I Don’t Fit On A Bumper Sticker



I’m back to considering how conservatism plays out in my nonpartisan perspective. First, I suppose it’s important to say that I call myself a nonpartisan conservative constitutionalist with federalist, anarchist and libertarian leanings.

Yeah, that’s not fitting on a bumper sticker or a button.

In other words, while I’m pretty certain of what I believe about our republic, I don’t think I really fit into any movement. I’ll claim the tea party label in the small letters, but I’m not probably ever going to join a political party or campaign for a particular candidate. I’ll find things about him or her that I like, but I’ll also find things I disagree with and at some point, I’ll make a pragmatic choice about whether I agree with them enough to vote for them. On the other hand, that could change if conservatives get their poop in a pile and form a…

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