Is China Buying America?


Yes they are!!

Foreign countries have been investing in America since our inception. America has welcomed their investments most often the relationships have been reciprocal. Times are changing and the odds of some countries granted rights to American markets I contend will not be in America’s best interest. I will focus on China being one such country.

The following questions I think are relevent:

  1. As the current leader in the global economy are we aiding China, the second largest, to become number one?
  2. Are we aiding China to have the advantage in National Security matters for this Nation?
  3. Is it possible that because China holds a large chunk of our Treasury Securities that China is allowed to penetrate all of American businesses?
  4. Have we allowed China to spy while at the same time our political class makes accusations about cyber-security?
  5. Are we allowing companies from America who produce devices of communication i.e. computers, smartphones, internal chips, programing of the devices to offshore their assembly etc. to the Peoples Republic of China and by doing so placing America at risk?
  6. Are we sacrificing American jobs?
  7. Are we by allowing China access to the research and development at all levels i.e our government sponsored, industry sponsored taking place now or in the future?
  8. Is the United States subsidizing China through shared research and development?
  9. Are we allowing China to become, as China has made statements they will, the next Detroit auto industry giant?
  10. Will America become dependent on China?
  11. Is some of the most basic liberties of sovereigns systematically being chipped away because China is a communist state run country and China now has a grip on America’s hi-tech industry?
  12. Is this grip that China now possesses on America due to our national debt and deficit and will China be allowed to grow and maintain that grip?
  13. Is America so desperate with burdensome debt, lack of jobs and the need to pay for Obamacare, Medicare and SS and other social programs for sovereigns that our political class are quick to sell America?
  14. Are members of Obama’s administration including Congress working as well for self gain?
  15. Can we make an argument that this in no insignificant part due to the globalist?

My answer to all questions is in the affirmative. Yes!

From a Washington Times editorial dated Monday, June 3, 2013 titled, U.S. government shows a new openness to buyers from China
From the AMC movie theater chain to the personal computer lines once owned by IBM to the country’s biggest hog farmer, Chinese investment in America is on a record pace, with the ring of the cash register drowning out security concerns in a rebounding U.S. economy.

During the past 15 months, Chinese businesses spent more on U.S. deals than in the previous 11 years combined, and — despite some high-profile rejections — the U.S. government may be more willing to allow Chinese companies to buy out their American rivals.

“State governments all want the Chinese investment, because they need jobs,” said Siva Yam, president of the U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce, based in Chicago. “They welcome them with open arms.”

Chinese bids for U.S. companies that are still under discussion or awaiting approval total more than $10 billion, according to Rhodium Group, a New York-based research firm. That’s the largest such backlog ever recorded.

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Are we selling America to the highest bidder? Yes we are, and that bidder is China.

A short list of companies purchased outright or controlling stake or with significant stake:

  • AMC Movie Theaters
  • Volvo
  • A123
  • MiaSole
  • Goss International
  • Nexteer Automotive
  • Greatpoint Energy
  • Riot Games

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  • Chinese aerospace manufacturer Superior Aviation’s $1.8 billion bid for Wichita, Kan.-based aircraft maker Hawker Beechcraft.
  • China has an appetite for bankrupt U.S. companies one such example is Jennifer Convertibles.

Other industries in focus are renewable energy, aerospace, electronics and banking.

Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group, Inc. — which broke ground this year on a $100 million plant in Thomasville, Ala. — to avoid tariffs.
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Forbes: China Wants to Buy Facebook
CNET: Inside Huawei, the Chinese tech giant that’s rattling nerves in DC
Forbes: Lenovo Wants A Piece Of Apple, Samsung (China has already purchased Lenova from IBM)
Washington Times: Chinese ‘looking for opportunities’ in U.S

Obviously the samplings above gives me concern. We hear the political class and the industry giants whine and whine about cybersecurity, proprietary manufacturing techniques, patent and intellectual infringements lost or infringed on yet they let the wolf in the hen house.

Are they crazy or do they suffer from short term greed? Clearly its both.

In 2012 in the now infamous case of Chinese nationals backed in the millions of dollars by the Peoples Republic of China gained access to Duponts manufacturing technique for “Titanium White” See article. For Gods sake they stole what goes in our Oreo cookies and more. This is just one example.

To wrap this rant up I can only say America needs a timeout. Greed needs to be replaced with common sense. America needs to return to innovation and manufacturing and just as importantly raising our own food source. If we once again create the best products the world will clamer at our door to buy.

The global intertwining has gone to far. If we had a WWIII we could not guarantee that technologies that go into our war fighting would stand up to performance because many or most of the chips are made in China. Do we actually think China would not use to their advantage?

Untangling this mess is close to nil.

One last thought the Made in the USA label is under attack, the replacement label will be Made in the World. This Made in the World is a launched WTO initiative.

Try after the Made in the World label is a done deal to be discriminate about the food you eat. Oh that’s the goal so you can’t. If you think buying local will be an option that can not be guaranteed. Companies like Monsanto have been breaking the local and organic producers backs.

Be it banking, properties, oil and gas fields, pork producers Smithfield and possible investment in Hormel, hi-tech and more China will own America.

If you think your food prices like pork are expensive now wait until more pork leave our shores.

We should ask ourselves with treaties such as the TPP in play and regulations are lifted to accommodate the foreign how long can you trust the quality of pork?

Where does your poultry come from?  USDA was Petitioned to Block Chinese Poultry back in 2011. I have not seen positive action by the USDA. Think processed chicken. Will China circumvent by purchasing U.S. poultry producers? This may  be a little more challenging however waving green backs in their face who knows the producers might cave.

China indicated sometime last year that they have somewhere between 30-34 million workers to export.  Anyone want to speculate where many of China’s labor exports will land?

Say goodbye to America.