Public School System or Government Indoctrination Center (Part 2)


Part 2 of 3

CSCOPE, Common Core and other Evils

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school

 Albert Einstein

I feel Albert was talking about 2 things in his statement here, academic study and also the art of life itself.  A student’s knowledge will quickly be surpassed by higher education and specific work training they will receive throughout their lives, yet everything must be built upon the foundations set in their K-12 years.

The Education that Albert is referring to is much more important than what one actually learns, as this will enable the student to succeed in life by being able to think clearly and objectively in solving any problems or issues that they will certainly encounter in their lifetime.  This is the Education we are talking about here, the stuff that will guide and influence every decision they make, their outlook and perception of America and the world.  This along with their academic level achieved in school will determine who they are, how they think and where they fit into society.  How successful they will become and of great importance the peace and happiness they will be Blessed with in life.

This will not be a long rambling rant because I want to keep this short and to the point, I will offer no specifics or examples here.  This is just a brief outline of thoughts that are supported anywhere you care to look into this problem.  It will be your job to look deeper and enlighten yourself to save your children from what is going on today, you must take action to resolve this evil.  The future of America rest upon your shoulders because the future of this Republic lies in the hands and minds of your children.  You as a parent must take responsibility in the care and attention to their education.  So today it us up to you to take action, no one else, you are the only one who can make a difference.

Obama’s signature mantra and every other mindless puppets that follow him are “Change” or perhaps “Forward”.  Both of these are historically traditional socialist chants that have been used over and over again.  They are out in the open so make no mistake of their intentions, to transform America into a Socialist country, the model is State Capitalism.  China and Russia have both embraced this system over hard Communism of the past.  Today Obama, the Judicial and much of Congress has also accepted this form of government to replace American Capitalism as we have enjoyed it for over 235 years.  The system that has made America the greatest Republic on earth in modern time and perhaps of all time.  Communist theology from the beginning knew that it was impossible to change the minds of existing peoples that have tasted and known freedom.  They must build their society from the ground up, they must start at an early age to instill ideas and ways of thinking.  Many countries have simply slaughtered millions of people to wipe out the past, eliminate educated free thinkers.  China and Russia have both killed millions upon millions of their own people to establish communism, they leave the children because they can brainwash them into that form of government.  N. Korea today is the hardest form of Communism on earth, it teaches children at a young age to worship the Supreme Leader, they have no communication with the outside world because the regime must keep them ignorant, to control them.  In very recent history this same transition to communist befell Cambodia, it became Kampuchea under the control of the Khmer Rouge led by Pol Pot.  They killed every person with greater than a 6th grade education between 1975 and 1979.

The key to lasting “Change” is the child, to “Transforming” a society one must control the children’s education.  The older people will eventually die as time goes on, that’s life.  But the regime must also remove the influence of parents or any person that will interfere with the indoctrination the child is receiving from the government.  To move “Forward” the State must control the entire education system and discredit any source that is contradictory, such as parents or history.  In America a violent take over would not work, we as a People are just too well armed.  That is why the Right to Bear Arms is so important to our basic freedom, it is the teeth in Liberty.  No power on earth could overwhelm the American Patriot in his home, they know this quit well.  That is why they are now trying with everything in their power to disarm the People, make no mistake about this fact, it has absolutely nothing to do with safety.  So they must indoctrinate our children as this is the only way to destroy this Republic.  Americans are just too independent and have tasted freedom all their lives to re-educate them, killing or detaining us in camps is not an option yet, but it will be soon.  The only reason they want our arms is to achieve complete and total control of our lives.  I am getting off topic sorry, but everything is related when you know enough to Connect the Dots.

This process did not start yesterday, it has been going on for years here.  Yet within the past 6 years it has accelerated and expanded beyond belief.  The universities today are insanely Progressive/Socialist from the administration to the professors.  The professors are a product of their education and the political agenda of their unions, I openly wonder if real education even enters their minds during class.  It seems every move they make is politically motivated, they teach their courses to further a personal, union and progressive ideology.  The administrators of these universities should be fired, they think the Bill of Rights and Natural Rights do not apply to their playground.  They march to Federal administration’s drum, whatever that may be.  This current Occupy thing is a prime example of their behavior, all of them.  The professors give extra credit to their students to go out and join these anti-American, violent, criminal actions and degenerate actions of these people.  The administration creates courses in activism and protesting, are you kidding?  The stupid students wearing   Che Guevara and “Capitalism Sucks” t-shirts just join in like mindless puppets, not even knowing why they are there.  Well, it just may be a test by the Federal to gauge how well their brainwashing school programs have done thus far.  Pretty darn good if you asked me.  I feel the final steps are now in place to finish the job, CSCOPE and Common Core.  It’s all about Control.

