What have we become, Part 2


I posted a story of outrageous behavior about pro-choice people acting like their protest was a game, a song and dance to see who could be loudest and boldest in getting attention.

What have we, the American People come to?

To me it was like they had forgotten why they were there and had become caught up in the act of protesting itself.  A sort of self expression of the individual and pro-choice movement, what kind of message they were trying to convey and what sort of support they were trying to gain is still a mystery to me.  Perhaps the organizations they represented or maybe their own deep rooted personal belfries brought out this.  I said I wonder what would have happened if LEO were not present keeping these two groups apart, perhaps something like this.

I read this story and for one thing think this guy is pretty brave, perhaps totally ineffective but still has balls to stand there.  These “Gay” people having this event don’t seem to have much tolerance for him do they?  They constantly demand tolerance of everyone in America and them some for them, yet it seems give none at all.  This is a perfect example of the “Politically Correct” and “Diversity” hypocrisy going on in America ignored everyday in America.  The gay community demands acceptance of their devise life style and equal rights and protections under the law.  Yet has no acceptance, nor respect, tolerates rights or equal protections of this person under the law.  So much so they simply attack him and beat on him a bit, so much for “gay pride”.  What the fuck do they have to be proud of here?

They could have ignored him, mocked him or even gathered a ensemble and shouted “Hail Satan” at him, but no they chose to physically attack this one person.  Is the message “if anyone fucks with us we will kick your ass”?  Anyone who does not love and embrace a gay person should be attacked either verbally or physically?

The Zero has done a great job dividing America against themselves.  To create every group conceivable all demanding special privilege, whites against black, blacks against Latinas, Latinas against Asians, men against women against transgender, rich against poor against the middle class, gay against straight, illegal alien against the citizens, conservatives against the liberals against the progressives against the demarcates against the republicans, pro-life against pro-choice, atheist against Christians against agnostics against Jews against the fucking Muslims.  Yes he is the GREAT UNITER as he said he was when he was campaigning in 2008.  I am an old man and I have never seen the Republic more divided in my life, never seen the stupid actions of Americans against Americans at this level of hate.  We have become just who Hussein wants us to be, a People divided enough to loose sight of who we are.

And it looks like the Zimmerman case will be part 3 of my story, black against white, not for justice although they will say it is all about justice.  Yet not justice under the Law, it will be about “Social Justice”.  Black people will beat white people for nothing more than race, just the color of our skin.  They will destroy property simply for the fun of expressing their social justice, cost millions of dollars just because they have an excuse to cut loose and become a revolutionary for a few days.

This is what we have become in 5 short years under Barack Hussein Obama II, a people that have forgotten we are Americans first.  I really hope I am wrong.

Some questions I asked myself:

  • Is what this guy did the right thing to do and why did he do it?
  • Would I have done this if I had the opportunity?
  • Should he have been attacked for doing this?
  • What would I have done if attacked?

My thoughts:

  1. For him I guess it was, perhaps he wanted to make people think or just piss them off.  I think it was a stupid thing to do and he wanted to prove a point, not really help anyone.
  2. No, I am not that good a Christian to want to change anyone, their life is none of my affairs and if being gay makes them happy I say live and let live, they have every right to be gay as I do being straight in America.  But being called legally “Married” is a bunch of bull shit, they do not have that Right!
  3. No not at all, if a gay person holding a sign was at a straight “Marriage” is between a “Man and a Women” event, they should not be touched at all.
  4. Not be as nice as he seemed to be to these protected spices all holes (not gay, violent), most likely damage someone.


‘You Got Something to F—in’ Say to Me?’: Man Caught on Video Attacking Christian Street Preacher Near Gay Pride Event Reportedly Arrested 29 Times

A man caught on video repeatedly punching a Christian street preacher near a Seattle gay pride event had previously been arrested 29 times, according to KOMO-TV:

Jason Queree, the man suspected of punching the protester multiple times, has been arrested 29 times since 1995. He has been convicted or otherwise found against for nine felonies, including forgery, stolen property, unlawful firearm possession and theft, and 12 misdemeanors, including driving with a suspended license, vehicle prowl, domestic violence, assault, DUI and criminal trespass.


