The Zimmerman case, Murder, Guns and Racism

George Zimmerman Trial Enters Third Week

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin have put a mirror up to the face of America and the only thing we can see is skin color.  I am sorry for the death of Trayvon and pray that God help ease the pain his family and friends are going through with his loss.  His death was a tragedy that should not have happened, yet it did and there is nothing we can do the change a thing.  The coverage and attention to his death has been overwhelming, the media talks about it every day, people around the country comment on it daily and Hussein Obama II has even gotten pretty involved with this case.  It is amazing this incident has become a presidential issue with direct involvement of the U.S. Department of Justice in Florida.  Obama himself has spoken publicly on this case, what he has said is rather incredible when you think about it, really think about his words.

Just to give you an idea of the media involvement I will present a few stories written within the last couple of weeks from only 2 sources that gather news from many.  Each story will be liked back to the source if you would like to read them yourself.  I will briefly comment on them and what they mean to me, not what they say about this murder case but what they say about We the People and this Republic we live in now.  What they say to me about racism and the so called leaders of the black community, we are all Americans yet now it seems we are black or white first and foremost.

I could see how some could label me as a racist yet I am no such thing.  I write on current stories that are important to me, I don’t give a rat’s ass what color skin the people in my stories have, could care less.  But I will say what color the people involved are if I feel the story is race motivated because that is indeed part of the story.  I will also say what religion the people involved are if I think a story it is religiously motivated.  I am not or ever will be politically correct as not to hurt someone’s feelings or be impartial to the facts.

My general take on this murder case and personal feelings about what is going on here.

The Mass Media:

They have tried and convicted Zimmerman from day one of this event in their coverage.  They could care less about news ethics, have not for some time now, they officially died in 2008 when they started outright lying to the public about Sen. Obama D-IL.  And it has gotten increasingly worse as time went on so now they have become a joke, nothing but a tabloid entertainment show.

Why would they even want to take a hard stand in this case?  Because Obama has and they follow his lead in whatever he says, they are indeed now the Federal Government Propaganda Machine.

Hussein Obama and Eric Holder:

The president has gotten personally involved when he said in public ”If I had a son he would look just like Trayvon”.  He has made other statements concerning this case also yet this one alone says it all.  He is using Trayvon to push his personal agenda of gun control and racial divide, he could give a shit about Trayvon.  He does not give a shit about his own brother our aunt who lives here in America in poverty on government assistance.  Why would you believe he cares about a young black man in Florida?  And go as far to say he relates to Trayvon on such a level to compare him to his own son if he had one?  Obama is using Trayvon’s skin color alone, if he was white Obama would not have said one word about it, ever.

Eric Holder has sent people to Florida to assist in organizing rallies and marches for Trayvon for Obama and I am sure himself, given his actions concerning the New black Panthers.  They both have a big racist chip on their shoulders and a score to settle with white people.  This justice department has went so far as to interfere with the trial and judge herself.  They have taken a local case and turned it into a federal prosecution to further racial tensions and gun control.

The People:

I have heard some amazing threats from black people if Zimmerman is not found guilty.  They are open and public about this, on the news and social media all over the country.  They do not want justice, they want a reason to riot and destroy property and most of all hurt people.  Their threats are quite clear and follow one theme “Kill Whitie (or the white crackers).  This is pretty disturbing as it has already been going on for some time around the country, black on white violence for no other reason than skin color.  I have written about this here yet it is outdated because so many more incidents have happened since I have written on it, white people beaten to death by groups of young blacks (boys and girls) because they are white.

If Eric Holder gave a dam about race crime he would be looking into the black kids beating, raping and murdering white people because they are white.  The media never says the criminal is black and the victim white, and no one cares.  Yet a Hispanic (the media and everyone calls him white) man shoots a young black man for attacking him and it is the crime of the century, biggest thing since OJ and Rodney King.

The Trial:

This is a kangaroo court, the prosecution is all over the place trying to convict Zimmerman, holding back evidence, filling last minute charges during closing arguments, 3rd degree murder (manslaughter).  And if you can believe this “Child Abuse”, give me a fucking break, this lawyer should be disbarred.  The judge is nothing but hostile to the defense, she should just excuse herself to save face.  I think it is pretty clear she is being threatened by our Justice Dept (Eric Holder) to make sure a guilty verdict is reached.  And she is painfully aware of public opinion to convict him of murder, any murder charge will do.  I dough “Child Abuse” is going to satisfy the mob.  I think she is more concerned by the mob of public opinion than the law, she is no good any longer in this case.  Just the fact this case went to trial alone is a sign we have no justice in America, we have the mob controlling our courts.  And with all the bull shit that has been pulled in this trial, the first appeal will call it a miss trial, that is if Holder does not get to the judge there also.

