Dems Stifle Freedom of Speech in the Senate. Obama Praises Them.

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obamabillofrightsYesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in what was either a “Look! Squirrel!” moment, designed by the Democrats to distract Americans from the Obamacare Disaster, or to ensure that activist judges would continue to do the bidding of the Progressives and their Petulant President, lead the Senate Democrats in approving a historic rules change that eliminated the use of the filibuster on all presidential nominees except those to the U.S. Supreme Court.

By using the long-threatened “nuclear option”, the Democrats have ensured that most of President Barack Hussein Obama’s judicial and executive branch nominees no longer need to clear the 60-vote threshold that was formerly required to reach the Senate floor and get an up-or-down vote.

Of course, President Obama was as happy as Star War’s Emperor Palpatine, when he was “elected” to rule the Empire and “Liberty died…to thunderous applause”

All too often, we’ve seen a single senator…

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