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For the second time in just days, Associated Press has redefined a word for its reporters that adopts a politically correct position, this time pleasing Muslim activists with a decision to ban the use of “Islamist” as a synonym for “fighters” and/or “militants.”

Politico’s Dylan Byers noted the change by AP was made “after much prodding from the Council on American-Islamic Relations.”

“CAIR had complained late last year that the AP’s old definition of ‘Islamist’ – ‘a supporter of government in accord with the laws of Islam [and] who views the Quran as a political model’ – had become a pejorative shorthand for extremist Muslims,” Byers wrote.


Kermit Gosnell, The Media Blackout Of His Mass Murder Trial & Abortion Slaughterhouse


There are many essays posted here on this little blog site which cover a variety of topics. Yet they are all about one thing, saving our Republic from the decay of morality and the never-ending entrenchment of Progressive/Socialism into our culture, society and government. We speak about large issues of conflicting ideology that encompass vast areas of effect in general terms. The attacks upon our Constitution and Bill of Rights have huge consequences that will effect the entire population of America in divesting ways. The current agenda in our Public School System driving “Forward” the propaganda of Communism and Socialism by indoctrinating our children to believe such systems of government work better than a Constitutional Republic with a Capitalist Free Market System. This has and will have lasting effect for generations on our Nation for years to come regardless of what we do today to alter this course and bring education back to developing critical thinking, problem solving ability, independent self responsibility and love of Country by knowing Freedom is not a gift, it is a Blessing paid for in blood.

Don’t Tread On Me!!


I am not just angry but damned angry.

Besides the current Flag of the United States the Don’t Tread on Me flag is my favorite. In fact so much so that I fly it frequently. I like the words Don’t Tread on Me.

As many of my Patriots know the Gadsden flag was but one of the flags designed and flown before and during the Revolutionary War.

Today I read in The Examiner, a Washington, D.C. paper, dated April 12, 2013 New York town removes flag as ‘offensive’ Tea Party symbol. in case the link should disappear I will place the article in its entirety at the bottom of this commentary.

Now if this article does not anger you then I do not know what would wake you from a zombie like state.

Have we lost the battle to save the Constitution?


Perhaps the question should be “Have we lost the battle to save the Constitution and our Republic?”

Well not yet but time is running dangerously close. The progressives are doing everything they can muster to offer the blueprint to use as the framework for a new constitution and as well push America to a socialist country.

Each of us already know this. I felt a need to write this down out of frustration a way out of the personal to share the pain I feel. To bare the pain is just too much for anyone of us to carry alone.

We all know we must fight the good fight.

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)


The partnership has emerged from a reaction you might say to The 2005 Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPSEP or P4).

See TPP for history and countries talking as well a list of the P4/TPSEP countries.

The TPP talks are not transparent. They are behind closed doors and we are not invited although each of us will be affected. It is about free trade not fair trade? It is fair only in a sense of protection of foreign corporations doing business in countries that become signatories.

UN Gun Grab of Small Weapons


Did we have a glimmer of victory with the passage of the Inhofe amendment to the Senate 2014 budget?

Is it myth or danger to our Second Amendment rights?

I will admit this issue is confusing to folks on one hand we have alternative news sources telling us their take and MSM reporting another. There are firearm groups as well such as NRA and Gun Owners of America injecting their .02 cents. The manufactures of weapons as well adds fuel to the fire (glad to have alternative news sources and as well the NRA and GOA). In the final we gun-toters, lovers of the Constitution and its 2nd Amendment operate from common sense backed by history that reinforces that we have plenty to be alarmed about.

Feds Identify 300,000 Americans as Terrorists | Activist Post


Originally posted on The Grey Enigma:
Do you hate paying taxes? Are you fighting foreclosure? Do you feel like no one should be allowed to commit violence against you and don’t always blindly…

Obama and Congress protecting Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Foods and Crops


I think most people that would be reading this knows of Monsanto to one extent or another. Yet I drought many know enough about them to label them perhaps as one of the most evil companies on earth. Yes indeed these guys have no morels or ethics what so ever in their quest for absolute control of the entire food chain in America. All of this at the expense of the health and well being of the people eating the foods they have developed by playing God and a bit of genetic engineering. They span the entire globe with their products and have become a very powerful element in the world of those that have the ability to control, I am talking about real control that is hard to even get your head rapped around.

