You can no longer afford to blame whites for your problems. Become a Man My Son


Discussing issues of race, racism and profiling in America is uncomfortable. Offering ones ideas and unveiling our feelings is subject to being called racist. We are bound in chains. Two basic groups Blacks and Hispanic are the recipients. Whites are cast as the racist. Racism is defined only to flow in one direction.

It is past time to get real with the accusations of racial profiling. Admittedly there are instances it does occur.  It is a trap. We must  explore why this occurs and be honest when the answer is clarified.

We must accept there are Americans who are fundamentally racist and accept the fact this can not be completely eradicated.

With those acknowledgements it is time to celebrate the strides America has made. Celebrating how far we have come. I contend this positive celebration would be more effective to advance a multiracial and multicultural America.

The debate around profiling and race is one that is skewed.  There seems to be no wiggle room it is always cast as white against others. Are there no others besides myself that recognize that unilaterally this is skewed, it is a trap?

Overwhelming white America has acknowledged the sins of our forefathers, we made sincere attempts to alter our behavior, we have pumped untold dollars into education, housing, social programs, drug interdiction  and rehab and the list goes on.

What do we realize from our  sincere willingness to look inward and alter white consciousness relative to issues of race and profiling?  Our rewards are more accusations and demands. I swear it feels as though unless we whites are lynched from the nearest tree the black and ‘some’ other ethnic classes will never be satisfied.

Funny thing about this thought is that lynching us white folks would not be a solution to the poverty and crime infested communities. They would still be left with solving the problems that are endemic to their communities. In other words one is left dealing with ones on shit.

The fact is a minority of ethnic groups are expected to suffer in silence while our safety and loss of liberty and freedom deteriorates across the board.

Lets get real, we fail to acknowledge reverse racism. The notion of reverse racism is a fact. By-and-large reverse racism emanates ‘overtly’ from the black community. Whites are expected to suck it up and shut up.

Now American citizens are being jerked around by the national government as it plays politics and war games with Islam. Islamist placed among us by the national government imposes   threats of terrorist attacks.  At the same time they are limiting liberty, freedom and privacy of all Americans. Then the idiots wonder why we are Islamophobes.

The political class marches onward creating  authoritarian rule backed heavily by a police state in an effort to control the problems they create. American citizens are expected to suck up accepting this new paradigm. The onus of altering the behaviors of the Islamist living among us  is placed squarely at the feet of other ethnic American citizens.  It is a very dangerous  political trap.

Crime statistics support that relative to the population of both blacks and Hispanics the very high crime rates are owned by their communities. The spill over of the crime into other communities is very real. Black on black crime is epidemic.  Hispanic  crime committed against other Hispanics is almost equal to black on black violence. It is also true that among these two ethnic  groups black and Latino gang violence one to the other is also a fact. Black and Hispanic gangs vie for turf and engage in street warfare.

We do not talk about white on white violence. The true fact is it exist. Why do we not talk about white on white violence? The reason I think is simply that we allow the rhetoric of race baiting to focus only on one race class. White on white violence is bushed aside.

What this continued spiral of violence accomplishes is to enslave the innocence of the  communities  preyed upon. The violence serves to scare the hell out of other law abiding ethnic groups as it spills over. Attempting to disarm law abiding citizens leaves them defenseless against those who respect no laws.

Attempting to gloss over these realities and blame others for their behavior serves one purpose to divide America more along racial lines. Oh it is somewhat successful when more affluent white progressives buy into the guilt trip. Many, not all, affluent black progressive use the poverty and high crime rates within the black communities to bolster their positions. It is a sick exercise played against law abiding people and it is a sick joke and exploitation of poverty and crime infested neighborhoods. Here again we allow poverty to be defined only as a black issue.

The government remains free to choose which ethnic group will be the victims of the epidemic of violence and poverty. This will never eradicate symptoms it only allows government to use the sickness for personal political gain i.e. government power.

Passing strict gun control measures will not stop the illegal flow of guns nor end gun violence. It may trick the progressive  into believing they are honorable in passing the legislation. Its false honor. In truth its arrogance.  It is a false feel good thing.

Race baiting and  blaming profiling as the problem it is a trap. It is a trap that snares all ethnic groups. The jaws of the trap can not be released if we continue to use the same tools of those of the last many years. Those tools have failed. Direct blame honestly.

In America we seem to be approaching a line where it is not acceptable to arrest a person of color who is committing a crime or suspected of a crime. It is true most especially if the arresting officer is white. This is a very slippery slope.

We are allowing the national government to enforce or not laws based in their political narrative. This is exploitation by the political class.

Statistics show where either cities with black mayors and/or black police chiefs and increased numbers of black officer has not proven to be a panacea. Having black mayors and/or black police chiefs the claims of racial profiling is silenced. Crime and violence continues.

