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‘Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act’’


Please leave a comment about this bill, commonly known as the “Immigration Bill” currently being shoved up America’a ass the same way the “Affordable Healthcare Act of 2011” ( commonly known as Obamacare) was by the Progressive/Communist to transform (destroy) our health care system (2nd to none in the world).  Now it is really broken.

They told you they are going to fix something, the undisputed best healthcare system the world has ever known that people from every country on earth would spend every penny they had to be able to use it to save their life.  It does not sound broken to me, yet they told you it was indeed broken and the government was the only hope for it, that they must take total control of it to save us.  And we let them destroy it.  It is just now beginning to be felt, just the tip of the iceberg today.

They said they must do this because every single man, woman and child in America did not have health insurance or care for that matter.  In July of 2014 you may just understand what I am saying now, I pray you do today.  The truth was every man, woman and child in America received health care, insurance or not, ability to pay or not, every living human being in America got health care, citizen, illegal, visitor or VISA, if you were on American soil and had a health issue you got treated no questions asked.  Yes it sure sounds fucking broken to me!

They said 30,000,000 did not have health insurance and they would fix this and provide insurance for 100% of the people, because it was broke.  And we sat silent as they fixed it of course.  It is so dam fixed they are recruiting the NBA, the National Basketball Teams, the National and American Baseball Teams and yes even paying the kids in school with hard cash to tell us just how fucking fixed it is after they got done with it.  If it was fixed why pay people to tell us it is fixed, ever ask yourself that question?  If it is so fucking great why are they now making us like it at the end of a gun barrel held by an IRS field enforcement agent practicing with Homeland Security shooting at targets that look just like you and I, of your grandfather and your dog, of a lady carrying a bag of groceries, of a young kid mowing the lawn?

Well the cat is out of the bag now, not only will those 30 Million uninsured remain uninsured, they will be joined by at least another 30 Million that has lost their current insurance because Obamacare has mandated they raise their rates between 40 and 130 percent.  Millions of people have lost their jobs as a direct result of Obama care and not only are they uninsured, they are unemployed.  These repercussions and punishment were written into the bill, it is no miscalculation or mistake, this was and is the goal of Obamacare, total fucking control of your life.  For those paying attention none of this is a surprise and we screamed out against it, yet we were too few to make a difference.  For those who really did not care at the time in 2011 because of any reason you can come up to justify your complacency with and/or thought it was a wonderful thing because you were too stupid to understand what it was about and what was going on and/or those who truly supported Obama care because you think Socialism is wonderful and Capitalism is evil, to all of you I say you deserve every ass fucking your going to get from Obama and you so richly deserve every inch of it.

Now brings us Immigration Reform, the 2nd step to Communism that will be followed with disarming the American People under the Hussein Obama  II Administration.  Do you care about this bill, do you know what it is about, a hint, it is not about reforming anything.  Will you sit back yet again on this one thinking it’s really not that big of a deal to concern yourself with.  That your Federal government would never do anything harmful to America or you can trust them to do the right thing.  With their track record in the past 6 years I would not trust them to walk my dog, they may sell it or perhaps eat it.  They forced Obamacare on us with 60-65% of the American People not wanting anything to do with it, they simply did not care what we did not want because we did not get loud enough and they wanted it to have more control on us than they already do.  Just so you get it, no country on earth with government health care puts their revenue collection agency in charge of it, Hussein Obama II did that very thing, he put the IRS in charge of the whole thing.  The IRS is now your health care provider, they say wither you live or die.  This so called immigration bill is even more evil than Obamacare in it’s intended propose.  Why is not America screaming go screw yourself to them?  It’s not about the Hispanics, it not even about immigration, it’s all about Amnesty.  The name of the bill is a lie, a great big dam lie right in your face, why does this not piss you off to no end?

Are we so used to them lieing to us that we don’t give it a second thought, have they got us that conditioned to not even care any longer what they say or do to us?  What is wrong with us, who have we become?  Do we even understand America any longer and what it stands for, Freedom!  The freedom of mankind, our right to live free, to run our own life.  They have separated us, our government is “Of the People, by the People”, now it seems it is us and them, they are separate from us, over us, ruling us.  WE RULE THEM!  THEY SERVE US!  Not the other fucking way around they have it set up now.  I had hoped we learned our lesson with Obamacare, but it seems we are letting it happen all over again with this immigration thing, IT IS ABOUT CONTROL TO MAINTAIN POWER, nothing more.

To be continued……….



1. This bill is not about fixing immigration what so ever.

2. This bill is about creating a Progressive voting block of 55,000,000 within the next 3 years.

3. This bill will cause the lose of thousands of American Jobs the day it is signed by Obama.

4. This bill will add millions of other job applicants applying for the same job you are.

5. This bill will not secure the border.

6. This bill will make it impossible to deport anyone here illegally.

7. This bill will cost America BILLIONS in the first year it is law.

8. This bill will insure a Progressive/Communist agenda to move “Forward” unopposed to finish the job of destroying America.

9. This bill will finance with grant money many Socialist and Communist organizations indefinitely.

10. This bill will turn away highly educated immigrants because they lack the funding to process them.

None of this maters to anyone, who gives a shit.

This bill will open the door to strip away every Inalienable Right gives the People one by one until there are none left and all are wards of the State.