Broken Government: A Cranky, Pissed Off Old Lady’s Thoughts for Today


I was a bit cranky today from being bombarded with all of Obama’s scandals. When I got to thinking the entire government is one big scandal, all of it totally across the board.

As you read this discombobulated post you will no doubt pick up my frustration. I can as a wee little person be discombobulated my government must be held to a higher standard.

The federal is not only discombobulated they are corrupt and have no regard for its citizens. The government profits for themselves and their cronies from the discombobulation.

I thought I would share some of the thoughts that entered my old pissed off brain today.

These thoughts are only representative of the length and width of a gnant.

The numbers of employees of the federal government who really knows?

The numbers of employees reported for the federal government vary wildly. We know there are too many. The methods of obtaining the data varies. Numbers not at all transparent from the government. No surprise here. Some say the government does not know. Even the census bureau has a form to fill out for reporting but are the true numbers reported? Who knows.

Some say

  • that there is a 1:13.8 federal employ to per/citizen ratio. Try to get one of the dedicated federal on the phone!
  • they put the estimate of full time employees at 2.5 million plus with close to 700,000 plus part time. No numbers accounting for job sharing
  • contractors at over 2 million plus. Contractors are difficult to ascertain since most agencies fail to report or fail to report true numbers. DOD is particularly bad and spook agencies never report.
  • Over 2 million plus enlisted military, no indication if reserve are included in numbers. Do the numbers include states national guards? Don’t know.
  • Numbers of employees does not include the numbers of overseas employees working for the federal bases. I am sure high.
  • the Congress oversight committee for contracting say they do not know the real number of contractors. They just know its too many. Do not hold your breath for the numbers of contractors to shrink or real numbers to be made transparent.

Do we count the numbers working for

  • NATO
  • UN
  • Park Service, Post Office
  • Supreme Court
  • Whitehouse cooks, cleaners
  • contractors for cleaning millions of sq. ft government office space
  • embedded in State governments
  • NSA number of employees highly held secret makes you wonder if NSA:Citizen ratio is more than that of the 1:13.8 fed employee to per/citizen ratio
  • CIA neither makes their employee number public and it does not make their budget public. I read somewhere that because the CIA has revenue producing entities that if the federal government stopped funding tomorrow that it would be 5 years before they felt any pain
  • no real numbers for dogs and other animals that work for the federal government system (just thought I would throw this one in)

Dang I am on a roll.

Foreign who work for ( have no idea but we pay their salaries)

  • embassies
  • organizations that receive federal funding
  • America that receive monies in clandestine ways
  • for Afghanistan military or Afghan government workers paid for by taxpayers or borrowed monies
  • contractors that are deployed to protect American companies overseas
  • CIA, NSA and all other spook agencies (possibly as many as 16 different like agencies)

Some put the number of federal employees at 14.6 million plus. Not sure how they arrive at the numbers.

I found on the DOJ website numbers by agencies with a date of 2001 See DOJ,  Now how many of us would trust anything that comes from the DOJ?

I have concluded the numbers of federal employees is deliberately kept non-transparent. Cost to the federal budget also deliberately kept non-transparent.

Whatever the numbers or cost as you would guess it would most likely be in the trillions of dollars.

Our political elite focus on cost and numbers for Medicare and SS because it is more simple to ascertain as a source for budget cuts.

Tom Coburn has focused on waste and duplication in the federal. I am most grateful for his efforts. His reports are derided and ignored. He and his staff tackled DOD and DHS. DHS and DOD receiving more money and more employees granted meaning sequestration ignored.

GAO eats up untold hours investigating government and their findings are often ignored even though various agencies report to Congress they are working ‘on it’ over and over.

CBO reports numbers and then they must change over time as truth emerges. CBO I suspect is kept in the dark due to ‘lack of transparency.

Appointed auditor general, a waste. The first one appointed by Obama in his first term was a total disaster.

DOD is building a shadow military. Using this shadow military they are able to avoid the distasteful truths being known to the American people. This allows DOD to cover up just how many persons are on their payroll.

Audit the Federal Reserve we cry. Good idea not going to happen. Why not cry audit of DOD? DOD is bound by law to produce a budget. They don’t and heard last by 2017. This is unconstitutional. Some members of Congress expressed views that DOD should not be required.

DOD spends untold dollars buying foreign made products.

Why not audit for starters

  • the UN (we give them a very large donation, we have a right to know. The UN building just had a makeover)
  • EX-IM Bank
  • OPIC (financial institution of the State Department)
  • Federal Financing Bank (FBB) this is a gov’t bank that handled all the monies handed out by the Department of Energy and they handle other gov’t loans made by agencies Makes one wonder just how many government banks exist?
  • the NGO organizations worldwide
  • the domestic groups who receive federal funding. For God sake by 1980 La Raza was funded almost entirely by the federal government. Now they receive additional funding from philanthropic organizations as well as businesses. Last time I looked at their financial statements La Raza reported over a 3 million dollar budget

We fund these turkeys we have a right to know. Instead what we get from the Obama administration is harassment directed at citizen conservative groups.

