A letter to wee little spooks


Spookology has been taken to new levels under Obama’s administration.

I wanted to say hello today to Obama’s wee little spooks. I wondered how I might accomplish my heartfelt goal. I know they may be experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with all the negative press, even from the left MSM.

My letter to Obama’s Spook’s


Dear Wee Little Spooks,

I wanted to drop you an email however that is not a transparent process. Perhaps as reported some government officials have made up email accounts you do as well and I found no appropriate Contact form.  I thought instead I might be more successful if I posted a commentary that your PRISM application would scrape from internet carrier servers. I sincerely hope this works.

Surely as wee little spook’s being both the spookei and the spooked upon that is a double whammy.  As  a wee little sovereign having my government scrape personal data is most stressful to me.

Hope_This_is_CBSI suspect the wee little people of agencies spooking about are only doing their job as they have been directed. Hard working I’m sure and in some cases underpaid.

Now I know some folks may make a comparison that after the horrors of the Nazi’s were uncovered many stated “they were only following orders”. This kind of thinking must raise your stress level. As a wee little sovereign I am feeling the stress of a socialist government emerging.

I was wondering if among you wee little spook employees if there might be just one whistleblower. I think the American public and those good citizens say in the UK would have a most positive impression of you. I believe they would fight the government on your behalf. Just think the Mainstream Media (MSM) press both left and right would take up the gauntlet of freedom, privacy and liberty. They would most likely site the 4th Amendment.

However the government whistleblower protection may not cover this heroic act by wee little spooks. Please do take this seriously and explore the law.

PRISM_SLIDEI am sure that acquiring employment in the public sector may be a good option if as wee little spooks you too are disturbed about the spying on the wee little sovereigns or the press. Your skills acquired as masters of the PRISM application is valuable. After all data mining is performed in many realms. Perhaps a good opportunity would be the Democratic Party I hear they have amassed a very large data warehouse and that obviously would require skills of that of wee little spooks. Who knows, due to the lack of transparency, if Obama may have given the Democratic Party a copy of the PRISM application. Just thinking.

China has expressed intentions to purchase Facebook. If allowed this wee little sovereign will cancel my Facebook account and urge friends to do the same. However for those sovereigns who may choose to keep their account will the superior spookies place a warning on various appropriate websites that might say “Caution: U.S. spooks as well those of the Peoples Republic of China are scraping data from Facebook.”

May I make a suggestion that even if the PRC is unsuccessful bidding for Facebook the warning is still relevant. Would you consider making that suggestion to your superior spooks.

In closing I do wish you good spooking on the American people if that is what you enjoy. Do understand as a wee little sovereign we do not appreciate nor do we support this criminal activity and assault on the our 4th Amendment rights and as a wee little sovereign I suspect you do not appreciate.

The right to liberty and to be free from oppression from our government wee little sovereigns take seriously.

I will add that terrorism concerns is all in the homeland. We were suppose to fight it overseas not have to fight the terror from Jihadist in America. Seems our government forgot that as they seem to be welcoming them to our shores. The big spooks wearing out shoe leather when they do interview a potential Jihadist find insufficient evidence and fail to watch them thus we end up with the Boston Marathon bombing. Makes this wee little sovereign wonder why.


Patricia Gillenwater, Dewey, AZ

PS Now I will exercise my 1st Amendment privilege and make a stab at terms that just might be flagged in order the wee little spooks might receive my message. I am aware the hungry big superior spooks may not find this funny. Its not meant to be funny or entertaining. It is meant only to express my concern for wee little spooks and as well for wee little sovereigns who find themselves caught flopping in the net of spook agencies or heck the IRS for that matter.

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I am sure your PRISM application has tens of thousand stem terms but I am not spooky enough to make good stab.