Prison of Political Correctness — Enslaving the West — Culture of Terror — Rape — Violence Against Women and Girls


The West is not without sin nor lack of not taking personal responsibility when it comes to violence against women be it domestic violence, rape and trafficking of women and children for prostitution and as well to feed the porn industry.

On average there are 207,754 victims (age 12 or older) of reported sexual assaults each year. There are 525,600 minutes in a non-leap year. That makes 31,536,000 seconds/year. So, 31,536,000 divided by 207,754 comes out to 1 sexual assault every 152 seconds, or about 1 every 2 minutes.

The statistic are derived from the U.S. national crime statistic database.

Sexual assault has fallen by more than 60% in recent years. Had the 1993 rate held steady, 6.8 million Americans would have been assaulted in the last 13 years. But, thanks to the decline, the actual number of victims was about 4.2 million. In other words, if not for the historic gains we’ve made in the last decade, an additional 2,546,420 Americans would have become victims of sexual violence.

UnderReportedExperts tell us that sexual assaults is the most under-reported crime in America. Their estimates are 54%. Their estimates may be challenged by some however when sexual assault also includes incest and pedophilia the estimate becomes more acceptable.

We must join in the work to maintain the downward trend. The gains achieved are in jeopardy of sliding backward.

I argue the reason for a backslide in both reported and unreported sexual assaults will be attributable to increased Islamization of American society. We may also experiences increases in both numbers due to other cultures where the ‘macho’ mentality is prevalent.

I will focus on the Islamization of Western society.

It is reported that Europe is experiencing a rape epidemic due to Muslim males. No one can argue against the increase of Islamic migration into Europe. The UK is said to have a higher population of Muslims than Lebanon.

It is worth noting that in some countries in Europe that tiers have been legislated with regards to the extent of a rape, sexual violence. This has led in prosecution as low as single digits. Their attempts/methods are rooted in political correctness. In America courts are allowed to consider extenuating circumstances in sentencing. Is it fair then to assume that the teachings/indoctrination of Islams males will become an “extenuating circumstance”? You can take it to the bank it will.

No one could dispute that, unless they are in denial or suffering from the disease of political correctness, evidence exist from the teachings of Islam by the clerics, Imams, scholars and backed in Sharia that indoctrination of Muslim males to a culture of sexual violence is not a fact.

I think it is also true unreported sexual assault (violence) will be epidemic in the Muslim communities of the West because Muslim women are taught to accept Muslim males demented sexual pleasures. We also can not dismiss that Muslim women in Western society may suffer extreme retribution should they report abuse.

The future for European and American women and children, in my opinion, becomes more bleak.

It rocks and angers me to my core that at the federal level there is not a discussion and certainly not an acknowledgement of the threat of Islam in this regard. The progressive who speak of the culture violence in America are the first operating from political correctness not to hold classes of people accountable. Instead they embrace collectivism. No beanies for those of us who reject this violence but they assume we are part of the collective conscious who are made to own thus are responsible to solve the problem. Personal responsibility not an option. We who reject the progressive ideology and the notion of collectivism are instead labeled racist and Islamophobic.

If a person calls me an Islamophobe so be it. The assertion does not have an affect of shutting me up and worse it does not change the threat that I am asserting.

Violence comes in many forms. Some violence is overt and violence can be masked by more insidious methods. What I mean by the insidious form is that this type is taught and hidden. Relative to Islam it is taught by clerics and scholars of Islam, backed by their government and law that rape, subjugation of women and sexual violence directed at women and girl children is acceptable. It is ingrained and backed in Sharia.

Support by Islamist for sectarian violence is a threat that any man of the Western world should be concerned for they will by Islamist beliefs be a class included as one of sectarian. Scares the hell out of me.

The religious communities of the West, those not being of Islamic faith, overwhelming express concern with regards to Islamization of Western society. Even in these religious communities there is not tough condemnation of Islam on sexual violence. I am aware the progressives among us would have a heyday if truth is spoken.  However the Judeo-Christian community is not in my opinion to be let off the hook.