More About Corporatocracy, One World Governance, Economic Unions and Socialism


After writing the piece Global, One World, Corporatocracy Folly I begin to think how did we move to referring to countries from being ones of a Third World, Developing Country (LDC) to commonly used term, Emerging Markets? For me it was an interesting question.

First to understand how Developing Countries label came about formally referred to as Third World I think it was driven in the progressives way of thinking, the liberal academician way rooted in political correctness not to offend. In the big scheme its about making, remaking the so called global community to one that embraces the ideology of progressiveness .Its a warm and fuzzy concept. Worth also considering that it just may be a tool to acceptance of One World Governance.

Global, One World, Corporatocracy Folly


I don’t know about my friends but I get this knot in my stomach just thinking and writing (although writing about issues help me) when I contemplate about this new so called global world, one world we are moving at high speed towards. Yes we all know that we live on the planet earth but the notion of one world community is an idea that does not make common sense to me.

People no matter how hard the progressive try’s to make it so will never be equal. We will never be equally well off and on the opposing side of the coin not all nations will be equally powerful. While most of us would (conservative, progressive) say, and with sincerity, wish that all peoples on the earth lived better lives enjoyed a good meal, were educated, did not have to suffer from conflict, had good sanitation, clean water to drink and free of epidemics.

RE-CREATING AMERICA: Cultural Sensitivity in Wisconsin Schools


Just a video, it pretty much says it all. I am not a raciest, don’t care what color a person’s skin is as it is only skin deep of course. Yet racism is a reality of life throughout the world to one degree or another, it always has been and it always will be. Their will be hungry children and women of the night, always has been and always will be. There is great effort by many people to eliminate this problem but in the end it is a fact of life just as surly as the sun rising toward the east and setting in the west. Some in America simply refuse to acknowledge this fact and others refuse to address in a realistic manor due to Political Correctness that is harming our society because open and candid conversation is not polite.

Should ethics be taught in schools?


Those who have these virtues ( morality, ethics and of character) recognize when they are lacking in another’s character (a person). Its sorta instinctive because hopefully the virtues have been instilled in us from the basic institutions (family unit, churches) bottom up. Reinforced top down from institutions of the school, higher education, businesses and in the government institution.

It is important to acknowledge what is one’s right and wrong may not be another’s and it varies within cultures.

We recognize and judge when institutions like the family unit, churches. government, schools (lower and higher education), businesses stray from ethics, morality and good character. In our judgement it may be as broken family units, behavior of those in the hierarchy of churches and the other institutions that are the pillars of society.

Republican Party: Woes and Balancing Act, 2016 Election, Comprehensive Immigration Reform?


2016 is not all that far away. Best we stay engaged and watchful on main stream media comments and entertainment news. Of course watching so-called conservative press is fair game as well. We should as responsible citizens read all rags, listen to both ‘to both’ news sources, right and left. I un

derstand whether you are conservative or democrat listening to opposing views is stomach turning at times. We all should not depend on our favorite line of news source, not only will we miss hidden truth, our favorite, lets be honest will be talking to the choir. Critical thinking is a must.

Public School System or Government Indoctrination Center (Part 3)


I spent many hours trying to categorizing these for you, yet it is just too time consuming without 4 displays to do it properly. Also they are all inter related to such an extent than a single story will fall into many areas. So I will just present then to you as a starting point in your own personal research. Everything I have talked about here is covered by them to one extent or another.

So here are a few that I have used as sources for my presentation. Some have descriptions, you can just go down them to find what you want to learn a bit more about. They cover these topics. Just keep in mind this is just a small sampling of the information readily available concerning these issues if you search. CSCOPE and Common Core are the root and source of many of the problems in our schools today, Union greed and agenda rank second along with Progressive Federal and State ideology. Real education of our kids today is not even a consideration it seems when you look at the hard facts. Are you willing able to understand the hard facts?

Travel by Presidents and Congress


Needs Scrutiny, Accountability, An Ingredient of Personal Responsibility by the elected and Costs of the travel must be Transparent.

“While policy dictates that tax money does not cover any personal expenses, the cost of security has historically been placed on the taxpayer.” Do Presidents reimburse for the personal? How would we know?

Much has been made of the Obama’s frequent flyer miles at government, read taxpayer expense. Is it fair? Well yes. Scrutiny and asking questions I think is a right to be enjoyed by America’s citizens.