Amnesty and the Economy: A Juan Valdez Overload


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ibamaillegalimmigrationSo, how that Hopey-Changey Thingy workin’ out for ya? reports that

Americans’ confidence in the economy in July was the lowest it has been in any month since April. Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index slipped to -12 last month, down from -8 in June and -7 in May — with the May reading representing the most positive monthly average since Gallup began tracking economic confidence daily in 2008. Still, consumers’ confidence remains higher than the -16 reading in March — the lowest monthly score this year — which encompassed the public’s reaction to the automatic budget cuts that took effect as part of sequestration.

Also, according to Gallup, 35% of Americans say that Economic Conditions are Poor, Only 19% of Americans believe that Economic Conditions are Good. 42% of Americans believe that things are getting better. 53% of us believe that things are still in their descent down the ol’…

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