We owe it to America to think long and hard about supporting Obama’s involvement in Syria’s civil war


I am thinking we as America’s citizens need to take a long hard look at all the facts and then decide if they support our governments continued buildup of involvement in the Syrian civil war.

We owe America a conclusion on well researched cold facts.

If you then do not support hold Obama accountable. And voters in Arizona hold McCain accountable for not only his Gang of Eight membership but his support of U.S. involvement in Syria.

The civil war will most likely go on for years. In the end will Syria be free? No they will face only another theocratic Islamist government.

It is a tragic situation. U.S. involvement stands the chance of worsening the problem.

To me this is another Obama scandal. Sure it looked as though he [Obama] was dragging his feet. McCain and Graham got a few minutes of prime time news spots while they spit tobacco juice on the POTUS for not taking action. But seriously folks the real truth is Obama was engaging in arming Syrian rebels back in mid 2012. Do you really think these two dregs of the Senate  did not know that?

So what was McCain and Graham’s purpose? Curious.

McCain called for a special select committee to investigate the Benghazi ‘cover up’ but I see this as a drag out, buying of time, and I am not at all convinced that McCain’s motives are honest. Makes me wonder if McCain and Graham are not in cahoots with the Obama and that calling for a select committee gives them all time.

Seriously by the time anything emerged from the committee a year or more would have passed. Would we trust the findings if they found Obama and Hillary unaccountable. No.

I think some kind of deal was struck between the three. Just thinking.

Some folks reaction to Syria are driven as a humanitarian imperative I do not believe America can afford this sentiment.

Some of us, including me, view this as emboldening Islamist extremism that will be directed at the United States, EU, Israel and violence against various sectarian groups within Syria and beyond.

We must ask are we undermining any soft attempts to get Iran distracted from their path for nuclear weapons. No I think its just the opposite.

I also allow myself to believe that it would be useful to allow rebels and insurgents to kill one another so that we would have less of them to deal with later. Come on the world would be a better and safer place.

Who can predict the consequence of the dominant Shia leadership of Iran vs the dominant Sunni leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) as this plays out in Syria and long term. Hezbollah is predominantly Sunni and is said to be backed by Iran and the MB.  Strange bedfellows. This will not turn out well.

The argument of humanitarian imperative while used by politicians as a talking point to seek support for their intentions of more involvement it I think is a hollow statement not based in any heartfelt truth.

Clearly it is a complex situation. The spillover argument to neighboring countries is real. Countries like Jordan, Lebanon and even Turkey are facing internal strife from radical Islam. Turkey for example has been facing the very real possibility that the government of that country will return to even more of a theocratic type state. Egypt is facing that possibility from the Muslim Brotherhood led government. That seems not to be working out well. I predict that Turkey like Egypt will face mass protests.

Good grief the recent riots in Sweden can be traced to Islam.

My simple fix is to bomb Iran’s nuclear facility with as many bunker busting bombs we have. Help to protect Israel and make European nations engage on the borders of free democratic nations that border Islamic governed countries.

We conservatives must acknowledge that publicly two republican senators have led the battle for arming Syrian rebels (McCain and Graham). They own these actions.

Obama and Clinton own:

  • that the Benghazi makeshift embassy was being used to funnel guns to Syria they own the massacre that occurred

Obama owns

  • Training of rebels to fight in Syria a U.S. led activity trained both by DOD and the CIA has been occurring in 2012 in Jordan and Turkey, it is reported that 1000 troops are on ground in Jordan probably more if truth be known.
  • U.S. ‘contemplating’ s fending training troops to Lebanon and Iraq again if truth be known they are there now.
  • secret bases in Turkey and Jordan
  • Increasing arms sale to countries that border Syria
  • Patriot missile battery and about a dozen F-16 fighter jets had already been left in Jordan, bringing the total number of American forces in the country to 1,000
  • working with our Iraqi counterparts, the Lebanese Armed Forces and Turkey through NATO
  • training Lebanese military force, additional capacity for Iraqi and Jordanian forces
  • contemplating a U.S. led no-fly zone (assets seem to be in place)
  • U.S. diplomat railed against Hezbollah in Lebanon for involvement in Syria ( we could be supplying arms to them )
  • recruiting a U.S. born Texas citizen of Syrian descent, Ghassan Hitto, 50, was chosen to lead Syria’s main exile groups. Hitto is a former VP of CAIR. Hitto is said to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The fact he is an MB member is a problem for the U.S. and it is a problem that will contribute to sectarian violence in Syria and it will lead to sectarian violence among the exile groups . It will embolden Islamic extremism against the U.S. for pushing another U.S. puppet

Hillary and now Kerry, Hagle, CIA and DOD own

  • doing the administrations bidding

Congress owns

  • doing nothing to stop this madness of Obama’s

We are emboldening enemies in the Middle East and beyond.