When an anthropologist in a European country, a woman to boot, makes the argument that the rise in rape’s from Muslim men is due to the way the non Muslim women dress. It is a statement emanating from the root of political correctness. It blames women while not addressing the Muslim males sexual dysfunctions. The message is clear the problem belongs to Western women. Unbelievable!

Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany are saying that multiculturalism has failed. I am not one who believes that multiculturalism has to be a failure. But it is incumbent of Western governments to take great caution in immigration policies to ensure that values of the West are protected. That immigration inflows reflect values of those of Western societies.

The statements by these Prime Minister’s are about the failures associated with values of the West vs those values held by Islam. The failure must squarely be placed on the governments of the West  for they failed to insist in law that their immigration policies and standards be based on shared values of their countries.

Islamic teachings are not compatible with a Judeo-Christian values nor is it compatible with the gains Western societies have made with regards to barbaric sexual violence behaviors. Barbaric sexual violence behaviors are endemic to Islam.

If we people of the West believe we have widespread racism add to that sectarian violence among Islamist, hatred of the Jew, sanctioned misogynist behavior towards women and girls. Add to the mix the radical Islamist against the more peaceful Muslim that practices their religion but live in harmony with Westerners and adopt Western norms.

In the U.S. black Muslims have evolved to their own brand of Islam this will clash with the foreign Islamist. We should not downplay the teachings of Islam that requires conversion of the infidel and if not kill them. This is a threat, a very real threat.

From what I read from Europe, and it is gaining foothold in America, the response to the Islamist threat in these societies are ones of progressive ideology, political correctness and culture collectivism. I can not drive this notion enough. An ideology of inclusion that no matter the behavior of terror  how many laws we change and limit free speech to accommodate the Islamist make no mistake this changes Western society towards that of the Islamist culture not the other way around.

The belief by progressives that they can demonstrate the errors of the Islamist ways to me is an exercise in not only futility it is an exercise of arrogance. First no matter what the West does it will never be enough and second it will serve to further restrict your and my liberty.

Authoritarian states will emerge in free society, police states and more need for spooky agencies to spy. Citizens will be ask to spy on each other in their neighborhoods, on mass transit systems and in the workplace. Oh I forgot that these things are in play now.

Islamist are using legislation and Constitutions of the West against the West when they serve their goals for a complete takeover of the West.

In America we have a law against the act of genital mutilation. Great but the practice goes on performed in the Islamist communities. Western law means nothing to them only when they help to further their goals.

Can you imagine that it is possible that women and girls of Europe or America

  • would be relegated to wearing the clothing of Islam
  • young girls will be forbidden to attend school
  • the educated woman instructed to forget her education
  • will once again be forbidden to vote, own property or choose their soul mate
  • will be made to be subservient to male rule, that women will be subjected to all pleasures desired of men and as well their girl children
  • not free to leave their home without permission
  • would be raped and then stoned to death while her rapist looks on
  • be required to mutilate their own girl children

Sound a bit out on the ledge? I don’t think so. I believe it is not only possible but the foundations are being put in place now. At minimum societies of the West will see more and more civil unrest. Recent riots in Europe supports this hypothesis.

History informs us of all the reasons that undermined the Shah and allowed the radical Islamist to emerge once again. It is a complex history. The one theme that stands out is Iran was becoming Westernized. Different factions operated in Iran from Marxist, socialist. communist and liberal reformist. The disunity in the Iranian society sowed the seeds for a takeover by the radical Islamist.

Yes the Shah had become ruthless and more indulgent ( important to note that so has the political class of the West) and due to this and an economic contraction (West are in one now) followed with unrest among the populace Iran was ripe for those who embraced radical Islam. In a snap of a finger Iran had traded the rule of a tyrannical self indulgent monarchy however more open to Westernization to that of a brutal Theocracy totally anti Western totally intolerant to other religions. Life for women were altered immediately. Men’s lives were changed as well.

While men enjoyed privilege not afforded women they nonetheless were made to be prisoners to radical Islam. To save themselves from harm by the theocratic government they submitted and by all means available to them turned on their mothers, sisters, girl children and beat them into submission to Sharia.

