Libertarian Girl and Muslim immigrant Tsarnaev brothers


A series of repost from the Charles Carroll Society.  I do not have the time to write at the moment, but if I did I could not do a better job than this.  A very talented fellow blogger that writes what needs to be written about events with view points and insight the mass media would not dare air. 


Libertarian Girl and Muslim immigrant Tsarnaev brothers

Posted by The Bard of the American Redoubt in Outside the American Redoubt

The real  victims here.  Lets not forget.  Several people lost their lives and several families are dealing with unimaginable loss.

The key point she makes is that the police must show restraint, the military is the opposite. If all of these ‘riod taking cops want to play Army, then join the Army like a lot of kids do. Then you get to play with really big toys and often with really bad guys.

If you are in this country “policing” these citizens you are a servant of the people, not a conquering Army.  You will show restraint and you will respect people’s rights.   When police want to search my house, my car or my person without a warrant the answer is “no.”………..READ MORE