Why do we still carry a $900,000 appropriation to Historically Black Colleges on the books writing off year after years interest? Most HBC’s are now integrated not exactly for sake of diversity but to raise more funds. Anyone in Congress with ‘a pair’ to challenge this? No.

Why do we not audit this failed program.? EPA has designated over 1500 HAZ_CHEMSSuperfund sites in the USA. As of 2008 (most recent) report the EPA is awarded 1.2 billion annually to cleanup these sites although Congress has power to designate where the money is directed. The DOD out of their dollars turns over additional funds under a mandate from Congress, to clean up closed installations some having have been around since WWII. These sites remain actively contributing to environmental destruction. It is true that cleanups can take years but since WWII? WWII ended by 1945, count the years my friends.

Cleanup of Superfund sites could have been a priority to put people to work. Instead Obama made the decision to pay up to 1 million dollars in some cases per job for so called green energy jobs and as it turned out most jobs were temporary because funded companies failed. Obama continues to cry for more dollars for jobs. Someone should suggest he tap in to the Superfund problem as a way to put millions back to work.

The Superfund fund is supposed to be 32 billion, that’s a chunk of change. Who wants to bet that the 32 billion does not exist. There are suppose to be other contributors to the fund such as corporations if you can find them, many have fled off-shore or those EPA can locate  they either cry we can not afford or some pay paltry amounts after DOJ  threatens a lawsuit.

Folks the entire issues that I called out is scandalous. We must at the very least recognize that if the federal government was made to operate in the lean Obama’s unemployment numbers would skyrocket. Not a bad thing if the GOP wanted to rub more salt on Obama’s scandalous wounds.

Of course as the GOP Congressional members point a finger at Obama fingers will be pointed back at them.

It makes me hot under the collar that the executive and Congress misuse contractors as payback to supporters and their favorite district military projects and other public businesses.

Base closings, that DOD would like to do, are kept opened by Congress members that have them in their backyard. It is fair to call this another form of welfare.

Sequestration is a joke

KickthecanIt is widely and systematically being eroded. You will hear whines from executive heads and you will see reports of employee reductions however the cuts are needed and they will never be enough. I guarantee those employees cut the number of contractors will instead increase thus no real savings.

The fact is instead of stating upfront that sequestration is dead they try to shut it down bit by bit bellowing false-flags to scare us in order to continue with business as usual.

Foreign aid has increased since sequestration began.

Obama has not decreased his use of air force one, his vacations seem to get more expensive.

I have written about a gnats size of the problem.

If we want a smaller, manageable government the spigot must be turned off across the board.

Sequestration was a tool to begin that process but we mainstream folks failed to hold them to the course, Congress failed to reign in government spending.Sequestration

We rallied around DOD who is one of the worse in wasteful spending. We allowed DOD to raise false flags. We allowed them to scare not only we the people with threats but they threatened members of Congress who have their favorite projects.

We allowed DHS to scare the public with long lines  inflicting pain at airports. Pathetic.

We have allowed the political elite to say they are focusing on waste, fraud and abuse in healthcare. Not a chance. Cost cutting will be realized by allowing old folk to die.

Government is broken, folks managing agencies are inept. Nothing new in this statement. Both branches Executive and Congress broken and corrupt. Truth is they have no real ideas for repairing a broken government  and zero will to try.

I have no answers except to say the spigot needs to be turned off.

Government is so addicted to spending that they now are resorting to the overhaul of immigration to try and obtain more revenue for the treasury through immigration while at the same time creating more social cost. Doesn’t make sense but nothing that government does makes sense.

Heck there are a few of the fiscal responsible types in Congress that we try to place trust. As of late though they too have caved.

I have read that as of 2030 we can expect a national debt as high as 106 trillion. Could that happen?

American universities both private and land grant are rushing to build campuses in foreign countries. Doha, Qater, China, Singapore, India etc. Statement from the New York Times “already, students in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar can attend an American university without the expense, culture shock or post-9/11 visa problems of traveling to America.” Pathetic.

Do you think our federal government will cut public funding to land grant higher ed by the  amount realized by foreign investments into these markets? Would never occur to them.

It is sad that these American universities by doing so are saying American kids do not matter our kids are stupid.  As some gov’t bureaucrats have stated recently not  everyone needs a college education. Now we know why would make such a statement what they should have truthfully said we need capacity overseas not new campuses at home.

The other point to consider in regards to this matter is that this is another tool for creating that one world collective — fuel for a global government.

There is a need for government. It must be one of limited government. If not limited expect tyranny. Tyranny comes in many forms.

I said earlier I had no idea how to stop or fix the insanity in government not exactly true I suggest a massive citizens revolt.

We just need to find a George Washington type to lead the troops.

Perhaps that is our first step find a George Washington.

Trust not your sorry pathetic government.