Are our political elites in America driving American urban centers towards Swedish like riots?


Well Yah! 


From the Desert News, dated May 31, 2013 Sweden riots prompts rethinking on immigration, poverty

For weeks now, Swedish youths have been rioting in the streets, burning cars, throwing rocks and intimidating police into inaction.

The riots seem to be something of a Rorschach test. Some focus on poverty and wealth disparity, while others focus on pockets of immigrants who have not integrated into society.

Lurking in the background is why this integration has failed. Sweden’s liberal immigration and asylum policies may come under fire as a result.

Sweden is absorbing a lot of immigrants from troubled parts of the world. “Some 43,900 asylum seekers arrived in 2012,” Reuters notes, “a nearly 50 percent jump from 2011 and the second highest on record. Nearly half were from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia and will get at least temporary residency. There was a total of 103,000 new immigrants.”

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The path our political elite have us on the outcome in America will be of greater magnification than the experience of the tiny nation of Sweden.

Sweden’s land mass is smaller than that of our largest urban center. America has taken in more migrants in a month than Sweden would take in a year. It is true if the numbers of migrants in America equalled that of Sweden we would not be having the debate on Comprehensive Immigration Reform for many years.

At the very core of Sweden’s problems is liberal ideology . So much so that the liberal-socialist-progressive themselves will implode from the weight.

The article dated May 29, 2013 in the Washington Times tiled,  Swedish riots could represent Europe’s future, the title of the article could correctly add “America’s future”.

Another article from The Guardian titled Swedish riots: if instability can happen here, what might unfold elsewhere? It is not difficult to surmise an answer if one uses common sense.

Sweden’s predictable response to their failed liberal policies will be more liberal – progressive – socialist policies. This will cement Sweden’s fate.

Due to the fact most of Western governments of Europe and the government of America are top heavy with liberal – socialist- progressive ideology they will also attempt to resolve the problems by adding more like policies. Suicide!

I can not even imagine the broad social consequences that will only multiply. My instincts inform me they will be great.

The current rioting in Sweden represents a wakeup call to America. The question is will America’s political elite heed the warning? No!

America has not even come close to resolving the issues of poverty and education in our homeland. In fact the ranks of those living at the poverty level is growing and so those considered living in deep poverty. Attempts to correct the problems in education  have produced dismal outcomes.

Around the globe even where the government in a nation has the will to try and address the problems of poverty it persist.

If American politicians honestly wanted to stem the tide of poverty and the downward trajectory of education in America they would ‘not’ add amnesty for the uneducated to the equation.

Immigration  should conservatively be based on a country’s needs not a country’s misguided charity.

The fact is for the political class and the globalist in a sick way poverty is profitable.

Are we headed for a world of “Soylent Green“?