The Republic is Dead!


“At the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, a Mrs. Powell anxiously awaited the results, and as Benjamin Franklin emerged from the long task now finished, asked him directly: “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” “A republic if you can keep it” responded Franklin.”

Well Dr. Franklin we failed to keep her!

This commentary is just my personal ramblings. Sometimes I think I am becoming an Anarchist, There are many ways to describe an Anarchist. Unfortunately most use the most negative definition.

The political class has destroyed the Republic, they have given it away. It is gone!  We Americans long brainwashed by the government have willingly absorbed their rhetoric and propaganda we became complacent and did not fight for her from within.  We jump at propaganda led by police state incursions abroad. The propaganda is used to stir patriotism at home.  We submit willingly.  The military complex goes into action for questionable and nefarious reasons.  Reasons not based in the humanitarian need.

Since the Civil War of 1861 to 1865 to maintain the Union insurrections against the government have been few and far between.

Many of us have rang the warning bells only to be derided as conspiracy theorist, or labeled right wing idiots and now outright called terrorist of the right.

Those of the more affluent left have joined the government in their character assaults. Many Americans just trying to make it one day at a time and find themselves in a vise of helplessness know in their hearts it is occurring but they are in everyday survival mode.

Many accustomed to the hand outs of the nanny state seem to be somewhat satisfied when more red meat is thrown their way. Then there are those who are completely lost to society. They are throw away’s by government and those who walk around and over them in large cities. These lost souls are no threat to government.

Some say we have a monarchy, a King, occupying the White House I disagree. Our commander and chiefs for many decades are controlled by outside forces made into puppets for aspirations of world governance.

We are now seeing the political class allegiance not to country but outside forces. We observe them clumsily trying to vie to secure a place on the world stage as the preeminent leader and the world’s police force. They are lethal using their big weaponry, failures afterwards in setting the plate for multicorporations.  The world is more dangerous than ever.

Some say America is already the preeminent leader.  If our President flatulates the rest of the world is subjected to the smell.  True with the smell.  However the rest of the world grows weary of the stink. The most dangerous parts of the world are holding their nose and extending their hands for dollars and at the same time farting back at America and the West.  We have world police actions of smelly dangerous farts.

The West has already been invaded due to the remarkable numbers in migration. The flow has not diminished and response by the political class of each once prosperous West nations has been negligible. In fact criminal. They have ignored their sworn duty to protect their nations borders.

The world is overpopulated. We see decreases in sovereign populations of the West and increases in populations of those nations not considered first world.

The United Nation presses for a world without borders. They now refer to countries around the globe as “states”.  Use of the term can be thought of not unlike the states of the United States.  Europe is falling to this concept.

Populations in the third world or in developing nations like India who have secured a place on the world stage of major players in the global economy their population numbers climb. They are exporters of people and so is China.

They have been successful at manufacturing educated products from effective assembly line production of the education.

The U.S. is failing miserably in education, a select few of its citizens have access to quality education.  U.S. government is now importers of educated souls.

The nations whose people are the migration culprits care not that their peoples leave their home countries. To those nations they are the recipients of aid from the Western nations that futilely offer aid dollars in hopes that these nations will stem the exodus. In truth those nations are aware that if they cooperate aid may be reduced and the political class would experience a reduction in their personal wealth, wealth skimmed off the top of the aid dollars.

It is also a fact that large numbers of migration invaders realizing fruits of the West they send billions to their country of origin in the form of remittances. The effect is plundering the economy of the West. The US occupies the top spot of remittance outflow. The World Bank, IMF and other associated working groups of the UN are clamoring for the West and recipient countries to make the cost of transfers of outflows/inflows cheaper. The West may do this but don’t count on recipient countries to follow suit.

I view remittance outflows as also a form of subsidies to global corporations. Remittance dollars that find their way to the individual recipient in the foreign developing and third world most likely they purchase goods and services from these global corporations.

The West governments not in a major public transparent way do not acknowledge the threat of Islamist spreading their ideology.  The West governments response is one of propaganda for a collective responsibility, a collective consciousness among their populace. They call for political correctness and for those of us who recognize the warning signs we are labeled Islamophobes.

While the governments of the West do not publicly talk about the ideology threats they do respond in the build up of a police state and ever more authoritarian rule.

The corporate arm of Corporatocracy cares less. Those who operate in the global economy have no allegiance to any country, they only have allegiance to their bottom line. They use governments of the West to solve the problems for evolving new markets, ensuring their safety in dangerous environments.  They depend on governments and the police forces of the West to assist them in exploitation of the indigenous in the third world.  They require of the Western governments to ensure they are free from liability. The Wests governments ensure that these corporations enjoy tax breaks, tax loopholes and generous subsidies in the West.