TheBlaze has learned that Queree was booked on a misdemeanor assault charge, sent to King County Jail June 30, and released the same day (bail was set at $1,000), the records office of the King County Prosecuting Attorney confirmed Friday.


The raw video (also on YouTube) shows a man holding a sign reading “Repent or Else” being pursued and surrounded by several people during Pridefest on June 30, Seattle Police reported.


Police were reportedly near the area initially then left, KOMO-TV notes, adding “the video shows a 36-year-old Marysville man taking off his shirt and threatening the sign-holding protester”:


KOMO-TV adds that after a group of women try unsuccessfully to steal the protester’s sign…

e1373046983329…a group of men grab it and pull him to the ground while the crowd cheers.


That’s when the video shows the 36-year-old run back toward the fight and punch the sign-holder in the back of the head multiple times.


Officers returned to the scene after the fight was broken up and arrested the 36-year-old, who was booked into King County Jail. A 22-year-old, also from Marysville, who the video shows grabbing the protester’s sign and kicking him while on the ground was arrested and later released.

KTTH radio featured a column on the incident. Here’s some of David Boze’s “Intolerance at the Pride Parade: Where are the hate crime charges?” opinion piece:

According to reports, two men face misdemeanor assault charges. It seems to me, others could have easily faced additional charges, but I kept asking myself, what would the headlines look like and what would the charges (or at least the potential charges) be if this were a religious gathering and two gay men offering zero resistance were assaulted and harassed this way? What if this had happened at one of Pastor Ken Hutchinson’s events? Or at a National Organization for Marriage event and a religious crowd had bullied and assaulted gay men for holding signs saying “gay is good” or “Religion is a fraud” AND the men/women doing the assaulting/harassing made continual references to their sexuality before doing so. Do you think hate crime charges might be warranted?

I could be wrong, but if what I’m reading here is correct, those who participated in the destruction of the sign, threatened these men with harm, or physically assault them should be charged under the hate crime statute.

I had one colleague say that these protestors were jerks for being there and that the signs they had or shirts they wore were “fighting words.” That’s nonsense, at least from what we see and hear in the video. If those are fighting words, then ANY disagreement could be so construed. I also heard, “well, they’re at a pride parade so they’re trying to get attention.” Again, so what? That’s what a protest is. People protest where they can highlight their issue, provide contrast, or simply find cameras and people. These guys weren’t disrupting a funeral they were simply expressing their religious beliefs with a sign.

“But a jury in Seattle would agree they deserved it,” my colleague observed.

Maybe so, but if so, Seattle is not the tolerant town it claims to be. What good is it to celebrate tolerance or self-control if you can only stop yourself from attacking someone if you agree with them and their beliefs don’t offend you?

A few more images of interest.

This one shows the shirtless attacker pushing the second street preacher:


This image shows a woman filmed throughout most of the video (apparently with the shirtless attacker) confronting the sign-holding street preacher:


While the shirtless attacker is cuffed and questioned by police, the same woman is shown with a stroller, occupied by containers of alcohol, as well as a child:


Who are we………………………

San Francisco police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a robbery suspect caught on video kicking a woman in the face so hard she was knocked unconscious.

KRON-TV reported the attack took place around 2 a.m. Sunday, June 30. A female victim was robbed by a group of suspects described as approximately five black males and one black female, all believed to be in their late teens or early 20s.

The eight-second surveillance footage shows the woman on the ground, struggling to get up before a male suspect brutally kicks her directly in the face, knocking her motionless.

The suspects are believed to have committed multiple robberies and assaults following the conclusion of San Francisco’s “Pink Saturday” pre-gay pride parade event.