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CSCOPE and Common Core

CSCOPE and Common Core are two programs used by most of the schools in America today.  45 States use Common Core and Texas uses CSCOPE at present.  These programs are pure Socialism with an American flavor to make them easier to accept by the students.  They start in kindergarten and continue through 12th grade, getting ever increasingly socialistic through the grade level.  Jeb Bush is a staunch supporter and deeply involved in Common Core (CC), this is a product of the Progressive GOP if you can believe that.  Both parties today are pushing this along with the current administration and both major teachers unions.  It is about CONTROL of the minds of your kids.  The Federal pushes these programs onto States with the threats of withholding education funds.  If it were good, why would they need to blackmail states into implementing it.  Both of these programs are also written into the stimulus bills passed, why they are in them is obvious when you understand how bad things are done in Washington.  China now is the only other country in the world using this type of program on their kids, teaching State Capitalism.  They are designed to plant the seeds of lasting change, to eliminate any reference to the true history of this Republic.  When Michelle Obama said “we have to rewrite our history”, this is what she was talking about.  They have altered American history and simply leave many parts of it.

It is an end run around Congress and parents.  These programs are off limits to parents, completely forbidden to be review or looked at by any parent.  Does this tell you anything, anything at all?  The teacher’s are swarm to silence at to what is in these programs and what their objectives and directions are.  The students are heavily pressured never to discuss what they are taught with their parents.  Does this tell you anything?  The kids are told their parents are old and uninformed, do not understand what is going on today because they did not have a good education as they did not have the information then that the kids have today.  It also encourages them to disregard anything their parents say if it differs from what they are being taught.  The secrecy aspect of this program is in itself enough to make any parent start asking questions.  Why don’t you ask one of your kids teachers about it and see what they have to say, ask them what CC is?  If you can go to your local school board and ask them also, attend a meeting if you could.  Get involved.

It teaches kids all sorts of un-American things.  That America is really a bad place and how we have harmed all the world.  Our Founders were horrible stupid bigoted “old white men”.  Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are obsolete documents, not relevant to the times we live in.  They must be considered “living” documents to be altered with the current consensus of the people, even to be replaced or rewritten.  Just like Obama’s “Bill of Liberties” that tell us what the government must do for us, not what it may not.  Thing is, most kids have no idea what any of this means because they were never taught civics or the arguments of the Founding Fathers as contained in the Federalist Papers.  Islamic terrorist that kill Americans are only freedom fighters and we deserved it because we are so evil.  The UN is the future way of the world and they are citizens of the first and foremost.  Hell I could go on and on, you get the picture.

Profiling, Monitoring and Data Mining.

The Federal government is currently creating data bases at this very moment to catalog and categorize every single student in the public school system.  Their present goal is to collect at least 20 data points for preschoolers and 400 by the time the kid graduates high school.  Again, funding for this program was written into the stimulus bill, go figure.  Also General Electric is chipping in over $18 Million, Microsoft another $100 Million through the Gates Foundation and Google is in on the act too.  Do you think they are serious about this, you bet you ass.  Microsoft is even working with the PTA to sell this idea to parents, “for the children” don’t ya know.  Yes, everything is always for the children, whenever I hear this I turn and run because it never has anything to do with the good of any child.  It is a BS slogan to get what the governments wants to do but otherwise would never fly.  Since when is it the schools or anyone else’s concern to collect data on kids?  They keep academic and brief attendance/disturbance records and that is all.  So what is this all about?