Corporations have demanded and received conflict arbitrations with regard to trade disputes at the international level.The West governments again the largest contributors for support of these international bodies. More subsidies.

Global corporations who have prostituted themselves for short term greed demands the Wests governments to solve their issues of copyright theft, cyber attacks, research and development theft etc. The West governments are demanded to solve currency manipulations problems and the Wests denial to markets.

The U.S. Export-Import Bank makes loans to foreign business’ to purchase exported products. They back loans of nation governments to purchase U.S. Corporations planes, heavy equipment etc. The U.S. Corporations are guaranteed their dollars while the U.S. Treasury may suffer losses to cover bad loans. It is a big fat corporate give away scheme.

The corporations born in the West lobby and corrupt the political class of the West.

Government “by and for the people” is really now, more than ever,  “by and for multinationals”.

Cyber warfare has grown out of failed foreign policy of Western governments.  It has in no small way been incubated from the the behavior of globalist. No matter which of the source they are totally interconnected. They represent the Corporatocracy. Traditional warfare is now replaced with cyber warfare and police state actions.

Citizenry of the West are paying the price. We pay by our liberties being taken away. We pay by decline in living standards.

We pay higher cost for connectivity, devices for communication yet our uses are monitored, collected and stored. The corporations ply devices to the third world often giveaways from the ones turned over by customers of the West as they buyin to the latest and greatest gadget. They take our trade-ins and resell in other markets. They may at times make bulk sales to China — China refurbishes and resells to Walmart.

The governments of such countries as Russia, China, Iran, Nigeria and more keep stealing and so do their citizens as they plunder our accounts and steal our identities.

Our hi-tech companies continue to manufacture devices, chips in countries that steal and reverse engineer their products. Refurbishing of hi-tech devices, laptops etc are allowed to be done in the same countries. Products that the West consumer purchases may be new or refurbished and you may never know the difference. Chips in these devices may be compromised in such a way to allow a country such as China carte blanche access to West consumers data. Worse in terms of the West access to their most sensitive national security data.

Again the response of the West is to clamp down on its citizens personal liberty and privacy. Whom you might ask are the crooks? It is not your walking around law abiding American citizen. We have been rendered the robot consumer that the government can pull the battery from at will.

I suppose we must admit that our government and its security agencies is at a point that they have no solution to foreign threats of cyber war and to save face and power they go for the low hanging fruit, us.

Yes the U.S. government fires destructive code at targets of other nations. Makes one wonder who really fired the first cyber war shot that is now played  between many bad actors. Is the U.S. a bad actor? It is clear cyber war is perpetual.

It is past time that we little citizens accept the fact we are under siege. The Republic is dying an agonizing death.

Just yesterday in Chicago folks were treated to a display of the police state conducting exercises from the air and ground. Chicago is not the first city and will not be the last. Some might contend that its a necessary exercise in case of a major event. If the attack is nuclear or biological they will not show up. I contend it can be only interpreted as a show of force to scare the hell out of citizens — a submission to their will technique.

I have heard many Patriot in the US suggest that the military will not turn on its own people. They are in fact doing just that. The exercise in Chicago is proof, the police state displayed in Boston further proof. More and more Fema camps being built again proof. DHS providing big guns and training to local police is proof. DHS is buying their loyalty. DHS buying up ammo supplies, it is evidence.

The fact that the military used the Iraqi and Afghanistan conflicts as training for military personnel in urban warfare is proof.

I do not think citizens can count on the military of the U.S. to be on their side for another reason. The upper echelon of the U.S. military and a compliant commander in chief having their goal as the global police, the top honchos of the military complex are guaranteed their war toys and power. These two things are not only motivators to turn a blind eye on citizens of their own country it is also true that this kind of power is intoxicating.

One other thing Americans may not be realizing is that our government will be recruiting a new crop of service recruits for the military and NSA from pools that will not be American citizens. The U.S. has historically allowed foreign peoples to join our military for exchange to a path to citizenship. This practice will grow as more green carded pools are created. Last night in a hearing on Dreamers this was clear. A concern was expressed that the Dreamers would have their careers in the military impacted due to the law restricting them from sensitive security clearance positions. The float using the Dreamers as an excuse will extend to other foreign import pools. I point this out simply to say that these folks will most likely not have an allegiance to the American citizen; therefore they will be more willing to act against us. Their allegiance will be demanded to NSA and the military complex.