I ask my progressive friends do you not recognize that many of the issues that set the stage for an oppressive Islamic revolution to take hold in Iran are in fact occurring in America and Europe? I ask do you not see that Europe is in its last breath as a Western democracy? Europe is on oxygen. America is hot on the heels of Europe. Ask your self how the progressives will respond? They will respond by re-writing the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.

Egypt has a lot of issues however millions of Egyptians had the hope that Egypt would realize a more liberal equitable society — they hit the streets to demand change. Hopes were dashed as the revolution a year ago ushered in the Muslim Brotherhood supported by governments of the U.S. and Europe. Even though Morsi was elected what happened? Instead of a more free liberalized society Morsi was ushering in a more strict Sharia. Coptic Christians were under attack.

Same thing will happen in Turkey. Syria will be a cesspool for many years to come and this volatility will spill over to other parts of Europe. My friends across the pond take heed your free society oxygen is running out.

A more fair society can be torn asunder when progressive thought dictates that the answer on one hand is the “burkharisation of free speech” and altering laws to protect the sensibilities of the radical Islamist. On the other side believing that sharing the gifts of the West’s accomplishments the radical Islamic would change and become more “Westernized”. Dangerous thinking. We are being changed to accommodate Islam. Think this is not true prove me wrong.

The threats to women are great. Women’s liberty will succumb first then men of the West will feel the pain of their own imprisonment to Islamization.

An article whose content was translated from Iranian media informs us of Islamic teachings of subservience of Muslim women to Muslim males.

A leading Iranian cleric has denounced those women who do not cater sexually to men.

Hojatolislam Hossein Dehnavi discussed the duty of women under Islam at a conference on family issues, according to Fars News Agency, a media outlet run by the Revolutionary Guards.

One of the calamities of our society is that some women do not give authority to their husbands and this is more evident in three groups,” Dehnavi said in explaining the duties of women toward their husbands.”

The first group are those who are older than their husbands and treat their spouses like a mother would, which harms the authority of men. The second group are those who have a higher education than their husbands and because of their financial independence (they) have some attitude, which harms men’s authority.”

In referring to the third group of women, the cleric said,

One of the other duties of women in regard to their men is to take care of their men’s instinctive needs (sexual drive). Do not break their pride and (you must) be more sensitive toward them. Boys and girls should not meet in secluded places, Dehnavi said, and should not look at each other with lust and joy in their eyes. And girls, when speaking to boys, should not flirt.”

Dehnavi, a cultural specialist for the Islamic regime’s television outlet who holds conferences on the relationships of men and women, often talks about sex in an Islamic society.

The article goes on

Women have to provide sex to their men anywhere and at anytime,” he said in one released video of his speeches. “Even in her mother’s house, the woman usually refuses and says it’s bad and that her mother could find out, but they should do it and so what if her mother finds out? It won’t be bad as they are not doing anything illegal.”

In another video, Dehnavi decreed that:

Women commit a sin if they try to “satisfy” themselves after their husbands climax. It is not a sin for a man to think about another woman while having sex with his wife. “This is the kindness of God to us Muslims that thinking about sin is not a sin (and when) some men in having sex with their wives talk about other woman, this is not a sin either.” If thinking of another woman during sex results in pregnancy, “then the child will be a homosexual.”

Folks the above is an example of a sick mind that is spreading filth. Is this what we want societies of the West to evolve into? Do we honestly believe that an Islamic society with those  ideals can successfully live among us unless they choose to change?

I searched European websites to find truth that rape of non Muslim women by Muslim males was indeed epidemic. I have concluded it is even if when one excludes websites that may have the appearance of being totally Nazi like relative to Islam.

I made an effort to find statistics primarily searching the United Kingdom official government website however the reports on crime and violent crime such as rape and domestic assaults are masked meaning no public transparent way to determine nationality.

Mainstream news is not helpful in that they are into political correctness. Alternative news sources do not beat around the bush. From the UK, Norway, Sweden, Italy to Spain it is clear that rape is on the rise committed by Muslim males. This is in no way a dismissal of the Western males behavior relative to women of the West. However as stated in the beginning that remarkable gains have been made in the West due primarily by the efforts of women to demand change. The point is when women are prevented from making demands, as they are in Islamic countries,  then a more equitable society collapses. Rape and forms of sexual violence against women and girls  becomes legitimized in the West.