They have started introducing these systems into the schools already, to test the water so to say and get a feel what the judicial system will do with any objections.  Thus far the courts have sided with this government intrusion and overreach 100%.  They are doing this with RFID school ID cards the kids have to ware around their neck while at school.  They are active powered transmitters that send a signal every few seconds.  Brest cancer among young developing girls resulting in this device have never been tested, they say don’t use cell phones because of brain problems, these ID’s are the same technology.  Also they are easily hacked, a would be rapist could drive down the street and pinpoint where young girls live.  The school can tell you how long someone is in the restroom.  Someone could drive by a group of kids wearing these and tell you who is in that group.  This is a oblivious security risk and clear health threat, the school could care less, the courts don’t care either.  This clears the way for further devices in the plan to be installed.

In their plans are facial recognition systems in the class room and throughout the school grounds, that means a hell of a lot of cameras.  I guess ID’s are not good enough or perhaps they want to insure the right kid has the right ID, or maybe they want to make sure everyone is smiling.  Electronic chairs in classrooms that will record vital signs and God knows what else.  They call them “posture” chairs to insure the students are sitting up straight and paying attention, not napping ya know.  Well at least if they can monitor your heart rate and blood pressure they can tell whether you really need to use the restroom or not, maybe if your getting agitated by what your teacher is trying to lie to you about perhaps also.  And best of all is a new system currently being developed, FMRI.  It will monitor your brain activity from a distance.  Should be able to tell what mood you are in, if your learning anything.  Perhaps if you plan to do something they do not agree with, who knows what it’s capabilities are.  Think it has something to do with the new ”Thought Police” getting going all over America.  Look into that, it is evil and scary.  If they think you are thinking something, they can jail you!  No shit!  Welcome to the New Frontier of America.  Bet you just thought it may be near, it is here.

This is part of conditioning also, much like the TSA.  They TSA does very little if anything to make flying safer, they are their to condition the general population.  To get them accustomed to body searches, fondling of the genitals, nude body scans that see your pubic hair and so on.  Their ultimate job is to deny air travel to those that write stuff like this, to control free movement.

They will use this data to determine your kids future, his or her life.  Now days money and good grades can get a kid into a college, but no more.  The kids will need government approval to enter a university soon.  Furthermore their course choices will be made by the Federal government.  They will use these data points to determine what is best for the child and place them accordingly.  This way they may benefit society to the best of their ability, heard that before?  They will also collect data about parents, how you vote, if you own firearms, how much you make (IRS), how you spend your money (bank records) and on and on.  If you are political undesirable, your kid is screwed.  Makes no difference, the world will always need security guards and ditch diggers.  I bet if you are over weight, your kid will be on a regimented diet by 7th grade, complements of Michelle Obama of course.  Yes with this data they will tell your child what job they will do and what they will make, to each according to his/her needs of course.

Collectivism, Individualism and Rights

We hear a lot about this today from many sources.  When Obama says “You didn’t build that on your own, someone else helped you to make it possible”, he is talking about the collective.  The idea of individualism, of self reliance and self responsibility are being discouraged in schools today.  Every kid falls into one group or another, white, black, Latin, oriental, straight, gay, liberal, conservative, progressive, rich, poor and so on.  They learn that to be successful one must be part of a group and depend on them to achieve their goal.  Oh yes, even Al Gore is getting into the act when he speaks at schools, he has told the kids many times that they were indeed better educated than their parents because they now have new data and facts that their parents did not have.  But at the same time tells them they must unite as a group to fight for the earth, sustainability of course is the battle cry.  They even get this stuff drilled into them through social networks, everyone wants to be in one group or another.  They watch it on TV daily in the news, atheist against Christians against Islam and on and on.  The point being collectivism becomes part of their life like no other generation.  They are plenty smart enough to understand that within the group lies power.  Look at the bull shit La Raza and MEChA are doing and getting away with in the school systems in Arizona.  They are openly subversive, anti-American and revolutionary group that wants to kick the white European out of the southwestern US and reclaim the land for Aztlan (a Nation of Mexico).  State and local government cater to them for some reason, can you say “voter block”.  Same game going on with this insane amnesty being implemented today by Executive Order and refusal by the Justice Department to order DHS to follow the law of the land.  Now the GOP is also catering to the illegal group of millions to capture their vote in 2016.  Both parties are breaking the law to stay in power, God help us.  Well the kids see and hear this group theosophy day in and day out.

