The War Against Christianity: The National Christmas Tree Lighting 2013…Diffusing the Message of Jesus Christ

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charliebrownchristmasLast night, was the annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree. Michelle Obama read “”Twas the Night Before Christmas…and the 44th President of the United States of America came up with his own definition of Christmas, in which he spoke of Our Savior Jesus Christ, as if he was just a nice boy from Nazareth who went into his Father’s Business.

Here is a White House transcript of the president’s remarks courtesy of Todd Starnes column at

“For 91 years, the National Christmas Tree has stood as a beacon of light and a promise during the holiday season.  During times of peace and prosperity, challenge and change, Americans have gathered around our national tree to kick off the holiday season and give thanks for everything that makes this time of year so magical — spending time with friends and family, and spreading tidings of peace and goodwill here at…

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