World police goons!


I do believe we are being trained to a world police. A police state that can operate at will on foreign soil and yes domestically. The new force receives little bad press from the international community. Why? It is not coming under attack domestically.

There is no doubt that evil Islamist are operating throughout the world. We know they exist on our continent. They seem to be multiplying daily in numbers. Affiliations to this umbrella group or the other are blurred. Me well I just view them all as Islamist terrorist.

One less evil Islamist and the world breathes a sigh of relief. We certainly would most likely say “one less radical Islamist to worry about!”.

The fact that an evil Islamist is walking around in a country, not ours, is that an excuse for the USA to extract or use a Drone to kill?

When the USA drone kills or extracts some evil Islamic that our government says masterminded this or that or responsible for deaths of Americans its easy to say “go after the bastards Uncle Sam”.

Recently it was reported that Navy Seals were thwarted at their attempts to extract terrorist in Somalia. This was a police action. Truth is we don’t really know if they were actually Seals. Could the group been contract mercenaries hired by DOD?

Using a hypothetical suppose China sent in highly trained military squad to extract a Chinese citizen that they knew was close to being arrested for stealing secrets in the USA. Suppose then they encountered the FBI setting out in front of the Chinese nationals place of residence — a firefight ensues and agents are killed. The Chinese military extractors fled by plane, helicopter or a rubber raft to an awaiting ship or sub and made a get away. What happened here?  Well for starters they murdered some of our federal agents and they invaded our sovereign nation.

Questions? Would we shoot down the plane, helicopter or blow up the ship or sub?Frankly I don’t think so. Would crime scene cleaners be deployed to wash down and extract the victims. Most likely. Would the USA deny any such thing happened? I think they would. Why?

The answer is rather simple we are dependent on China for real technology goods. If the incident was made public and no actions of substance taken against China then then the USA would be viewed by the world as kowtowing to the Chinese. The Empire of the USA is subservient.

Suppose the USA went in to Russia to extract Snowden or sent a Drone to drop a bomb on him? What do you suppose the Russians response would be? I don’t even want to contemplate what it would be. Swift most likely.

OK US, China and Russia are major powers. Any response by anyone of these countries for invasion of their sovereignty would be calculated with many variables considered. Suspect the USA would crunch more variables than either Russia or China.

Does it matter if a country is not a superpower that the USA has the right to extract and Drone kill whomever in that respective country? Does the USA have the right to disrespect another’s country’s borders?

If Obama had bombed Syria would not that have been an act of war? Of course it would have been.

So what is going on here? Could we be witnessing a world police state in the making? A dangerous one because if we partake so will other superpowers.

Not sure about you but it is easy for my government to convince me that there are Islamist terrorist. That’s a no brainer. It is quite a different matter to convince me that they can become or be allowed by other superpowers to be the worlds police.

And it is very near impossible for them to convince me to buy the crap that one group fighting in Syria are good rebels and others are terrorist rebels. My way of thinking they are all terrorist rebels.

Its very difficult these days to focus on one bastardy action our government engages in domestically or in the foreign. There are so many scandals and corrupt acts committed for power and greed. However I do believe it is critical to have a national debate on this subject. As citizens we can ill afford the folks on the Hill to be the sole drivers. I assure you the outcome of leaving this issue to Washington will not turn out to be in the American peoples best interest.

We and yes the international community are being trained to a world police. We must consider what this means. Is the USA safer for these military police actions? No I don’t think so. Is the rest of the world, countries of the West, safer? No.

The other day Obama again said we have captured or killed more of the Al Qaeda leadership but said this is a prolonged war. In other words this is the norm we must get use to. That my friends I take as a world police is necessary and you and I must accept the reality.

The progressive socialist countries of Europe and their citizenry seem not to have a problem with this new norm. They also seem not, the best I can figure, have a problem with the USA becoming the lead as a world police. To be quite honest neither are we seeing a push back from progressives in America and nor do we see a big push back from conservatives. Does this mean we are already trained to this new norm?

The NSA and other agencies of the USA work in concert with the UK and many other nations to spy on the citizens in their respective countries and across the globe. Each share their data collection with another. Is this another indicator of a world police force? I think it is.

The thousand dollar question is will this new paradigm solve the issue of Islam? No. Perhaps by many hundreds of years from the present. I have doubts that Islamist issues could be solved in a thousand or two thousand years.

I am not sure what the real answer is — huge migrations of people are taking place. Europe is experiencing this migration. Australia has huge numbers of boat people. The USA is feeling the migratory crunch across our Southern border. No matter which continent it is the same no border security — the terrorist invade.

Will the global economy solve the problem of migration? No — just the opposite we will see more and more exporting and importing of workers and all the while more terrorist slipping in through the cracks.

As each day passes whether you live in the USA or Europe liberty is taken away and totalitarian measures are invoked. Is all of this due to Islam. Not all but most.

How do we solve the Islamic problem? We don’t if we embrace their problems and make them “our” problem. We don’t change their behavior by unleashing a world police force. What this accomplishes is to alter our own behavior, altered in the negative. We become trapped.

In the US a conservative estimate is that we have over 41,000 gang members behaving in unconscionable behavior every day. The USA has a Mexican Cartel problem. Is the USA addressing those problems with vigor? No.

With all the militarization of local police forces the gangs remain, Cartels free to enterprise and Russian Mafia operate freely. Therefore why would anyone think a world police would be successful?

Perhaps isolating the Islamist countries would be more effective. I would be the first to line up with the I don’t know if this would work crowd, but I think it is worth a try.

If the USA and Europe had stayed out of Syria that civil war would have been over. Yes the Syrian peoples would still have Assad — now they face years ahead of turmoil in Syria and spillover of instability in the entire region. Europe will experience instability.

No isolating Islam is a better answer and well worth a try.

Going back to the USA not minding their own business and marching forward to become the new goons of the world — America will bear the monetary cost and the hatred of the world towards us. It will backfire.

That leaves all of us to decide if this is the exceptional-ism we want the USA to be defined by.