Not one of us could deny the fact that regimes of the worst kind of tyranny surround themselves with people who express loyalty to them and protect their missions in exchange for more access to a comfortable living. The growing dependence on foreign people imports will create this scenario for the U.S. regime.

We are witnessing tyranny grow in America. The seeds have been sown they have taken root and the plant is now blooming.

Those of the political class will do whatever it takes to secure their power and wealth.

This insane political class wallowing in a pool of greed, corruption and moral decay act as if they are immune to the threats. Rude awakening if one of them decided to stray from the controlling party they will become a target of persecution and character assassinations. Someday they may find themselves hauled off to a government camp.

Snowden strayed. He is being persecuted. He is a man without a country. He is in limbo awaiting death.

Today I read that “The U.S. government has demanded that major Internet companies divulge users’ stored passwords, according to two industry sources familiar with these order this represents an escalation in surveillance techniques that has not previously been disclosed.”

In a case in the 90’s the founder of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) posted a free online version of encryption/decryption software for download the government did not take kindly to that. They persecuted the founder until finally dropping their case in 1996. The free download was pulled.

Thus far U.S. attorneys have been successful in forcing defendants in cases of interest to the feds to decrypt their hard drives. EFF and other civil rights lawyers attempted to fight using the 5th amendment argument of self-incrimination. This failed so far. Reference here.

NSA through NIST has placed themselves as the “bulldog” on the block for encryption and decryption standards, keys and algorithms. Obviously this has national security benefits. This presents a slippery slope however when this spills over to being used against Americans in non national security arenas. It has spilled over and there seems to be no going back. Just this week a fairly innocuous bill to limit the NSA broad sweep of data failed the House. Even if it passed the NSA would have ignored. When the NSA (or any other agency of government) is allowed to claim “its classified” there can be no oversight.

We hear from the political class that laws must evolve because of the digital age. They will evolve to favor government interest and those of corporations not mainstream Americans.

A person who thinks that subscribing to email service from another country, South Africa comes to mind, may realize temporary security from the watchful eyes and ears of the US surveillance apparatus. I say temporary because Congress will be requested to pass a law that makes it illegal to have a foreign account. Or as called out above encrypted emails can be forced to be decrypted.

The Cloud while being a convenient and cost effective tool for business’ we run of the mill Americans have been indoctrinated to the Cloud conveniences as well. We have our stored contacts, email, photographs, tax records etc stored in the Cloud while a convenience to us as we move from device to device — this is also convenient for government surveillance.

The bill to restrict data collection by the NSA should it have passed would not stop the massive data collection of Obamacare.

Obamacare has introduced a massive collection by government agencies to collect data and share across agencies of government and as well private companies that have received billion dollar contracts for administering aspects of Obamacare. CMS awarded recently a 1.6 billion contract to a UK firm. They have already set up house in three different states. They were investigated by the FBI and it was reported they were not up to snuff for ensuring that their firewalls were protected to a high standard. The report was ignored.

Your and my most sensitive data will fly between government agencies, state exchanges, the DMV, gun registries, doctor offices, hospitals, credit agencies, banks, all forms of insurance companies and the list goes on. We can also expect that the amount of data not already in the off shored back offices will be shared at a higher level.

If you think it difficult to remove ones name from a no fly list try getting something corrected in the wad of Obamacare. We are at their mercy. The government will use the data they collect in very nefarious ways. Folks have referred to Obamacare as a train wreck. Its a surveillance nightmare of gargantuan proportion. There will exist so many entry points that any hacker with any worth will breach.

The only major way that would alter the death of this Republic is if, as they say “God forgive”, a major event like a nuclear or biological attack occurred on this Republics soil. In this scenario the government may recoil to protect the nation. However you can take it to the bank you will live under martial law.

It is possible to treat the symptoms of the Republic, forestalling her final death, if the Republic’s voters chose constitutional liberty loving candidates. We must revolt to limit national government power as enumerated in the Constitution.There are enough doses out there to elect the liberty loving Constitutionalist but will we set aside certain ideologies long enough to get the job done? Geez the liberty loving candidates are probably Libertarian or Libertarian Republicans. Ever get the feeling that you are trapped in your ideological box? Guess what the political class exploits this to the max.

Sometimes I believe a secret society exist whose members are government, multinational corporations, central banks, World Bank, the WTO and the IMF. They may not have adopted the occult side of Germanys Thule Society or Vill but they seem to have taken on the concept of nationalism and their propaganda techniques. This new Society is promoting world nationalism and the members of the Society will pick the winners and losers.

The following link is provided to draw attention to one man’s short explanation regarding Civil Liberties and a government that has ignored the limits of enumerated powers of the national government. See Civil Liberties