When the US President Takes a Piss — The Piss is splashed around the globe


I say no, no and no to giving a bye for this US President to use weapons of mass destruction against another nation when that nation is engaged in a civil war. It IS A DECLARATION of WAR!

The President is wrong, wrong that he has constitutional authority  if Congress does not give him what he seeks to carry out an act of war. Makes no difference to the “The Dear Leader”.

This is a trap, a ruse the US is playing on its own citizens and other good main street peoples of the West employing immoral propaganda.

Immoral in the sense that the justification plays to our fundamental sense of what it means to be human, of possessing the best of being a civilized society. The moral high ground propaganda he and the President’s mouthing evil pundits are using rings hollow. It is false flags.

Its an immoral ruse in the sense that there exist immoral fundamental hidden agendas. Its not solely about chemical weapons being used in Syria. The use of chemical weapons by Assad or one of the radical Islamic groups we are backing is, to me, a convenient opportunity presented to the US and its “allies”.

No matter what gory films they show us the question needs to be asked would not the mix of radicals, who are not being blamed for the use of chemicals, be averse to using them? Of course not. Would any other Islamist in the region or not be persuaded not to employ any use of weapons be they chemical or pressure cookers? Absolutely not.

Is the US under Obama really trying to protect Israel? If you think that true let me sell you a ‘junk bond’.

By declaring war against Syria will this stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. No. The horse left the barn and the world stood by failing to reign in the horse early on. This action that Obama will take is now a desperate attempt to rock the shit out of Tehran. Tehran will only be embolden to step up their efforts for nukes.

Would it be a positive deterrent to North Korea. Not even close.

While death from chemical weapons is sickening, brutal and any other word that we can imagine to describe, so called conventional weapons possessed by a superpower will be lethal to innocents. Innocents among Islam are women and children.

Will this act of war by the US set another precedent for a one world government? Yes it will.

While the US will be allowed to lead in a substantive way a world police other nations of the West will be allowed to play in their sandbox.

Are anyone of us under an illusion that countries like Russia and China will buckle to a one world government power? No they will resist. They will participate in a global economy when it is in their self interest and refuse when it is not.

Has harsh methods used by the US worked to stop radicals of Islam? Not even close. Bombs over Baghdad killed 100’s of thousand innocents. Iraq remains a cesspool of radicalism and a place of horrific violence.

All that we undertook in Afghanistan has not worked out well. The US is now kissing up to the enemy.

No fly zones in Libya protected oil. We watched barbarians brutally kill Gaddafi a former pal to  the West. Did anyone hear a word of condemnation for the brutality of the radicals behavior, conveniently they were referred to as “freedom fighters”, when they took barbaric revenge?

Do you hear from Obama condemning acts of rape, executions or cannibalizing employed by those radicals we arm? How in God’s name would we know a so called moderate Islamist from ones who are not?

What happened to the Benghazi scandal and this US Presidents culpability in the slaughter of American citizens? Weapons were and had been for some time funneled to radicals in Syria. That is why the Americans were brutally slaughtered.

Do any one of us believe radical Islam will be less radical a thousand years from now? Perhaps (not likely) certainly not by utilizing the methods the US has and is using.

The radical organization of Islam have only proliferated in the last decade and will continue to do so.

We hear our sorry leaders use the word isolationist thrown at us. We are the bad guys, you and I, because we do not want the radicals of Islam being allowed access to the US. Many radicals of Islam do their “radical work” by cloaking themselves as moderate Muslim, the good peaceful Muslims and when the moment is right, inflict a solid blow, creating as much collateral damage as possible.

The Europeans who are calling for the UN to declare credibility for the undertaking is only a thorn to be propagandize against at the moment. On the flip side its useful rhetoric for supporting the goal of a world government.

Each and every time, from this day forward, any definition of misconduct within another nation that interferes with the one world government power and worse interruption to multinationals in the now global economy the one world police state actions will be used. At some point national and international debates, citizen input, for intervention or not by the world police will be relegated to history.

The US government, the West as a whole, will become ever closer to despotic behaviors much like those that exist in countries like Syria. US and other governments of the West establishing this world police state becomes the dictators of the world. Far fetched notion, I don’t think so.

It begs the question then what do we do? Countries that border Syria like Turkey, Israel and others have the capacity to handle their borders. Let them do it! We have armed the Arabs, let them go to war with Syria.

Frankly isolating the Islamic countries from the world communities could be far more effective in altering their culture of violence rather than arming and emboldening bad behavior as the US is doing now.

Shame the US SOB’s for coddling them with political correctness. How can we “win their hearts and minds”? We are the evil infidel.

Let the Islamist wallow in their destructive behaviors in their own countries. Allow them to self destruct. Stop infusing dollars from the West that allow them to continue to barter through use of threat of violence for more dollars. The Islamist is sick, sick, sick. We keep the SOB’s sick and the US along with others of the West have contracted their evil.

US government, Mr Obama, is sick with the taste of power and becoming more sicken by each passing day.

ENDLESS_WARI can’t even begin to convey my outrage. I am outraged!!!!

I am outraged that my government toys and jerks around her citizens raising false flags of propaganda. If they are successful there will be no stopping this march to a world police state, a world government.

The world police state will be brought home, we have already witnessed it on a small scale.

I’m getting a whiff of WWIII .