The Faces of Treason……………and a Lone Star State Super Star



I have been trying very hard to write about this amnesty bill that is being rammed down our through just like Obozocare was in 2011, we all remember Nancy’s immortal words “You’ll have to pass it if you want to read it”. Obozocare is so bad for this country it is hard to even remember all of the implications in our lives it touches, we are just now beginning to enter the implementation phase so it has not really effected anyone dramatically yet. But by this time next year in 2014 it is a pretty fair bet thousands of people will wake up one morning and think “what in the hell have we done?”.

This amnesty monstrosity is every bit as evil, just as devastating as destroying our health system. In some ways it is even more dangerous when you learn about some of the things in it. The reason I have not written on it is because I just don’t know where to begin or what to say to anyone. It is getting a lot of press but at the same time they are not telling us anything at all. Many in congress are more than happy to express their position on this, the funny thing is from what I can gather none of them have read it, perhaps parts of it but not all of it. Heck I just read a story on 7 of them that could not answer any questions about it yet they fully support it, this kind of stuff drives me nuts. Perhaps if they read it they just may say hold the horse in the barn a bit.

But the worse thing are the lies the Dems patriot when questioned about it, Porker (Corker) is amazing, a real work of art, this guy is a professional politician in ever aspect. His little speeches on this are disgusting, why does not anyone call him on this (Youtube him, let him tell you they printed it in big text to make it easy to understand, all 1200 pages of it so far, more to come when the pork starts to get slid in). Let them and Janet tell you the borders are more secure than they ever were, we have 30,000,000 people who would tell them they are full of shit and to stop lieing to us and them selves, but it is what the Zero wants to hear so they please our dictator because he hired them to do so.

I am very pissed off at our government right now for many reasons. They just keep getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar and try to lie their way out of it, if that does not work, they just change the lie instead of coming clean and being done with it. The moral character of these elected officials is the root problem, their willingness to operate outside of the law behind closed doors and their open hostility shown for the American People is why all of this is going on. In their arrogance and total concentration of maintaining power we have surpassed Mexico in the corruption department. I tell you now that this will not end well for anyone.

Just as Obozocare has nothing to do with health care and is all about control, control of every dam aspect of your life at the point of a gun, literally. Do you think the IRS has been armed with automatic weapons to collect taxes from you, and trains with DHS so they can do better audits? Well this so called immigration reform bill has nothing at all to do with immigration, it is all about maintaining power for the Progressive/Communist to commit to a full communist society at the point of a gun, pointed right at you. I read today a Rasmussen poll that says Americans think the Tea Party is more of a threat to America than Islam is, ya go figure. We have local law enforcement that look more like the National Guard than anything resembling “to Protect and Serve”. This bill is about Progressive/Communist votes to stay in power for many many years to come so they may establish permanate communism in America with or without the will and wishes of the People. They could give a rats ass about any Mexicans, they cater to them as a voting block now but when they can establish an unmovable order they will throw them away as no longer useful. Every dictatorship in the world starts the same way, some more violent that others but they all end the same, with massive elimination of all opposition. If you think something like this could not happen here then you are brain dead, it is already happening, if it was not I would not be doing this.

It is sort of funny when you think of it and project where it is going in relationship to all the different class/group agendas pushing and pulling for position and self benefit. Mix into this the hypocritical statements and actions of everyone and you would have a drama so screwed up if you made a movie out of it no one would watch it cause it was just too unbelievable and made no logical sense. It will turn out to be the biggest joke of all on the illegal Mexicans that are here screaming for amnesty. It would be another post to lay this out fully for a good grin and a giggle and explain how in the end the illegal is going to kill everyone and everything in the end. The American Dream they say they came here for will be dead and gone, the corrupt Mexican government they are running from is being established here and will be more corrupt than Mexico. I have to stop here, perhaps I will make a post about this movie playing at a later time.