If they want to succeed, they must be part of a group because they cannot make it on their own.  They will require help and assistance from some group, or perhaps society at large.  Guess it stands to reason that they understand they must place the group above them, to do what is best to preserve and protect this group they have become dependent on.  The group will in fact replace the family as the core structure of their thinking and way of life.  Your parents may only support you until you become an adult, the group will be with you your entire life.  When your group is pitted against another, who do you turn to for resolution, the government.  Because the government will always be there to help regardless of what group one attaches themselves to, or who their parents are.  The administration has this Country so divided today, I have never experience anything like it.  It is plain and simple “divide and conquer” is the name of the game.  The kids see this.  They know the government will take care of them, no need to look to community charities, churches or relatives for support.  The government will always be there to care for them, they are the big group.  The kids pick this up, they understand it.  They are drowning in it.  They will surrender their rights to government in return for security.  They are taught to turn to government to solve their problems, not just in school but from every direction possible.  They become a part of the collective, they will always act for the betterment of this collective we call government.  I did not say society, I said government.  You will most likely have to let this one sink in and think on it, it is obscure and yet obvious once one learns to see it.  Schools are indeed instilling the collective mind set into our kids.  And the kids will give up liberty and freedom to preserve this because they have not experienced true freedom or understand the person as a sovereign life.  They will never be exposed to Natural Law in time to distinguish the difference between serfdom and freedom.

The government and schools are also pushing a new Bill of Rights to serve the collective or group, Obama has spoken of this often.  You could never ever do anything like this to The People who know exactly what the Bill of Rights is and what it is all about.  But if the schools can convince the kids this was a good idea, perhaps the Progressive Congress could amend it.  It is socialism 101 to ones who understand socialism and communism, but the students are taught socialism is not that bad of a system.  It is a “collective” society, just what the kids are being taught.  Don’t believe me?  Tell me what “Occupy” was all about?  Well of course it morphed into many things as the communist, socialist, atheist, gay community, unions, anarchist and revolutionaries jumped in to join the party, yet the two main themes were to destroy Capitalism to embrace collective Socialism and to kill and eat the rich on Wall St.  Trust me the Universities and Unions were very involved, you would be shocked at the amount of support they received from our teacher’s unions, both momentarily and logistically.  Occupy was a collective demanding that government must redistribute the wealth of a few to the many in the name of Social Justice.  Are you starting to get the big picture here?  The connections between collectivism and rights that all of these public school and university educated kids were screaming about?  To hell with individual liberty and justice for all, they demanded collective rights through social justice.  Do you understand how they have turned our entire system, our way of life upside down?  Where did they learn this way of thinking?  Who taught them that Capitalism was evil and Socialism was the logical future?  That the individual sovereign person no longer mattered, the rights of the collective were more important.  And how could they achieve this Social Justice, well a new Bill of Rights of course.

Obama, many in congress, every socialist and communist organization, every Progressive political group and many more want a new Bill of Rights.  Well it seems many young adults also see this as a good thing.  I just want to make it clear here how upside down this all is.  Our Bill of Rights is what the government may not do to us, it spells out The People’s Rights that government shall not infringe on.  This new Bill of Rights is what government must do for us, it is the exact opposite of the original intent.  It delivers all of our rights and freedom into the hands of government to be granted back to us.  The proposed Bill would mandate that government must provide a job, housing, transportation, health care, food and a few other things.  Sounds great doesn’t it, a Progressive Socialist dream come true.  Just think of it, everyone would have work, have a place to live, eat, be cared for and a lifetime bus pass.  If you were a young child in school and your teacher told you that someone would/could do all of these things for you it would sound pretty darn good.  If only more people would like the idea like you do then everyone could do this, but your parents are old fashioned and will be against it.  The rich greedy people would be against it also because they are too selfish to share what they have, of course everyone knows they don’t need all of the things they have, like 2 cars and a swimming pool all to them selves.  Even Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is all for it.  She has said many times that the U.S. Constitution was no good, the Constitution of S. Africa was much better.  Because it has this new Bill of Rights built into it, what the government must do for a person, not what they cannot do to them like ours.  And it is working well, just look at Occupy.  Sorry to go on so long but it is hard to explain collectivism in school because it is so abstract, an under lying layer of conditioning going on that is not clear like bad history.

