The New Aristocracy, The New Tea Party, and Divine Providence


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WashingtonPrayingThe America, which our fellow countrymen fought and died for, is in peril. There is a growing discontent in the air…a palatable division, between those who roam the Halls of Power with impunity, and those of us in America’s Heartland, who are simply trying to live our everyday lives, excising our rights to continue our American Christian Heritage, while working hard, in an attempt to provide for our families and secure the continuance of the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.

This division between average Americans, and our elected representatives, who are no longer serving us, but are, instead, blatantly serving themselves, has taken a while to come about.

To some extent, it has always been so, since the formation of a our sovereign nation,comprised of weary travelers from faraway lands, who had escaped to these shores, seeking a refuge from the tyranny and oppression of despotic rulers.


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