Are we willing to pay the price? I believe the cost will be high in blood and treasury.

Here is a perfect example of emboldening our enemies.

From the Islamic Invitation — Turkey .. it is Hizballah that will certainly triumph. Qu’ran 5-56 article titled Great Satan US Secretly Provided Arms Training to Syria Terrorist Since 2012 in Turkey, Jordan a couple of quotes from the article

“The two-week courses include training with Russian-designed 14.5-millimeter anti-tank rifles, anti-tank missiles and 23-millimeter antiaircraft weapons, according to a rebel commander in the Syrian province of Dara who helps oversee weapons acquisitions and who asked that his name not be used because the program is secret.”

“Since last year, the weapons sent through the Dara rebel military council have included four or five Russian-made heavy Concourse antitank missiles, 18 14.5-millimeter guns mounted on the backs of pickup trucks and 30 82-millimeter recoilless rifles”

Is Hamas involved in Syria? I suspect they are feeling a bit like a castrated male. Hamas and Hezbollah are not buddy’s does anyone think for a minute they would back off?

The U.S. has made much out of Russia providing weapons to Assad however the Russians may very well be supplying both rebels, insurgents and Assad. And truth is we don’t know if the U.S. is not supplying Russian weapons.

Clearly the U.S. foreign policy with regards to Syria has made our relationship with Russia more gnarly. This is not good.

The Alawi’s of Saria will be massacred. Christians will be massacred.  It is a fact that a recent beheading of a Priest took place. How much proof do we need?

Women and girls of all sects will be raped (have already) and then persecuted if they have the misfortune of becoming pregnant — the kids of these women will be persecuted.

Islam is ugly and brutal. It is not a religion of peace.

America is in the potty chamber and can ill afford another war fought for Islam. I do believe that Islam figured out that the U.S. was a great target for fighting wars for Islam. You read that correctly “for Islam”.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Taliban and other groups are waltzing in and taking control for governing countries that U.S. led actions made possible. I personally see this as tragic.

Obviously the Islamic Invitation news source is propaganda and a recruiting force and its goals are to incite hatred of the US. Israel and the West they did report that

“Over 6,000 foreign militants have been killed in Syria, including 630 fighters from the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, NCRI and PMOI), a new report disclosed. According to the Lebanese Al Manar TV, citing reliable reports from European research centers, more than 40,000 of foreign militants are fighting in a massive insurgency in Syria, which has torn the country apart in more than two years.” See

If any of this is true and legitimate news sources have reported much of the same the U.S. has made more enemies for itself and other Western countries plus little Israel is in more danger.

Europe has seen an exodus of Muslim males to Syria and are deeply concerned recall Europe is pretty much made up of nations with no real borders. Pretty much a free flowing entry/exit between nations.

Makes one wonder how many Islamist are traveling to Syria from the U.S. and worse will they be allowed back into the U.S.

Its reality that many Islamist insurgency groups are in Syria. Not a mix that would insure success of any kind. I can not view this as in the U.S.’ interest.

Backing Assad may well turn out to have been a better choice.

The point is with just the quotes mentioned from the Islamic Invitation that there is certainly grey areas that are yet to be told by Obama and his involvement in Europe’s problems around Syria. Even propaganda can contain some truths.

The U.S. is providing U.S. weapons. Russian look alike arms are showing up. Arms such as these are mfg. in other countries. Given the Obama’s penchant for ‘spreading wealth’ can’t argue that the U.S,  may, may just be buying Russian look alikes for training and supplying to Syrian  rebels and most likely indirectly to insurgents.

How the heck would we know a rebel from an insurgent or an Assad supporter?

The Syrian civil war is a dangerous situation, it is complex. The destabilization of the region is of concern. The spillover effect is real. This spillover threatens EU, Israel, Iraq and frankly the entire Middle East. It emboldens Iran and Islamist in Egypt, Afghanistan and every other Islamic stronghold. It very well will embolden Jihadist in the U.S.  It is not our war.

Do you suppose that our government will sneak Syrian refugees into the U.S.? Humanitarian’s may think how swell but it is a bad idea.  Maybe they are doing it already.

We hear the words ‘American exceptionalism’ I honestly believe it is time to define what that means in todays world. We just may come to a different definition than one McCain and Graham would have.

It is outrageous for Obama to say “we have got to stop saying we are at war with Islam” while participating every way in war with and for them. Frankly when Obama says stupid remarks like this my take away message is that his progressive administrations goal is speech control for American citizens while winning wars particularly for the Muslim Brotherhood and Taliban.

Caution American citizens — hold Obama accountable. Think long and hard about supporting engagement in Syria’s civil war.