Like A Phoenix: Power Beyond The Fall


Very nice presentation of reality, could not agree more!

But, of course their is always a but. I am not for revolution nor a revolutionary such as Occupy or our President and Congress are.

What is wrong with our government is they have executed a silent revolution to transform America into a Socialist Capitalist Society just like China is right now under the false pretense of a democratic majority without respect to Constitutional Law our Republic was founded upon and is currently still under to the best of my knowledge. The treasonous acts they have committed in doing so have been made legal by congressional and executive order actions, yet they are absolutely unlawful under the rule of law, America is either a Respecter of Law or we are not and have a become a Respecter of Man like Europe and all Socialist cultures are.

I am for a Restoration of Constitutional Power by any means necessary to restore America to a pure Capitalistic Society that has made us the greatest country on earth in 235 short years. Because we are a Free People that own our government , not the other way around like they would have us believe. There is no need to create a new society because their is nothing wrong with our Constitutional Republic to begin with, the problem is we are not living it today like we should be because our Federal government has discarded it.

For those who wish to create a new system such as the Occupy idiots, I will fight against you just as I am against our government at this point in time for the same reason. As far as I can if someone does not like America and wishes to change it then get the hell out of here, their are plenty of countries that would be to you liking so let you body follow your heart and leave, this to all Occupy morons and those who support them that think it is cool wearing Ernesto “Che” Guevara t-shirts, he was a Argentine Marxist Revolutionary that was a murdering son of a bitch for Communism!

Click on Che’s image to go read a little about him.  He was a very intelligent, charismatic and motivated person, I give him COLDchevaracredit for perhaps being one of the best revolutionaries in history.  Also respect him for knowing himself and let nothing stand in his way to achieve what he believed was a just cause for his actions.

The only small problem I have with Che is he was a devout Marxist with no respect what so ever for a human life, none at all.  This was true to his nature as a Marxist of course, all are Godless humans that give no value to the life another person.

If you fancy yourself as a revolutionary and think it would be cool to be like him, their is plenty of work for you around the world, I hear Syria is hiring right now…..