Do you control your children’s education or the Federal Government?


It seems we have fight every stupid move our government makes, every twisted idea they pull out of thin air to “Push Forward” their Progressive ideology.  Facts have no meaning to our administration , specifically Eric Holder and the Department of Justice.  I have been following a story about a German family granted asylum here to home school their kids free of State persecution.  It has taken a few twist and turns and one has to wonder just why it is even in question in the first place.  What is the Hussein Obama II administration trying to accomplish here with all of the effort, time and money they are expending on just one immigrant family?

In short this is what is going on:

1. German family is threatened with having their children taken from them, heavy fines and jail for home schooling, they did not like the communist teachings and anti-God public school system in Germany.

 2. Adolph Hitler made a law that home school was forbidden, he knew if he could capture the minds of the youth he could control the country, he was right.

 3. A U.S. immigration judge granted this family qualified for citizenship here on the grounds of prosecution of Natural Rights (human rights).

 4. In steps Eric Holder wanting to deport them because home schooling was not a right in Germany or here it seems.  This move by him raises many questions as to his motivations and justifications to me anyway.

 I have 2 points where I think Eric Holder is full of shit and Obama put him up to this so his Progressive ideology would be drilled into the heads of kids from day one in public schools just as Hitler did with the NAZI movement.  Ever hear of the NAZI Youth Program, look at some old photos of NAZI rallies, the kids are everywhere (fund raisers for Obama).

 1.  What law is he standing on that says home schooling is not the right of the parent if they so chose.  Where is it written your kids must attend a public school, where?  Does this mean private and charter schools are also in the same boat as home school, they are not a public school.  And where is it written the Federal Government owns your kids education, over the rights of the parents?

 The bottom line is this.  The Obama administration is saying that anything other than public schooling is a privilege granted by our government and may be taken away for any reason they wish at any time.  This is what they are saying, they want a court to agree with them.  To say anything other than public schools are a right that is granted by the federal government.

 2.  If having your children taken away from you, being fined heavily for what you believe in (God) and going to jail for not complying with a law that is strips you of ownership of your kids is not prosecution, what the hell is then?  Eric says it is in fact not prosecution at all, he is an ass hole that needs to be thrown out of his position as far as they can throw him.

 He will spend all day defending the rights of illegal aliens be granted every public assistance program available and never touched what so ever.  But a German family that has entered this country legally, has a judge grant them immigration status, does not receive any public assistance, pays taxes to be deported.  Why?

 Here are some stories about them and what is going on, it will be of great interest to see how it plays out.  If this family is deported, not only is home schooling in America in jeopardy but also private and charter schools.  Of course all children of every congressmen and Obama go to private school, this is only for us little people that do not agree with his administration.  Another tool to keep you in line, if the IRS cannot get to you with money, if the NSA cannot get to you with invasion of your privacy then maybe Eric can with your kids.  They are building yet another avenue of control, this is what it is all about.

You can read for yourself on some stories I bring here, or you can search this and come up with many many more indeed.  I bring other stories here because I am not a good writer, as a matter of fact I am rather piss poor at it.  But I am passionate about our kids education, this one thing alone will guide America, for better or worse, the kids tomorrow will be making the laws we will all live under.

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This should be enough to peek your interest and look deeper into this matter if you want too.