News this past week has me bummed out. . .


I have not posted commentary for a number of days because I was so bummed out from all the news reports.

We have the Benghazi incident still live and well. Four Americans died and an administration seemingly acting out of their own political interest let it happen and now according to Obama’s press secretary “it’s old news”.

In addition to four American’s needlessly dying in Benghazi we find that whistleblowers are being intimidated. Obama will let Hillary take the fall to save his sorry ass while the time the attack took place Obama could not be bothered.

We had Obama visit Mexico and apologize for America arming drug cartels in Mexico and as well for U.S. citizens using drugs that the cartels ship by any means to our homeland. Suddenly the conversation changed from AK-47’s being the primary weapon going South to  .38 revolvers being smuggled across the border. The .38 revolvers is another push by Obama to secure his gun control. Obama has no shame he is just a wart on America.

The so-called weapons flowing South Mr. Obama did not apologize for an administration that has been unable or unwilling to seize the firearms at the border.

Obama did not publicly call out Mexico for not securing the border on their side nor to secure Mexico’s border at the Southern tip.

Then there is amnesty looming. Trillions of dollars worth of amnesty and for what so that millions  more will be given green cards to take sovereigns jobs.

The U.S. is now on the hook to educate, give employment, health care, assistance and yes SS and Medicare to Mexico’s masses. Why is the government doing this? It is not out of compassion for we the people nor the Hispanic it is compassion for trade liberalization, it is about access to Mexico’s oil and it is about a stream of cheap labor to the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

I cried with the Eagle because the border will not be secure. America will lose its sovereignty.

I have been dismayed the last number of days because it seems the United States has trained and supplied Jihadist all over the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The Muslim Brotherhood will not thank us they will figure out what country they want next and the U.S. will do their best to spend treasure in blood and borrowed money to obtain it for them.

I have been sad all week because we are losing our America  and I took time to cry with the Eagle.