Congress knows what is going on and where it will lead to yet they are doing it anyway. Most for personal gain and some are being blackmailed into it and have no choice. A small few want it to happen just like Hussein does. The Progressive/Communist congress people are just doing their job, the GOP has no excuse at all, none, zero. John Boehner is Obama’s best friend and serves his Master like a good little servant instead of the People, that is pretty much an established fact and I expect him to do so with immigration. Of the gang of 8 are working hard to destroy America by a dysfunctional congress that established them are 4 GOP, but why would a GOP person support such a thing? Rubio, what a wimp he has turned out to be. I know him from the first time I heard him talk in Florida, right then at that moment I knew what this asshole was all about, a dam Cuban that is using his heritage and the good name of his parents to con his constituents about his stand on immigration. Marcus was born an American from his Cuban National parents, they were at the time in the process of naturalization. Man I have to stop wasting your time, I am very sorry for going in 10 directions at once. These things are important to get what is going on but my half assed presentation is not good enough to make a solid connection so I will stop here. Just know that they are all voting for this for different reasons, some power, some forced and some like it. But the important thing is they all know it is a very bad thing for America, they are corrupt as hell but not stupid.

Update:  I understand also their will be a 3 year stand down of immigration enforcement, basically Obozo’s “Dream Act” on steroids he implemented unlawfully with his Executive Order in 2012 to fool the Hispanic community to vote for him, it seemed to work I guess.  Here is how it works, ICE detains an illegal, the illegal says he qualifies for amnesty and has been in country for 3 or so years, the ICE officer or BPO must release him WITH NO background check to see if he is telling the truth. 

Here are the 14 GOP senators who voted for the legislation:


Marco Rubio (Fla.)


Lamar Alexander (Tenn.)

Republican Fight

Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)


Kelly Ayotte (N.H.)


Jeffrey Chiesa (N.J.)


Susan Collins (Maine)


Bob Corker (Tenn.)


Jeff Flake (Ariz.)


Lindsey Graham (S.C.)


Orrin Hatch (Utah)


Dean Heller (Nev.)


John Hoeven (N.D.)


Mark Kirk (Ill.)


John McCain (Ariz.)

All of these idiots need to be recalled by their States immediately if not sooner.  McCain and Flake are my senators here,  petitions for recall are already being signed for both of them. 

Here is the Gang of 8:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.): The Cuban-American Rubio is positioning himself to run for president in 2016 as a candidate with broad demographic appeal, and he has been pushing for his own immigration reform plan in recent months. Rubio initially resisted the group’s approach in favor of his own policy, but he joined in December after receiving assurances that the proposal would line up with his own ideas. For the rest of the group, having a popular conservative and rising Republican star gives the bill a much better chance at passage. For Rubio, it means not getting left out of what could well become law.

* Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.): Flake’s libertarian-oriented brand of conservatism has always included a pro-immigration stance. It was the main issue rival Wil Cardon used against him in a Senate primary last year. In 2007, he worked with Rep. Luis Guitierrez (D-Ill.) (this guy is all for LaRaza and MEChA who demand the southwest be turned over to them to establish a new Mexican country called Aztlán) on a guest worker program and path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. At the same time, as a Republican in Arizona he’s also concerned about border security. Like Texas, Arizona has a large and increasing Hispanic population; Flake’s electoral future is likely a consideration here too.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.): McCain is a long-time advocate of immigration reform who tried and failed to push a comprehensive overhaul back in 2006. He backed off in the 2008 election and into 2010, seeing that his position was toxic with the Republican base. (Who could forget McCain’s “complete the dang fence” ad?) Now that the party has come around, it makes perfect sense that McCain will help lead the effort.

* Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.): Like Flake and McCain, Graham has pushed for immigration reform before and has consistently argued that the GOP can’t survive without it. Unlike either of them, he is very vulnerable to a conservative primary challenge next year. “No one will argue that Sen. Graham is taking the lead on this because of some political re-election calculation,” said Walter Whetsell, a longtime South Carolina Republican strategist. “There are still many Republican voters in South Carolina that believe in a fairly rigid approach.” But, Whetsell added, as the dynamic in the party shifts, Graham’s consistency on the issue could ultimately serve him well.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.): Durbin authored the original DREAM Act giving undocumented young students residency and a path to citizenship; he will want to be involved to make sure a bipartisan agreement isn’t too watered down. He’s also the Senate Majority Whip, so he will play a key role in rounding up Democratic votes for whatever the actual legislation winds up looking like.

