepe Le Pew was quoted as saying “A pitiful case, am I not?” Its not Pepe who is pitiful its Obama, DOJ, DHS ATF and Mexico


Fact is we don’t know the real truth, do we?

Suddenly what is being reported in the killing of Mexicans are .38 revolvers. How many of us have read story’s over the past decade where guns going South has been AK-47’s? This was our government putting this message out.  You can not make this stuff up but Obama’s PR guys are as good as Hitler’s Hermann Goering PR campaigns so I suppose they think they can. Give me a break.

Today from NY Times Article Obama was quoted as saying “We understand that the root cause of much of the violence here — and so much suffering for many Mexicans — is the demand for illegal drugs, including in the United States,” Mr. Obama said. He also said most of the guns that are used to commit violence in Mexico come from the United States.

The question comes to my pea brain, has the Obama administration been complicit in the number of guns flowing to Mexico? Even if you exclude Fast & Furious the number of crimes committed by our guns flowing South makes no sense unless there has been both Mexico and the United States looking the other way as guns flow South. If that many guns originated from the U.S. then is not that a high price to pay for Obama’s gun control agenda?

Obama did not mention the tons upon tons of drugs flowing from Mexico into the U.S.. Nor did he mention that Mexico does very little at their border to stem tide of drugs to the U.S. nor does Mexico try and stop firearm trafficking from foreign sources around the world. No Mexico with Obama’s help makes it purely a U.S. problem.

The numbers of guns reported by Mexico to be of U.S. origin simply does not fly. If the some Firearms_recovered68,000 guns Mexico is seeing from the U.S. had any validity this tells me DHS along with DOJ, ATF, ICE and the border security IS A COMPLETE FAILURE. One would think by now that heads would have rolled at DHS. DOJ, ATF, Border Security and ICE.

The Christian Science Monitor (and others) have reported “a wide variety of non-U.S. weaponry … including Soviet-era RPG-7s, Korean fragmentation grenades, M60 machine guns, Chinese TK-56s and others.” are flowing into Mexico. Are we to assume these weaponry first came into the U.S. and then shipped to Mexico. Now that makes me feel safe. DHS along with DOJ, ATF, ICE and Border Patrol IS A COMPLETE FAILURE.

While gun control advocates like to point to Arizona and its gun shows as a source of guns heading South it turns out that AZ is a low source at 10% while California counts for 20% andTHE_MAP Texas at 39%. All of us know that CA is among the states with the strictest gun control in the nation. Refer to graphic. The GAO report.

From a report dated March 2012 by San Diego University “The U.S. and Mexican authorities are seizing a comparatively small number of firearms at the border: Based on seizure reports for 2009, U.S. and Mexico authorities in recent years have been seizing just 14.7% (between 8.7% and 35.0%) of total arms bought with the intention of trafficking them. Specifically, Mexican authorities have seized roughly 12.7% of the total annual trade whilst the United States has intercepted around 2.0%.” There is little reason to believe that seizure rates by Mexico and the United States has changed significantly in recent years or even the percentage reported in the report relative to the flow is accurate. Who really knows what is true at this point?

In a report, from Senator Feinstein and others the report stated “As an example of the type of arsenal being stockpiled by Mexican criminal groups, on April 30, 2011, Mexican federal police found numerous weapons behind the mirrors of a home gym in Ciudad Juárez including three anti-aircraft guns, dozens of grenades, a grenade launcher, AK-47s, several makes of machine guns and more than 26,000 ammunition cartridges.” Perhaps DHS could buy cartridges from the cartels and their members.

Does Obama admonish Mexico publicly concerning their drug trafficking? No, it seems he was apologizing that the U.S. is a recipient of the drugs. According to CIA report “Mexico is a major drug-producing and transit nation; world’s second largest opium poppy cultivator; opium poppy cultivation in 2009 rose 31% over 2008 to 19,500 hectares yielding a potential production of 50 metric tons of pure heroin, or 125 metric tons of “black tar” heroin, the dominant form of Mexican heroin in the western United States; marijuana cultivation increased 45% to 17,500 hectares in 2009; government conducts the largest independent illicit-crop eradication program in the world; continues as the primary transshipment country for US-bound cocaine from South America, with an estimated 95% of annual cocaine movements toward the US stopping in Mexico; major drug syndicates control the majority of drug trafficking throughout the country; producer and distributor of ecstasy; significant money-laundering center; major supplier of heroin and largest foreign supplier of marijuana and methamphetamine to the US market (2007)”.

Folks I would say the Obama administration is a total failure in stemming the tide of drugs to the U.S. A complete failure at stopping weapons either to the U.S. or heading South.

