A Cancer is Spreading in America — NYC Measure to Award Voting Rights to Non-Citizens


Posted by me as well on the Tea Party’s Constitutional Conservative Discussion Blog

You could see this balloon coming. It will face a fierce court battle if the NYC council ill conceived measure should win approval. The battle to enfranchise non-citizens will spread like wildfire to progressive strongholds across America. It of course would spread to state and national elections.

Refer to MSM articles: MSNBC, Fox News, Huffington Post, New York Post

The NYC council currently boast fifty-one members, thirty four have signed on as co-sponsors. The measure is scheduled to come before the council on June 6th to give their Yea and Nays.

The next elections for New Yorkers are

  • Primary Election – September 10, 2013
  • Run-Off Primary (if necessary) – September 24, 2013
  • General Election – November 5, 2013

Obviously this measure is a well timed political move.

It is worth mentioning that ‘some’ Maryland cities allow this practice now supporting an argument that a cancer is growing in America.

From an article at NorthNewJersey.com “New York state election law prohibits immigrants from voting, but supporters [ of the NYC measure] say the city has the right to set its own policies for local elections.”

Should such a proposal be passed by the NYC council and survive challenges in courts the far reaching implications are great indeed.

I do not believe a measure such as this one will be part of the current Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. While the idea would be embraced among progressives. If a progressive decided to propose an amendment it would face fierce opposition. The House would be our real defense.

Not to be discounted is that opposition only if by conservatives could, unfortunately, have the effect of rewarding favors to the Democratic Party. The Republican party once again is being placed between “a rock and a hard place”.

The Democratic progressives I must admit are a sly bunch and as well politically savvy. This is an example of one upmanship directed at conservatives. Yet another notch in their belt to destroy the Republican party. Such an idea has dire consequences in that it could establish a one party rule. I recognize that my fellow conservatives understand this concept.

The sheer fact that such an idea floated by NYC has the potential to embolden the grantees of amnesty, who are not willing to wait the time period to be granted full citizenship and as well holders of right to work in the good old USA then it opens the door for this class to demand the right to vote in all states and the national election. Expect marches and most likely violence.

The progressive works out of divide and conquer. The divide and conquer whether some refuse to contemplate this theory, is a plus for the globalist as well.

The idea has already spread across nation state borders refer to Right of Foreigners to Vote.There exist varying restrictions among nation states however this is fuel to drive the plan for one world governance.

Keep in mind to attain one world governance it must be accomplished by well planned steps. I can not fathom that anyone with half a brain and using critical thinking could ‘not’ see that many steps have already been accomplished.

This misguided measure in NYC has the potential to backfire as well. It may act as a wakeup call to the citizen of all stripes. Because this balloon in a grand way was launched in NYC this is only a fleeting hope that I embrace.

If Obama with the approval of Congress is allowed to pack the courts with appointees who share the progressive ideology then the progressive are more emboldened to pass federal legislation.

In this case our only hope would be to push for a proposed amendment to the Constitution that would require two thirds approval by states. I do ‘not’ believe that two thirds approval would be attainable. I may be naive with regards to a strike down of such an amendment. For sure a lot of dollars will be spent to back as well dollars to defeat.

One more thought for consideration is that this may be a ploy as well to deflect attention of conservatives of the plague of scandal that threatens the credibility of Obama’s administration and his legacy. I would like to believe those behind this measure are not that smart.

I have faith that the Tea Party conservatives will not allow this cancer to spread.

America is under attack. The attacks are as deplorable as the Jihadist of Islam. The effect while differing in methods the measure suggested by thirty four NYC council members may in effect destroy the spirit of Americans to resist.

GRUMPY_BLOOBERMr ‘anti big gulp drinks’ Bloomberg is as dangerous as whomever allegedly sent the risen letters.

Keep your faith that good sense will prevail in America.