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.): Menendez is a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and has long been passionate on this issue. He introduced his own comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2010, when he was the only Hispanic member of the Senate. He was an early proponent of the DREAM Act, and along with Durbin has ties to pro-reform groups that will want to see a real pathway to citizenship.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.): Schumer is the chairman of the Refugees and Border Security subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee. He took over for the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), who tried and failed to pass a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration framework in 2007. Schumer and Graham attempted bipartisan talks in 2010. And, Schumer is widely regarded as the next Democratic Senate leader so delivering on such a major issue would be (another) feather in his cap.

Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.): Bennet has only been in the Senate since 2010, but he’s already been staking out ground as a bipartisan reformer on the issue. It has relevance in Colorado, which is 20 percent Hispanic and ranks 12th in the nation for undocumented immigrants. Bennet recently developed a state compact on immigration with former Republican senator Hank Brown that calls for federal action and a “sensible path forward” for some undocumented immigrants. Bennet is also the chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and could have his eye on the politics of a deal.

I wrote a mail to my nephew late one night trying to go over some of the great things about this bill, thought I would share a little of it here with you.  It was late and I was in a hurry and also have had a few beers, well a lot of beers, so it is a little very messed up, rather than re-typing it out so it makes more sense or even fixing the fowl language as it was private, I will just paste it here.  Getting tired of doing this post for nothing about now and I bet you have had enough of it yourself if you have stuck with it this far…..(have to take some personal stuff out so it will read funny at times)


……….. Mark Twain once said “It’s not what people don’t know that will hurt them, it what they know for sure that just an’t so”, always liked that observation.


 Here is my little political blog spot where political correctness just pisses me off and I call a spade a spade when I tell the world just how much I hate Islam and how our government is fucking every American in this Republic, who knows you just may like it perhaps ( .  I am Critical Thinker and pgillenw (Pat) is the other author that writes with me.  She is an older wheel chair bound atheist lesbian I meet online at the Tea Party network here in AZ who lives in Prescott, I liked her politics.  I posted a couple stories for her, she started writing more and now both of us just post what ever we want to write on.  No one reads our stuff of course except for the federal keeping an eye on all conservative blogs as there are a million bloggers out their.  But it is something I can do, not much but just maybe I may get someone to pay more attention to those making the laws for us to follow (most of which they are exempt and are not bound by them as we the fly over people are).  The IRS has not messed with me but the Commerce Department has seen fit to single me out for a year long series of interviews, have taken a couple already and told them I don’t recall or it is none of their business.  I do my best to piss them off to see what they can do, love it when I can directly correlate information the Kenyon in the Executive has spent millions suppressing from public records and claim executive immunity on the grounds of personal security, it makes them smile.

 California is so fucked it will never become unfucked as it drags the rest of America down with it by federal bail outs all other states fund, the 8 gangsters bill will seal the progressives agenda for a long time to come.  There is no republican party anymore (Rand Paul sealed the deal for me with his new stated objective to cater to the Hispanic community at the cost of party values of financial conservatism and Constitutional Law which his father Ron was famous for) , the GOP is dead just as the media died in 2008 under the promised oligarchy of the Zero’s power to castrate congress and take possession of the judicial through data points of the federal and state judges.  If you noticed today the 5 to 4 decision of the SCOTUS on DOMA was intentional.  Just an aside for your information, 2 months ago it broke that the IRS has illegally ( through AHCA ignoring the trigger date) acquired the medical records of every state judge in California.  The case was from CA, go figure, right?  It is timely indeed because it opens the door for 2 millions more illegal Mexicans that are gay, it’s the spouse thing.  This is one very fucked up deal going on, 1200+ pages not a single congressman has read and will vote on just like AHCA in 2010, I have read 820 pages so far without the attached amendments or attachments behind close doors in conference.

