It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions; and experience declares that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the governments of Europe, and to the general prey of the rich on the poor.”  — Thomas Jefferson

I  will first add my opinion with regards to racism and move towards the concept of class.

I do not know about you but I am sick and tired of white American conservatives being told in all aspects we are by-and-large racist. We are systematically lumped together as a group, a white conservative group that is racist. This ignores the fact there are other races that share conservative values. These good Patriots are often said “to be Uncle Toms” or smitten with the ‘white’ man. It is unconscionable! It ignores their accomplishment and it denigrates their humanity.

The intellectual white liberal/progressive accepts this premise. And fail to insist on accountability from those who attempt to lay the guilt. Behaving this way I honestly believe gives them a sense of superiority.

The Tea Party and  other conservatives do not support the socialist agenda and out of political expedience the progressive uses the race card to attack. The result of this action is to fail to acknowledge progress, attempt to destroy those that do not share your ideology and to widen the divisiveness.

This begs the question. Can a bleeding heart liberal progressive be racist? Yes they certainly can.

In the case of the ‘white’ progressive its a more insidious type of racism. They also seem not to recognize that they are off the respectful scale. More than any other group the liberal, I think, are the main players for keeping institutional racism alive. The ‘white’ progressive is not alone in keeping racism alive they are joined by the powerful ‘black’ progressive.

Just one example. Bill Clinton known for blurting out what he actually believes was caught making the statement, “A few years ago, [Barack Obama] would have been getting us coffee.” Clinton in his statement  simply disappeared Obama’s accomplishments prior to winning the office of President. Clinton was not only guilty of subtle racism he also revealed another aspect of himself and that is the dark side of classism.

As a non progressive Clinton’s thought would never have occurred to me. It would have never popped in my mind that a person’s worth in life would be devalued simply because they ‘‘served coffee’. Its insidious and there is no ownership of this subtle racism or classism by the progressive.

I did not vote for Obama because he identified as black. I cast a ‘no’ vote based on rigorous research. I concluded that his ideology alone would not be good for America.

An example of reverse racism. Mary Frances Berry a black woman who was the chairwoman and a professor of social thought at the University of Pennsylvania was quoted as stating “Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them.” Ms Berry a progressive did not recognize the implications of her statement. She was categorically stating that not all persons are worthy of civil rights. Her statement was yet another add-on to the racial and social divide. It is true that that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a major step forward in stamping down the institutional practice of segregation and it addressed discrimination against women. However to imply as Ms Berry did that all persons no matter their gender or race were not worthy of civil rights is reverse discrimination. It was not even subtle it was “in your face” reverse racism.

By the way Affirmative Action as codified excludes women. That means all flavors of women. In my humble opinion it is time to sunset Affirmative Action.

Racism in America I believe is defined to flow in one direction from ‘whites’ directed at other ethnic groups. This on face value does not fly. I will say that men as a class rule the globe. This male class comes in all flavors.

What I emphatically do not own are the sins of our forefathers. I have enough sins of my own to come to grips with.

Is it racist to ‘not’ appreciate rap music whose lyrics often degrades women. Of course not. Besides I am old and loud music assaults this aging body. Other ethnic groups got on the bandwagon of rap — does not matter rap music is disgusting to me.

Is it racist to be leary of the motives of those who adhere to Islamic faith? Not straightforward it is more complicated. For many of  us it is fear based upon behaviors that has been carried out by Islamist against others regardless of their race.  Our government national security apparatus obviously takes the possible threat seriously. However out of political correctness not to appear racist they just simply systematically take away liberties from all Americans.

Can we correctly state that Muslims are racist against white,  black , asian or hispanic Americans? It is complicated if you inject the word infidel then absolutely. Can we say that a Sunni and Shiite are racist against each other? Yes but there is more to the disunity in the Arab/Muslim sphere. Its complicated.

Complexities do exist between groups of all stripes here in America in fact that is true around the globe.

Quick question? Just for argument sake suppose you are a white woman and you took the elevator at the Bay Area Bart Station and one or more black guys got on the elevator with you. The black guy(s) were wearing a Nike sports suit, had expensive sneakers on as well and were adorned with gold. Is it racist to be scared? I think a woman would be brain dead to ignore concern. If not brain dead her fear would be  rooted out of known behaviors. This reason to be concerned would be true be the guy(s) white, hispanic, asian or others. In fact a black woman most likely would have the same concern for her safety. In other words it was prior behaviors that informed her concern. It is not racist its plain common sense. My motto is go by your gut instincts not by the color of another’s skin.

Is it racist to not approve of a bunch of thugs no matter their race that has taken over turf invoking violent behavior to do so and use violent means to retain control. Of course not. Who among us would deliberately drive into known gang turf? There are of course good souls who live in these areas and would escape if they had the means.

Is it racist to feel comfortable congregating and enjoying the company of one’s choosing? Again of course not. As human beings we are gifted with the innate ability to discriminate based on our comfort levels be it food, type of car we drive and yes the people we choose as friends or as acquaintance. We humans no matter our race or class make these decisions daily.

What, to me, would be racist is to assume that because I am ‘white’ that all the friends or acquaintances that I embrace are also white.