Religion, Christian/Islamic/Atheist  issues in schools

What is wrong with a prayer before a high school football or basketball game?  It is going to make blood shoot out of the eyes of an atheist?  Is it going to do devastate the minds of the students attending?  Is it breaking the law?  A football prayer is normally a prayer for the safety of the players during the game, for victory and thanks for the Blessing to be able to gather together among friends and family.  Well I guess that is just too much for the non-believer, to have to tolerate such dreadful, harmful and hateful things.  I am a Christian, yet I have no problem with you being Jewish or having no faith what so ever, it just does not concern me.  And is it such a crime for a student to bring a Bible to school, to give thanks before lunch perhaps?  To have a plaque with the Lord’s Prayer or perhaps the 10 Commandments hanging on a wall in a hall way even seem intolerable, and I have read causes sickness when gazed upon briefly by the non-believer.  The mere presence of a cross or anything resembling one brings on traumatic shock and grief as if being flogged by an atheist when they are within eyesight of such a evil symbol.  Students have been suspended or disciplined in other ways for writing the word “God” on a piece of paper, yes indeed.  The word “God” must be omitted from the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, well for those willing to stand and say it anyway as it is offensive to some to even honor the flag of their Country that people have given their life for to allow them Freedom.  It seems there are just as many students today that hate America as there are that hate God.  Not a majority by any means but enough to cause action by lawyers, government and plenty of “Civil Rights” organizations.  Some school districts feel the need to eliminate Christmas as a school holiday, yet want to insert Ramadan into the calendar of school holidays.  Of course a nativity arrangement is out of the question, because it is just not fair to Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and so forth, although Dec. 25th has no significance to these other religions it would just not be fair.

How does one honestly address these things above?  I have no idea why the atheist are so angry with Christianity in America in the past couple of years, they seem determined to remove every last cross in this country.  If one does not have faith then just why is God so offensive to them?  I am not Jewish and Passover, a Menorah or anything else Jewish does not offend me what so ever.  Same with Santa Clause and Mother Goose, I don’t believe in them and could care less who does.  Do they think Christianity is going to destroy America in some way?  Perhaps they should study American history and find out who our Founding Fathers were and what the foundations of this Republic were built on.  Christianity has been here from day one and we have seem to have done rather well in the world because of it.  The words “In God we Trust” on our money is there for a reason, don’t they understand this, because we sure can’t trust who printed it.  But I still ask where their anger comes from, why do we bother them so much?  And the strange thing is they sure don’t attack Islam do they.  Of course not, because Islam hates Jews and Christians just like they do.  Of course it is hate or they would not spend thousands of dollars suing everyone in sight with the help of Progressive/Socialist organizations like the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center.

Well it is a fact that Socialist and Communist must get rid of God in order to control people.  So I understand why they want to wipe Christianity from the face of America, but not the atheist.  The Progressives need to eliminate God because they need you to accept the idea all of your rights come from them and not God.  If they can grant rights then they can most certainly take them away.  Yet the Constitution of the United States of America clearly states that our rights come from God so the government may not take them away.  Believe me if we ever remove God from America our rights will be stripped from us in a heart beat.  The American way of life will no longer exist, and that includes all the atheist too.  In their unfounded anger they are destroying everyone who lives here whether they know this or not.  So their goal of removing God, the Bible, prayer, the 10 Commandments or anything at all to do with morality and ethics from schools then they must be in league with the Progressive/Socialist that are doing the same thing.  Plus they are a hypocritical group as I have never heard 1 word out of them at all about the growing Islamic studies and activities in our schools.  So they have an agenda it seems, they are pro Islam and anti-Christian.

Federal/State Government Worship

Our beloved government is making sure these kids in school learn to look to them for every need in their life.  Not their family, church or community, but to them alone.  The Obama administration is doing everything it can to eliminate private charity from this society and make themselves the sole provider to those in need.  They are doing it through the IRS, FDA and federal and state health departments.  They are being regulated out of existence as everything seems to be now.  People giving away free bottled water on a hot Arizona summer day with 100+ degree temperatures are told by the police to stop because they do not have a license to do so.  Soup kitchens feeding the hungry are being shut down all around the country over ridiculous and insane health regulations.  Federal would rather see people go hungry rather than let them eat food not sanctioned by them.  They are also doing their best to deny all deductions for charitable donations, we have had this for as long as I can remember.  They are shutting down fund raiser at schools everywhere on licenses and health bull shit.  It seems little kids cannot even have a lemonade stand any longer in America, or a community selling cakes at a bake sale to send kids to camp.  Why is this?  Because in the future their will be only one provider, the government.  This is control.