Folks this whole thing is not about having warm and fuzzy feelings between the U.S. citizen and Mexican citizens its more sinister. Gun control is a key objective. The real issue here is economic liberalization, free flow of goods and people. To meet the goal of free flow of people then gun control has to be viewed by the administration as an essential component. I think the free flow of goods will include drugs. How does the socialist government we find ourselves with handle that problem? Mexico will be free to own the market, plant marijuana fields and we will be one of their major importers. For all other drugs Mexico will remain the conduit and the U.S. will legalize drugs. Problem solved.


Patriots, when are we going to wake-up to the fact that this is all about two things. One it is trade liberalization and to seal that we must two) have open borders. Its the North American Union. The last things remaining is to have controlled peoples, think no guns. Liberty in. the U.S. for sovereigns will cease to exist. Oh I  forgot liberty is a fleeting memory.


Think about this. In a speech today Obama said and I paraphrase “He wants a 100,000 students from Mexico to study in the U.S. and he wants 100,000 from the U.S. to study in Mexico because students who study together break down barriers between peoples.” Gee I thought we already had 100,000 and more of Mexican students studying in the U.S. In 2010 according to an article in Chronicle of Higher Education U.S. Warning halts Americans’ Studying in Mexico due to Mexico not being a safe place. Well I guess it must be safer in Mexico now. I do not believe Mexico is safer today than in 2010, do you?

I will also point out that the State Department is proposing a rule change to the Fulbright–logo_state_deptHays Act of 1961  which is officially known as the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961. This to me is a message that not only are we to expect more indoctrination of warm and fuzzies from South of the border but from all over the globe. There will be Islamist in our schools either teaching your children or sharing their culture or both. Is this what you want? This too must be viewed as a driver for gun control.

From the State Department
Summary: [Reprinted from the Federal Register, Read Original to Comment]

The [State] Department is amending existing regulations governing the teacher category of the Exchange Visitor Program. The proposed amendments clarify the duration of program participation; amend eligibility requirements with respect to verifying English proficiency; and reduce the required teaching or related experience from three years to the equivalent of two years full-time teaching experience; introduce a required cultural component; and propose the implementation of a two-year bar for repeat participation to foster the purpose of the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, (“Fulbright-Hays Act”). These proposed changes will enhance the integrity and programmatic effectiveness of the teacher category.

Statement of Need.  In recent years, the teacher exchange program has been used by some sponsors in a manner that falls outside the original intent of the program. Occasionally, it has been used to fill a labor need in U.S. public and private schools rather than to further a cultural exchange. The Department has identified issues regarding job placements, wages and hours, and is of the opinion that the program lacks a cultural component necessary for the program to be consistent with the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, as amended. In addition, the substance of this rule has been informed by analysis and implementation of exchange teacher programs, including pilot programs. As a result, the Department is proposing to modify the current teacher regulations set forth at 22  CFR 62.24.

The Department seeks to: (i) Reform the teacher exchange program; (ii) ensure that the program better protects the health, safety, and welfare of program participants; and (iii) fortify the program’s prestige as a world class U.S. public diplomacy initiative.

Statement of Legal Authority. The Exchange Visitor Program (of which the teacher category is one of 15 categories of program types) is authorized by the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (Pub. L. 87-256, 75 Stat. 527) (Fulbright-Hays Act or Act) and implemented through 22 CFR 62.24. Enacted by the 87th Congress on September 21, 1961, the Act’s stated purpose is “to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchange; to strengthen the ties which unite us with other nations by demonstrating the educational and cultural interests, developments, and achievements of the people of the United States and other nations, and the contributions being made toward a peaceful and more fruitful life for people throughout the world. . . .” In the half century since the Act’s passage, millions of foreign participants, Americans, and friends and families of the participants have benefitted from the mutual understanding and peaceful relations that can be derived from such person-to-person contact. The teacher exchange program embodies and carries forward the stated purpose and intent of the Act.

Reasons for this Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). The NPRM makes several changes, including adding the following requirements:

1. Sponsors must require each exchange teacher to complete a cultural activity component annually through which the exchange teachers can share aspects of their own cultural heritage with their U.S. communities. Moreover, sponsors must ensure that exchange teachers to incorporate cultural heritage lessons or elements into their curriculum, and that they do so. This cultural component is seen as a valuable tool to involve exchange teachers in the communities where they live and teach, to inform their communities about their cultures, and to help U.S. students develop global awareness and an interest in other countries;

2. Teacher applicants must, at a minimum, have a university or college degree in either education or the subject matter they intend to teach;

3. The eligibility requirement for teachers is being changed from “minimum of 3 years of teaching or related professional experience” to “two years of full-time teaching experience, post degree.”;

4. Sponsors must verify a teacher applicant’s English language proficiency through recognized language tests or in-person interviews, videoconferencing, or telephone interviews;

5. Job placements in the U.S. must be full-time positions located in accredited primary or secondary (K-12) public or private academic institutions in the United States, which excludes pre-kindergarten or day care institutions;

6. The Department will increase the transparency of the total cost and fees to the program participants; and

7. A repeat participation clause has been added.