 This is it Brian, if this monstrosity passes and the Republic is finished.  It’s written in bold large letters in black and white (literally), I have a pdf of the bill (old version).  Their will be no turning around from here possible short of revolution.  I could write you a lengthy outline to explain just how evil this thing is, it almost seems like I am reading a fiction novel from George Orwell.  I know So. CA is rather brown, been through their a lot, used to load out in Otay Mesa often, our yard was the border fence by the airport.  Here is something you may relate to.

 Next year any employer with 50+ employees must provide approved healthcare through a state exchange or face $3000 fine per employ.  If this amnesty bill becomes law all newly illegal fucks that become legal pending processing up to 3 years will be exempt from Obamacare (AHCA) for 10 years.  So a small operation with say 70 workers can avoid paying health care and also fines levied by the IRS by firing all American citizens and hiring all Mexican labor that is exempt, pretty clever!

 The border security is delegated to 1 person by the Porker (Corker D-TN) amendment, this is real real real fucked up mess here!  Our big sister Janet Napolitano (born November 29, 1957) who bravely leads the DHS and has more girl friends than I do calls the shots on the fence and most importantly the trigger to start the processing that will be carried out by every dam progressive org. in America with money in grants that will make you sick, sorry I tangent, back to subject.  Janet has said often our border was more secure than it ever was in America’s history under her brilliant leadership, God knows she was the gov of AZ at one time and ignored the deaths caused by illegals here via DWI, drive by shootings, kidnapping (Phoenix is #1 in the U.S. and I would guess #2 behind Mexico City in the world).  She has 2 roles in this, first to submit and report on goals, second to determine how funds will be best spent to effectively secure our border.  She will also be in charge of the new massive influx if border Patrol Officers deployed, in the thousands.  Man this is going to be long to write out, will try to keep it short and hope you get it.  Oh man forgot the most critical thing, congress delegating power to the executive through an appointed cabinet position, the DHS under Janet will now allocate funds and determine if congressional law is carried out simply on her warm fuzzy feeling of security to say fence/no fence!  You see congress will mandate a fence, 700 miles to be built (34 miles are build and Hussein says it is nearly complete), Janet will say if it is built or not, congress is delegating power to the executive administration (Obozo) through DHS regulation (Janet) who the executive sets as per the administration agenda.  The Constitution has been breached in this one simple amendment, DHS is in violation of Constitutional Law that clearly places this power in congress.  WAIT, congress has transferred to the executive this power to fund (House), they are also violating the separations of powers section and not performing their primary duty they are getting paid for!  Could this be possible?  YES, it is in the bill (congress has done this before to serve the Zero’s Marxist/Muslim dreams of his new America in creating the super committee, handing over their duty to vet appointed officers in the administration and one other thing that slips my mind).

Back to Big Sis, she is the woman of the hour indeed.  Once she submits a report on goals to secure the border (NOT requirement or even the plan to accomplish anything, just a fucking goal she pulls out of a hat with no oversight from anyone except from her boss man Obama) the illegal processing can begin, this is the trigger.  Then she determines the fence is not cost effective and funds should be spent else where, then the fence is dead and gone, no fence, never to be built, in your face America, please watch all the politicians especially Marco Rubio lie to your face and say the fence is required and will be built, this one thing alone should piss you off to no end!)  About those new border Officers, they can all sit on their ass and watch the invasion from the front seat of their unit, DOJ has prohibited them from doing anything anyway a year ago (Dream Act by EO).  Hell they cannot even run unless they get shot at, and if they return fire they may go to prison (the Mexican consulate will demand incarnation of any Officer that speaks rude to them or cuffs them roughly, it has happened in Tucson to a BP Officer already if you think I am full of shit, you can go to Stafford and ask him about it).  So we have thousands of new Officers now doing nothing, no fault of their own, these are orders from above them and paying union dues.  The union dues paid to a leftist union will be donated to the progressive party to stay in power, this is nothing more than gangster in the light of day and screw you America.  I want this kick back real clear, we pay taxes, congress pays DHS, DHS pays Officers, Officers pays the unions, the unions pays the DNC who made the law to get more officers.  I don’t know how to make it any clearer this is gangster land Chicago.