And what is going on with all of the Obama murals on the walls at our schools all about?  This is some sick twisted crap, excuse my French.  This is straight out of the play book Communist dictator worship.  You believe young kids give a darn either way about Obama in school today?  Did you love the President when you were in high school?  Of course not, you most likely did not give him/her much thought at all.  You were busy being a young person growing up thinking about girl friends or boy friends, math tests and what you were going to do that weekend.  Trying to get your face to clear up from that bad pimple in the middle of your forehead and how you looked in your cool cloths.  The kids have not changed, but you can bet our government has, it requires obedience to our great leader from the kids.  So they start early on them with big pictures making him look like a king, a Saint, a rock star and who knows what.  They are mostly in classic communist colors and style, yet most kids do not notice this because they are taught about these things today.  Just the opposite, they think Ernest “Che” Guevara is cool and Communist Party Leader Chairman Mao is trendy to have on a t-shirt.  The dam schools fill these kids heads of the wonders of a beautiful socialist society.  But never the murder, death, poverty, sickness, political incarceration and hunger that is the true communism in the world today.  These kids have no idea what it is about because they are not exposed to the truth.

And what about those 3rd and 4th graders singing Obama songs to praise him and the wonderful thing he has done.  Are you kidding me!  This stuff only goes on in communist places today like N. Korea, well I guess here too since Hussein Obama is our great leader.  This is sick and harmful, if you think it is cure then you are nuts.  As an 8 year old they do not even have any idea what they are saying or why.  But they will remember it, it will stick to them.  It is a song, kids memorize songs.  They take it home in their minds and tell their parents how good Obama is because their teacher taught them a song about him.  Any teacher who does this ought to be fired and never work in education again.  It is a philological indoctrination of the most evil kind, and teachers do it!  It is a tool to brainwash kids.  Songs to children have power, they sink into them.  A child may not remember from day to day what they read for their reading lesson but they will remember a song for weeks and months, and anything they hear that does not agree with that song is wrong in their young mind.

The schools are instilling into kids to look to government for everything.  And that they are smarter than their parents so they do not need to take what their parents say seriously.  Teachers use this tool to instill the felling of superiority into the child over the parent.  It divides them, add to the wall that rejects anything they hear that does not agree with what they are taught by the teacher.  It also places the teacher as all knowing and one of the only people above them in knowledge.  Because the teacher is reinforcing the ego of the child, this places them in a special place in their young minds.  So when they are told that our government is always right and not to question their actions it sinks in.  You do this for years on end at school and it will be very difficult for the kid to grasp the truth when they are exposed to it.  If the government is always right and always doing the right thing then anyone or thing contrary to them must be wrong.  This encompasses critical thinking, it stops it.  When taught to accept without question there is no analyzing of information by the brain, they follow like zombies.  The distinction between truth and a lie cannot be made in part because of this.  Believing what the majority believes becomes easy and normal for them.  A lie repeated long enough to them becomes the truth.  The new America the Progressive/Communist are building now depends on not being questioned by the population.  They are growing and training a population of non-thinker that will obey.  Because they lack the capacity to question federal authority, they will question everything else.  As long as they are never told the truth, they will never be able to discover a lie because they have nothing to compare it to.  And every teacher in America is right in the middle of this stuff.