Is it racist to hold stereotypes with regards to a class or ethnic group of people? Not really. Why? Stereotypes are based in truism as they relate to various members of a class or ethnic group. Notice here I was careful to use the term ‘various’ meaning that the stereotypical behavior does not apply to all members. Behaviors that constitute a stereotype are passed down through generations. Stereotypes are wrongly labeled as racist when the politically correct card is played. As an individual we may be turned off or even enjoy a stereotypical behavior as it is played out in another person.

A progressive be they white or black think nothing about referring to a person from the Appalachian and Ozark mountains as ignorant barefoot hillbillys. It seems as though it is acceptable to refer to a white Southern as a “cracker”. The point here is respect for others is a human quality and political correctness is based in self  imposed superiority.

Many examples exist of inappropriate use of the term ‘racist’. I am sure you could add to the list. You and I could point out organized groups in both the historical and present day who define themselves to operate out of hatred of those who do not share their ideology, their features and certainly the tone of their own skin. They can safely be said to be racist.

Some people have difficulty understanding the concept of internalized or reverse racism. It exist and when one internalizes race it is a self imposed trap that robs one of the ability to move on. If one pulls the card of reverse racism it only serves to add to the widening of divisions in society. Responsibility for racism has to be shared among all.

Whites alone can not be entrusted with the sole responsibility of breaking the doors down associated with inequality. Caucasians like any other ethnicity are not perfect. ‘Whites’ being human are as selfish and self centered as any other ethnic groups can be. This is a perpetual trap laid on ‘whites’ but it is also a trap for members of other ethnic groups. To give away one’s personal power to another the outcome can result in self hatred, low self esteem and lack of self confidence. These three things can act as a vise that robs one from being all they could otherwise achieve.

Do I believe that each of us carries some degree of responsibility to aid our fellow planet dwellers. Yes I do. I believe strongly that one must help those who have no means to help themselves no matter the tone of their skin or laid on class.

Let me be clear racism does exist in America. Discrimination also exist based on one’s perceived class, gender and sexuality. I guess as humans it can be said we are a complex mess.

I contend that as it relates to the present day that by-and-large we are dealing with the concept of classism and not deep seated racism.

Class can be defined on the basis of income, wealth, education, and occupation. Classism carries with it a subtle meaning that someone who is more educated are more worthy is ‘better than’. It also has the smell of predestination theory. Classism is a holier than thou attitude. Classism when exercised to me is about power over another. All classes are not immuned to this practice  .

The socialist by and large will define class as “the one who rules (the capitalist class); the one that produces-but-not-for-itself (the working class); and the class in between (the middle class).”  This definition taken as it stands does not recognize that the middle class is also a class that may produce-but-not-for-itself. It blatantly, perhaps acting out of political correctness, does not recognize that in America today we have created, for lack of a better term, an underclass. It also conveniently does not claim people of an upper class that produces-but-not-for-itself.

The social theory of talking about class I think is inherently a dangerous one for the most common sense reason that it pits one class against another as racism does. And it says in a subtle way that to be working class or even middle class carries with it a mark of less achievement.

The definition above does not as well separate out a political class. It is also safe to say this class does produce for self.

According to 2012 census data in 2011, 9.8% of whites (19.2 million) lived in poverty and 4.4% in deep poverty; 25.3% of Hispanics (13.2 million) lived in poverty and 10.5% in deep poverty; and 27.6% of blacks (10.9 million) lived in poverty and 12.8% in deep poverty. The numbers are very disturbing and I would bet worse for all ethnics mentioned. The progressive will look at these numbers and say without hesitation that the numbers are attributed to racism. While race plays a role it is by no means the only reason. Many variables must be taken into consideration to reach an honest appraisal.

Just a thought I picked up from the above. The census glaring left out asians and native americans. Oops! This oversight deserves a little thought.

I believe that Obama and many progressives understand that it is more complicated than just race. I do believe however that when they use the race card they are deliberately being dishonest. They use the race card as a divide and conquer tool.

In Obama’s case I believe the practice of injecting the race card is simply to garner votes. It is about standing on others backs using them as a pawn because it was politically expedient and convenient to move his agendas forward.

The ugly truth about the human condition is that people are quick to stand on someone elses back keeping them down in order to gain more status, wealth or power. That practice is used by all ethnic groups and classes.

I recall after Nelson Mandela was released from Robben Island he visited America. He gave a speech in Oakland,Ca at the Oakland Sports Arena. The arena was packed the audience was predominantly black. Mandela said, and I paraphrase, “you have rights written in law it is your responsibility to make good use of them you can no longer use race as an excuse.” You honestly could hear a pin drop in the packed arena. Mandela was simply saying get on with it get a grip and do not give away your personal power.

Obviously control of one’s life is highly dependent on many factors and obstacles to overcome exist for all peoples.

Not one of us no matter our laid on class or self identified ethnic group can not afford to allow the progressive pundit who makes their living by keeping racism alive to assert “they owe us”. People no matter their class or race owe themselves, their family, their community and America to be all they can reasonably be. And that is just how I see it!