Edward Snowden: Will we ever know the real truth?


Intrigue! Double agent! Whistleblower! Hero!

I kinda feel sorry for Edward Snowden. He seems like “a dead man walking”. Whatever the real story is about this young man we little people will never know. To me Snowden bringing the news of the NSA spying on ordinary folks to the world was heroic. I wish to think of Snowden as a hero. I wish to believe he acted on his own even though this might not be what our government wants us to believe.

In my thinking no matter what the U.S. government contrives to discredit Mr. Snowden I would frankly find their attempts to be questionable.

Was Snowden turned by China? Perhaps. Did the CIA create Snowden’s escapade in order to plant him in China’s cyber hacking engine? Perhaps.

A question even entered my mind that the accusation of Snowden being a double agent does this mean China would kill him for the U.S. government?

What if China gave up the young man to U.S. authorities, what then? Would the U.S. government allow an open trial? I am thinking not. Would Snowden be disappeared? The U.S. government has already demonstrated that they can hold someone indefinitely without trial or access to council.

I am wondering if he was kept locked away in some U.S. secret holding cell if we would eventually see breaking news “Snowden found hanged in his cell”?

What if the U.S. already has Snowden in custody? It is possible.

Over the weeks and months to come Edward Snowden will suffer unimaginable grief inflicted by the government of his homeland.

Snowden will have books written about him obviously there will be a blockbuster movie. Snowden’s Wikipedia page  is a great read.

I listened today to a C-SPAN recorded meeting of the European Commission and folks there were some heated orations concerning the NSA snooping. Many of the nations of Europe are angry. Instead of an America contained dialogue it is now a dialogue of international proportion.

I am beginning to even believe that this outrage was expected by Western governments.

I also believe that governments of the UK and others of Europe knew and condoned the harvesting of data by the NSA. Now I know more clearly what various agencies mean when they state “we share information with our partners in other countries”. Are we to believe that the data collected by the NSA on American citizens has not been replicated to servers in Europe? Obviously data from Europe has been replicated to U.S. servers.

Rand_PaulMy goodness could this be an idea contrived to contain behaviors of free thinking peoples? This I think is a necessary step for a one world government. Billions of controlled people. If a class is out-of-control then hover the Drone overhead and fire.

The DOJ is now underway to force compliance to allow backdoor decryption of devices. CNET reported for example Apple deluged by police demands to decrypt iPhones
“ATF says no law enforcement agency could unlock a defendant’s iPhone, but Apple can “bypass the security software” if it chooses. Apple has created a police waiting list because of high demand.”

It is not just your local police its the federal as well. Our federal is also requesting proprietary software to decrypt encrypted email from email service providers.

I could go on and on with questions that have popped into my mind. What I would like to believe now is that Edward Snowden was promised by the CIA to get a new identity, a makeover and to be whisked off to a location of his choosing with compensation that would afford him a comfortable life. Wishful thinking huh?

I am one American that no longer has any trust in our government. The U.S. government is not worthy of trust by America’s children.

Liberty! Perhaps to regain our liberty and constitutional rights a revolt is necessary. I smell a revolt blowing in the wind. It is a sweet smell.