American History and Civics studies

Michelle Obama said ““We’re going to have to change our traditions, our history and we’re going to have to move to a different place.” during the 2009 presidential campaign.  She was not kidding or using a figure of speech.  Our traditions are changing, but why and to what?  We used to look to the community for support in times of need, now we stand in a government line somewhere.  We used to have plenty of jobs everywhere for anyone who wanted to work, they could find one.  Between jobs we could receive assistance for a reasonable amount of time to find a new one.  Now it is next to impossible to find employment if you are laid off because there are 1000 people seeking the same position.  Unemployment benefits now are over a year, a new tradition I guess making being out of work sort of a job.  To top it all off people are no longer required to even look for a job.  Then we go on disability at the age of 45, a new tradition in America.  We used to be able to travel unimpaired, now we are subject to body cavity searches to board an airliner, buses are next.  We used to be able to pick our own health care, either private or through our employer.  Today we are forced to endure the public health system, the tradition of free choice has changed.  In the past a citizen was presumed innocent until proven guilty, a long standing tradition.  Today people are arrested and detained with no formal charges what so ever.  A person can be imprisoned because of something they may do, or might be thinking of.  We used to have some level of personal privacy, not today.  We have virtually none, the government has free and open access to our bank accounts, our health records, our internet activities, our social networking, our email, our electric usage, our movement and every other dam aspect of our lives.  The kids are being conditioned in schools to accept this invasion of privacy and loss of personal liberty, for the good of the collective of course and to protect us from ourselves.  And to become accustom to a lifestyle of dependency in one form or another as an American tradition.

Not sure how far back they teach American history now days, I think back to the Civil War is about it.  Of course Obama sees himself as another Abe Lincoln re-emancipating the black slaves again.  But of course he compares himself to many presidents of the past depending on who he is talking to.  It is good to teach the civil war in school, it shows how evil America was concerning human and equal rights for all.  They do teach a bit about our Founders and how the Boston Tea Party was a domestic terrorist act by drunken men dressed up like Indians.  And our founding Fathers really enjoyed slavery and how they killed every Indian in sight.  I think they sort of make this history up they teach in school to support their agenda today and why they need to change America, to move us to a different place.  Well they tell the kids that the Islamic terrorist were in fact “Freedom Fighters” that did what they had to do.  And it was our fault that they needed to kill over 2000 people, because of what we do to them.  So on Dec 16, 1773 a group of domestic terrorist assaulted and destroyed government property, on Sept 11, 2001 a group of freedom fighters assaulted and destroyed private property.  This is changing history to push Forward the Progressive agenda.  This is rewriting history, it is a lie they teach to our kids.     

We don’t teach Civics in schools any longer as part of a required curriculum of courses, some schools no longer offer it at all and when they do it is an optional elective.  This is actually a very smart move by the Progressives to not enlighten our children how government works or what it is for and why we have it.  This way they can do anything they want because the kids have no idea what they are mandated to do and what they cannot do.  If you do not know how government is suppose to work, how could you tell when it was broken.  If one was never taught what our elective representatives were elected to do then how could you tell if they were doing their job, doing what they are paid to do.  If you do not know the things they cannot do then how could stop them from doing those things?  If you do not know your Rights and where they come from then how can you tell when they are being violated, or illegally taken away.  This way they can do anything they want, absolutely anything.  These kids will have no idea or understanding what is going on, it things are suppose to work that way or not.  The government can simply strip all of our Rights ways and the kids will think they have that power, they will think their rights come from government.  They will think government can do anything they want to.  The kids will not know what the Constitution means, what it is about or if it is even law today.  The kids will not understand the Bill of Rights and how they protects them, where power comes from.  At that point we are finished as a Republic.  The population of America will be to ignorant to even recognize they are slaves, they will think everything is just fine.  When the government says jump they will ask “how high”, instead of “go pound sand”.  When the government tells them how many kids to have and what kind of car to drive they will comply because they think they have the power to do so. 

The schools teach America is no better than any other country, we are not special at all.  As a matter of fact they teach that Americans are a selfish people that take advantage of every other country on earth.  That we must start to live like them and become part of a global society.  If this is not enough to piss you off I don’t know what will.  To say these things is beyond imagination.  They teach capitalism is a broken system that our Founders tried and has not worked, that socialism like China is the best system of government.  Well hell Hussein Obama II has said these very things many times, and they are taught to love him as their leader.  Obama has said these very things all over the world as a matter of fact, so the schools are just teaching the new reality.  You tell these kids this shit over and over again and they will believe it as truth.  They will have no idea just how lucky they are being an American citizen.  They will never be told America is the most generous country on earth giving more aid to other countries that all others combined.  That capitalism created the greatest, freest, wealthiest, powerful, highest standard of living, innovative, industrialist and charitable nation the world has ever know in recorded history in 240 short years.  That this Republic has more people wanting to come here to be Americans than all the people wanting to go anywhere else combined, and no one is leaving.  Yes indeed, capitalism is broken, America is not special and the American is just like everyone else in the world, BULL SHIT!  Send these kids to China or any country on earth for a month, they will understand just how much their teachers are lying to them because they will want to come back home to the Greatest country on earth.