Crime and violence in the white community is not solved by having white elected nor white only law enforcement. Crime and violence continues.

Good grief you suppose there could be other reasons and solutions for the problem of race and crime?

The notion that having a race look-a-like in ethnic based communities as a tool to solving crime is no guarantee to be effective.

Race and crime is a complex issue. No doubt the lack of educational achievements, socioeconomic’s and one’s environment plays a huge role. This is true across all ethnic groups.

Therefore an answer, to me, is not to continue down the same path of blame and tired old social programs. It is time for a some serious “come to Jesus solutions”.

It is not a time for America’s government to continue to add layer upon layers of problems.

America’s public education system is disgraceful. Our Department of Education has a proven record of not being effective. Education belongs to the individual states. Now that is a bold idea.

We seem to be at a point where dumbing down all ethnic groups is the goal by the Dept of Education. Not an acceptable outcome if equality is achieved with poor outcomes of education to all.

Ethnic groups like Asian and white for example observing the decline have resorted to non public schools. Black professionals, middle class and working class have fled crime infested neighborhoods and they too have looked to alternative schools.

It is clear to me in war prone inner city communities that warehousing populations of black or Hispanic youth in traditional public schools is not the answer. Throwing more good money at bad is not working. The environment in most of these schools are not conducive to rigors of traditional learning but instead an environment of crowd, behavior and violence control. We seem to be interested in babysitting and incubating bad behavior.  The student who is there to learn their rights are infringed upon. Many young students are recruited to drugs and gangs from the halls of these schools.

The failure of the federal government lies in not  relinquishing power to the individual states to serve their diverse students. The failure of the federal is maintaining the status quo in these communities and throwing red meat once in awhile to keep the cycle of dependency alive. The power of the national government is blaming main street  white Americans.

The bully pulpit awarded to progressive leaders in Congress, the White House and self appointed leaders of the black community use the podium ineffectively what do they do demand the same tired ineffective programs and continue the race baiting rhetoric. It is nothing short of irresponsible . It is criminal.

The race card is effective in silencing those who have alternative solutions. The blame game keeps blacks entrapped. As a consequence the progressive political elite and the self proclaimed leaders of the black community operate for self. Race baiting is a lucrative business. This despicable behavior entraps all Americans.

With economic trends moving on a downward trajectory for all ethnic groups be they middle class or working class race baiting added to the mix the results will be  one of disastrous consequence.

Our left mainstream media is all too willing to promote the race card, relish in and seemingly keep the traps jaws clamped. The mainstream media adopt standards on language that promote the politically correct. They invoke the race card only to create a good news day and bring in marketing dollars.

baby_antonioWhere were the protests from any ethnic group, lame stream media, the President or progressives when two black male youths when attempting to rob a non black woman with her thirteen month old baby boy in a stroller? One black male put a gun to the baby’s head and pulled the trigger.  His mother suffered  gun inflicted wounds and great emotional harm. The thirteen month old baby is dead.

The Huffington Post made no reference to race of the youths, no description given even though there was an award for capture.  The Huffington Post referred to the males only as  “teanagers”.  CNN in its article used the term “boys” and did not call out race. They did have an attached photograph of one of the black males. The police being politically correct said “We are turning every stone to get a motive” seemingly dismissing the mother’s robbery statement.

Is it fair to say if whites had mustered protests of stop black violence against innocent peoples the backlash could only be described as a bloody one?

A protest of this type might also prove to yield positive results although getting to the point of bringing desired change would be painful. We are at a point in America where choosing the bloody path to change course will be more compelling than living with the status quo.

In the George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin tragedy progressive pundits, mainstream media, the black progressive caucus in Congress, Obama, Eric Holder, Obama’s lackey Attorney General protecting Obama’s voting base,  joined the self appointed leaders of the black community inciting protest and the hanging out of Zimmerman for a crime he was acquitted of.

Obama and his Attorney General plus their accommodating mainstream left media jumped on the Stand Your Ground (SYG) laws which grew out of the Castle doctrine attempting to usurp states law with threats of enacting law at the federal level. Gun control threats once again raised.  Zimmerman himself waits for the long arm of the federal Department of Justice to hang his ass. That can only be described as persecution of Zimmerman.

I will never forgive CNN for first describing Zimmerman  as a Hispanic male and when that failed to incite outrage they turned to describing him as “Hispanic White” male. The “white” punch was delivered effectively.

Obama had introduced a law while an Illinois state Senator that strengthened the Castle doctrine of that state. His remarks now supporting his Attorney General was to look at what can be done to thwart SYG.