To sum it up:

Our administration is corrupt as hell and begs racial tensions in America to divide us and pit us against each other.  Obama and Holder will use anything or anybody to “Move Forward” their political agenda of gun control and social justice.

The media is dead, nothing more to say here.

We as a people are so caught up in this stuff we cannot see the truth.  It looks like the black community will use this to riot,  justice for Trayvon or just to destroy lives.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are among the most racist people I know, they make a living on racism.  They are supporting any and all black rioting that may result from this trial, they stand with the mob.  And the New Black Panthers are putting on their battle gear to join the fun, these guys are real revolutionaries.

I hope I am wrong about everything.  I hope Zimmerman is not found guilty and not murdered by someone, and all of this blows over with cooler heads prevailing.  He will most certainly have a civil suit against him when this is over.

The Stories themselves for you to read if you want to.  My comments in Red.  I have bookmarked these as I read them for you to read also as they pretty much back up what I say above.

Rumblings of ‘lynchings’ over Trayvon verdict

‘Threats that some supporters are making are absolutely chilling’


Zimmerman jury asks about manslaughter charge

Panel meeting on Saturday – could convict on lesser charge


Zimmerman trial judge, Chris Farley separated at birth?

‘I’m waiting for her to sentence him to a VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER!’


Bernie Goetz on Zimmerman: ‘The same thing is happening’

1984’s ‘subway vigilante’ sees parallels in prosecution of both cases


Racism in the Zimmerman trial

Exclusive: Larry Klayman sees defendant as ‘a human sacrifice to the black activists’


Zimmerman-case judge pressured by Obama administration?

Journalist: ‘I have never seen that in more than 30 years of court reporting’


‘An innocent man might go to prison’

Ex-Obama Justice Dep’t attorney: Administration is ‘stoking racial resentment’


Race violence alarms, before Zimmerman verdict

Questions raised about attacks that already are happening


Not guilty – beyond reasonable doubt

Pat Buchanan offers reasons George Zimmerman should be freed


I was wrong: Obama is behind race violence

Exclusive: Colin Flaherty apologizes after reading of DOJ involvement in Florida


Zimmerman judge: Jury can consider manslaughter

Defense rips ‘outrageous’ request for 3rd-degree murder charge


Florida deputies release PSA about unrest after verdict

‘Let’s give violence a rest, because we can easily end up arrested’


DOJ ‘facilitated’ anti-Zimmerman protests

Rally headlined by MSNBC’s Al Sharpton


What about these dead black kids?

Exclusive: Joseph Farah on media ignoring 74 gunned down in Chicago over weekend


Obama will make blacks vote Republican

Larry Elder points out economic realities for minorities, despite how much BHO ‘cares’


The black education tragedy

Walter E. Williams: Trayvon friend’s testimony represents dismal failure of public schools


Disturbing ‘Trayvoning’ Trend Experiences Resurgence After Zimmerman Trial


Watch George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Quote John Adams and Thomas Jefferson During Closing Arguments


Obama’s untouchables

Exclusive: Burt Prelutsky has specific zinger for each of president’s top staffers


New Black Panther Party: ‘Anything Less Than Death for Zimmerman is Not Justice’


New Black Panthers: “Unrest All Over America” if Zimmerman Acquitted


New report: DOJ ‘hostile’ to civil rights for whites

Investigation into New Black Panthers case confirms ‘rat’s nest of unprofessional actions’


New Black Panther: ‘Praise Be to God’ if George Zimmerman Is Killed in Prison


The buck never stops with Obama

Exclusive: Ted Nugent blasts ‘clueless’ president for refusing to take responsibility


Is New Feature Film Campaigning for a George Zimmerman Guilty Verdict?


Awkward: Judge Walks Out on Zimmerman Defense Lawyer During Heated Late-Night Session


‘This Was a Trick’: Defense Erupts After Prosecution Tries to Get New 3rd-Degree Murder Charge Added During Zimmerman Trial (Update: Judge Denies Request)


Explosive: Nancy Grace Cuts Mic of Zimmerman’s Friend After He Points Out That Trayvon Martin Was ‘on Drugs’


Rush enraged by Obama’s Trayvon rallies

‘I can’t think of a proper descriptive here to express the anger I have’


State Attorney Employee Fired After Raising Questions About Whether Prosecutors Withheld Evidence From Zimmerman Defense


MSNBC Host Regrets This ‘Awful Mistake’ in Network’s Zimmerman Trial Coverage


Juan Williams slams media race-baiting in Trayvon Martin case

I have more but this is enough.  Again I really hope if Zimmerman is found innocent people will not use it as an excuse to raise hell all over the place.  Perhaps it may give Obama an excuse to crack down on freedom of speech,  maybe just what he wants to happen and that is the reason he sent our Justice department to help out.

I won’t comment on these stories because I have already spent too much time on this, we should hear a verdict in a day or so anyway I think.