 Who is going top help process all of these illegal Mexicans on their path to citizenship?  Center for American Progress, Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, ACORN and every other fucking Progressive George Soros funded org that is hell bent on Communism for everyone(he was a little Jew boy that worked with the NAZI’s in WWII rounding up his friends and family to be sent off to the ovens, I heard him with my own ears in an interview say those were the best days of his life, he is one sick Son of a Bitch that is good friends with our president if you can rap your head around that!  No, it’s not a one time thing, or a per person deal, it is funding forever!  Do you understand what I am saying here?  Do you understand English or should 1 press one for Spanish, or one day it will be “press 1 for English”?  This bill will establish a tax payer funding program for every big Communist/Progressive/black Theology  org in America, not for a couple years, it is forever (officially on paper it is 10 years but we all know once they get a good thing going it never goes away, we must pay attention to history if we could)!  This is pure EVIL!  And dumb ass Americans don’t even seem to care.  We are funding our own destruction because our infrastructure CANNOT handle 55 MILLION people on government handouts within 3 years of the date the bill is signed into law by our Marxist president.  The GOP ought to be ran out of America on a rail tared and feathered, the progressives/dems are just doing their part (job) to destroy our economy and we watch TV propaganda news and wonder what the hell all the fuss is about, this is a wonderful bill so those conservatives must be dangerous terrorist like they have been telling us all along..  Well many of us don’t wonder because they have no idea anything is going on at all, need to get to red box and get those videos back on time.  Both my senators are gang members, Flake and McCain, we are now in the process of recalling both of them ass hole traders.  This is no joke, no playing games here, this is for keeps, if this passes all of our rights will be stripped one by one in the name of diversity and PC, you cannot do a dam thing at that point.

 You like to falsify SS numbers, perhaps do a bit of identity theft for the fun of it?  How about tax evasion and failure to file?  All of these things will set your lazy ass in prison and most likely confiscate your possessions in the process.  The illegal Mexicans are ALL getting a pass on ever federal charge I listed above, everything.  Have you heard of the Atlanta IRS payments to thousands of Mexicans to the tune of $20 MILLION all to 1 address in 1 tax year?  Is the IRS so fucking stupid their computers do not flag 56,000 refund checks going to 1 address totaling millions of dollars?  Not just 1 address, there are 4 or 5 of them (all in Atlanta, GA), all with thousands of refunds in the millions and no one in the IRS says a word.  You’re a tea party or Constitutional org, a Christian charity org God forbid in the firearms industry and you don’t dot one I or cross one T and they will be neck deep up your ass, yet Mexicans get an IRS pass.  Where is this money going?  You answer that and you just may get blown up like that reporter in the Mercedes a couple weeks ago.  Point being, if the NSA, IRS, FBI and DHS are watching all of us for any suspicious activity and miss this then only 2 things could be the truth, they support this invasion or are only watching us citizens.

 Did you know 30% of the American prison population is illegal Mexicans.  That is an amazing number when ya think about it.  Well it is going to get worse.  There is a provision in the bill to simply wave ALL background checks on illegal applications because they will not have the time or resources to do them.  You just can’t make this shit up!  Yet, no background checks.  Pretty sweet bill if you asked me.  In 3 years we will have 55 million more progressive voters that will most likely vote 5 or 6 times that we have no idea if they have a criminal history in Mexico.  If you come legally we want information back to WWII on you and if your breath stinks you are out, if you have anything less than a BA you are out, if you can’t support yourself and speak English you are out.  But not our new Mexican voting block, no English, no money, no education, 8 kids with no prospect of a job, no problem amigo, our voting material is printed in 33 languages and we will provide an interpreter free of charge.  All you need to be able to spell is OBAMA. OBAMA  OBAMA…

“In our age there is no such thing as “keeping out of politics.”  All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasion, folly, hatred and schizophrenia.” George Orwell


Ted Cruz (R – TX)

To close on a positive note, I love this guy so far, he is my hero on capital hill.  A new face from Texas that so far has done and said everything I would do or say if I was in congress yet much better.  I see another Reagan in him and would indeed work hard to support him.   His name is Ted Cruz, please give him a good look over.