Schools ban cloths that promote America, like a t-shirt with an American flag on it because it may offend someone.  It may offend a Mexican kid in some way, while they ware a t-shirt with a Mexican flag.  It may offend a Muslim in some way, while they ware a hijab.  Patriotic chants and cheers have been ban from high school sports events because it belittles people of other races.  You cannot shout “USA,  USA,  USA” when playing a team from Mexico or anywhere else it seems.

They teach the Constitution is a “living” document.  That it is open to modern interpretation and popular consciences.  That congress and judges may view what is said in it as old and outdated, therefore interpret the meaning within the modern context of society today.  In other words, say it says what they want it to say for the agenda they are pushing forward.  Supreme court justices are guilty of the same thing, 3 of them have said the Constitution says what they say it says, they do not reference the arguments of the creation of this document to find the true meaning.  And that it is a living document which is subject to popular trends and beliefs.  That society itself can accept or disregard sections of it at will, much like our Department of Justice is doing today.  That we are a democracy, the people determine what is right or wrong depending on what is acceptable today.  So basically the Constitution is only a guideline which may be obeyed or not.  That we are not a Respecter of Law, not a Republic.  That we are a democracy living under an oligarchy in a State Capitalism system.  That is what they are teaching, you tell me?  How else do you explain what is being taught?

Teacher’s Unions

I have many thoughts about teachers and teachers unions.  It seem there are two unions that control all of the other smaller ones at the local level, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA), the largest of the two which is also an AFL-CIO affiliate.  So all of my comments will be about them.  On the surface when you go to their web presence they look just great, wonderful organizations that are all about the welfare of the students.  I have read quit a bit about them on their respective web sites.

(I took a month break on this because I just got tired of writing on it.  Judging from the response and comments it is not getting any reading or exposure.  At this point I don’t really care any longer to try and let people know what is going on in our schools and with their kids, too many other breaking stories to address that are just as important as this one.  Stories about us as a people, our way of life and thinking.  It seems that the schools have done their jobs well and this story is about 50 years too late to make a difference.  So I will simply leave you with the outline of the rest of this piece and you can do with it what you will if you want to know what it was going to be about.  This is about the People of America, to try and correct the direction we are going.  But it is too late for that.  Given the reaction of America to current events going on right in front of us and our complacency it appears the battle is lost here.)

  •             a. Uses kids for marches, protest
  •             b. Lobbies against home and charter schools
  •             c. Lifetime tenure
  •             d. Union job security
  •             e. Funds Progressive legislation
  •             f. Funds Progressive candidates
  •             g. Advances Progressive ideas to the kids
  •             h. Controls school  local districts

The UN and Children/Parent/State Relationship

  •             a. Sustainability
  •             b. Agenda 21
  •             c. Child Rights Treaty, removes parent control, gives to State

Digital Media replacing Text Books

  •             a. Can change at any time
  •             b. Keep totally hidden from parents
  •             c. No oversight
  •             d. Kids not allowed to talk with parents about it

Sex Education to very young children

  •             a. Encouraging gay activity, forced acceptance, masturbation instruction, oral techniques.
  •             b. Exposing children as young as 6 to very explicit sexual material.
  •             c. Promoting abortion, distribution of birth control without parent involvement.
  •             d. Presenting curriculum specifically addressing gay issues
  •             e. Text books given to young children dismissing traditional family core, eg, “My too Moms”
  •             f. Pushes trans gender mentality

Prescription Drug use

  •             a. Prescribing dangerous mood drugs
  •             b. Lifetime record of drug use

Home and Charter schooling

  •             a. Home schooling opposed by unions
  •             b. Charter schools opposed by unions
  •             c. School districts and states against home or charter
  •             d. Federal against both
  •             e. Cuts into union power and money
  •             f. Cuts into Federal mind control
  •             g. Cuts into State fund


Part 3 contains links on the topics talked about here so you can educate yourself first hand.