From CultureWatch , Bill Muehlenberg’s article titled, We’re Not Allowed to To Talk About This, he makes a very compelling argument against political correctness. He says “As to the “why” question, the answer is simple. It is politically incorrect to report these matters [meaning rape]. But how come? Because they are mainly taking place at the hands of Muslims. Today in the West Muslims have become a politically protected species. It is just out of bounds to dare to criticise Islam, or dare to let it be known that so many of these outrages are being carried out in the name of Islam”.

He warns “The West is signing its own death warrant here. And in the meantime, the atrocities, the slaughter, and the bloodshed continue.”

Mr Muehlenberg’s article also reports “Consider the issue of Islamic gang rape. This has been occurring far too often of late in Europe and the UK. It is on the rise, and much of the MSM does not want to know about it – or does not want us to know about it. One reporter is however brave enough to lift the lid on this”:

“High profile-gang rapes in India have been in the headlines since December. The phenomenon is growing across Europe too, but tends to be under reported due to the high incidence of Muslim perpetrators which makes it politically incorrect to mention.”

“In December 2011 a Swedish mother-of-two was subjected to a brutal gang-rape by 12 Afghan immigrants in a refugee camp in Mariannelund. Reports stated ‘The rape was oral, anal and vaginal sometimes with three rapists inside her at the same time while everybody was cheering and clapping. The gruesome rape marathon lasted for 7 hours. 11 suspect may have been involved taking turns while drinking and getting high on drugs. The asylum seekers were cheering and clapping their hands during the rape marathon while calling the victim “whore” and “slut”.”

I agree that the West can not afford political correctness in face of Islamic terror. To do so the Islamist goals will be met. The societies of the West will collapse. Non Muslim women and so too men of the West will live their lives in sheer terror. Former mayor Giuliani warned Congress recently against political correctness in relationship to the dangers of Islamist in America.

This commentary is not about providing concrete statistics from Europe to support my argument it is instead about acknowledging that knot in our guts, listening to our instincts and paying attention to information that is leaking in drabs from the mainstream sources and a willingness to pay attention to sources of news that are out of the mainstream. It is about red flags popping up in your country, your neighborhood. It is about not dismissing the warnings and the message of hate and terror from Islamic countries. It is about  taking at face value the  subjugation of women and girls and the Islamist culture of sexual violence.

The outlook is bleak. However it is not too late to turn the tide in the West.

Women of the West need to start objecting. Men of the West need to join in their objections.

Governments of the West must

  • end the culture of political correctness and instead use tough language
  • stop the misguided concept of culture collectivism — it is failing
  • stop the flow of Islamic migrants into their countries
  • leave the Islamic countries to their insanity — demand they change before they are allowed to join civil society in the West
  • cease aid until the clerics, scholars and governments alter the language of hate, change the status of women and girls in their societies and re-engineer Islams male culture of violence

Providing aid, weapons and winning wars for radical Islam changes nothing. I argue it fuels the flames of radical Islam. Believing that we in the West have the capacity to carry the dysfunctional Islam on our backs will only serve to destroy us. Islam will destroy our institutions. The West is in critical danger of collapsing under the weight of Islam.

I recall a statement that the Prime Minister of Israel made and I paraphrase “there is not enough money in the entire world that will fix Islam”. What he was saying is that Islam must fix itself.

It will be difficult to watch billions of Islamist who are victims of their governments and its Islamic teachings go through what they must. The fact is Islam must change and the West must not change to satisfy Islam.

I will end with a poem. While this poem is directed towards women of Islam — the poem will be increasingly applicable to women of the West should Islamic values be allowed to fester.

My sister, take your rights
from those who keep you weak,
from those who through a thousand ploys
keep you seated in a house.
Your angry complaining
must become shouting, screaming.
You must break this heavy chain
to liberate your life.
Rise, uproot oppression,
revive the heart drenched in blood.
Struggle, struggle to transform laws
for the sake of your own freedom.”
—- a poem by Alison E. GravesBig_burkausa