I am not sure myself what this is all about or why I am doing this, yet I feel compelled to speak out about what is taking place in America today.  As most now realize the integrity of Main Stream Media is non-existent at this point in time, so we look to Alternative Media for meaningful information.  There are hundreds if not thousands of Patriots already speaking out and revealing the truth to enlighten the American People.

I look to many of them to present the facts about what is currently going on that is not covered otherwise.  But every story more or less stands on it’s own as a specific event by most, I see things a bit differently.

I do not think any event or action is isolated, everything is related in one way or another.  To make sense of what is going on we must see the big picture as a whole.  Not just what is going on but to understand why it is happening and where it fits in.  To find the relationships and if it is indeed a cause and effect story or perhaps action and reaction.  To understand where things fit into a specific goal that is not clearly evident on the surface.  That is I guess what this blog is about.

To connect the dots…………………..