I expect the division that exist between the black and Hispanic communities to widen. While Zimmerman is of German and Peruvian mixed stock,  Zimmerman himself identifies as Hispanic. Zimmerman in my eyes is an American citizen.

With unemployment running high among black youth and white middle class and working class unemployed, stagnant wages across the board for all ethnic groups couple that with carte blanche green cards and path to citizenship for invaders from South of the border its going to get dicey in America.

If I were a member of the desired professional pool that the government and corporations wish to import I would weigh if my personal safety would in fact be at risk.

Obama instead of using his bully pulpit more positively in response to the Zimmerman, Martin situation chose to further divide the ethnic divisions by playing to his misguided worshipers using race baiting rhetoric. Disgraceful!

This country needs leaders unafraid of the race card being played against them. We need strong leaders who are unafraid to bring fresh bold ideas to the table. We need leaders to hold all ethnic groups accountable for their behaviors not just place blame for the problems on one ethnic group.

Obama said in an impromptu press conference

We need to spend some time in thinking about how do we bolster and reinforce our African American boys.  And this is something that Michelle and I talk a lot about.  There are a lot of kids out there who need help who are getting a lot of negative reinforcement.  And is there more that we can do to give them the sense that their country cares about them and values them and is willing to invest in them?”

Well Mr President we have invested in the hopes of bolstering and reinforcing African American boys. I hope that you spend a great deal of time thinking this through and understanding that the solutions of the past have failed all of us not just the black community.  As a starter drop the African crap and inform the ”boys”  they are Americans. Being proud to be just an American is powerful.

We mainstream folk would like to see real leadership. Use your remaining three years plus teaching the black youth the “can do attitude that made America great”. All ethnic groups would benefit from the message.

The definition of respect is “A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.” Respect starts with “respect yourself” from that grows self confidence and self esteem.

Respect does not come from demanding it from others. It does not come from being “the baddest man in the whole damn town”.  It does not come from marking ones territory by writing your gang symbol on property you do not own. Respect does not come from Jihad terror attacks.

Respect comes from earning ones positive place within society. It is earned through tenacious hard work.

Respect for oneself can not be achieved  by imposing a cycle of dependency to a nanny state.

Inclusion in the broader community is also earned by ones good deeds and respect for oneself, ones family and community. All ethnic groups benefit from this message of reinforcement.

Mr President stop your goal of growing the nanny state. Be bold in breaking the cycle of bondage that a welfare state perpetuates.  Hold the “African-American boys” to a higher standard.

Grow a spine Mr President use ‘tough love’ and not words to divide — It might,  just might make a difference. Worth a try —

Mr President it is traditional for second term Presidents to put a lot of effort into nailing their legacy and establishing their presidential library. Obamacare well the lunch is still out on that little train wreck, your foreign policy sucks, sallying up to the Muslim Brotherhood does not leave you in good standing domestically and abroad.

In addition  claiming prior administrations “did it” as an excuse for your own administrations sandals not working anymore.  The persecuting and prosecuting of computer professionals for disclosing the evil of Americas dirty deeds your administration is engaged it is turning the tide against you and undermining trust in government.

Well Mr President what else can I say but things are looking pretty bad for establishing that Lincoln or Roosevelt like legacy you seemingly covet.

Mr President you made a promise to unite America — be a President to all. Oops a broken promise. Add that to your failed list.

It is not enough to be the “first  black President” that was impressive for a while get a grip the honeymoon is over. The love affair is fading.

Might I suggest a way to ensure a stellar legacy? Mr President use your final days in office using your gift of oration and “speechify” to  those young black boys the gift of self respect. Teach them how to make the leap out of their own entrapment.

Explain to all Americans, starting with yourself, the rewards of limited government and self preservation. Teach the advantage of breaking the cycle of poverty. Teach that “government can not solve the problem government is the problem”.

Teach all that what government gives it also can take away. Teach that what power government takes unto itself not only will it not be relinquished, it morphs in ugly ways.

Explain the people’s power is diminished when government decides it is the solution and the right to vote becomes meaningless.

Mr President use what remaining political capital you have for the betterment of disadvantaged communities not by using handouts to create more dependency. Some say that your goal is to build a socialist utopia. If that is true Mr President you are failing badly. What you are moving America towards is an authoritarian fascist police state.  Mr President that legacy will place you in the annals of history right up there with Mussolini. Oh that’s ugly!

Mr President may I also suggest that you and Michelle give considerable thought to the speech Bill Cosby gave in May 2004 at a NAACP event commemorating the 50th anniversary of Brown vs Board of Education. I realize his words may be difficult for some to  swallow. His words need to be taken seriously and they represent a starting point for addressing respect, personal responsibility and accountability.



We cannot blame the white people any longer.’  ~Dr.. William Henry ‘Bill’ Cosby, Jr., Ed..D.