Countdown to the Shutdown

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government shutdownHere we are. The day before the Government shuts down.

Yesterday, the House of Representative sent their modified Continuing Resolution back to the Senate.  This latest Continuing Resolution calls for delaying by a year, key parts of Obamacare and the repeal of a tax on medical devices, in exchange for avoiding a shutdown.

Here’s a big secret: The Government will not actually shutdown.

Social Security checks will not be interrupted. Troops will remain at their posts. Doctors and hospitals will get their Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements.

The fact of the matter is,virtually every essential government agency, like the FBI, the Border Patrol and the Coast Guard, will stay open. Furloughed federal workers probably would get paid, eventually. Transportation Security Administration officers would continue to man airport checkpoints.

The hitch is, sometime around late October or early November, the government might possibly run out of cash. If that were to happen…

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