Get action: A few ideas for those getting started in politics


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“Tell us what to do!” The retirement-aged lady seated next to me said shouted as the crowd cheered for Senator Ted Cruz during his speech. She was asking…


9/11: America’s unfinished business


Before we head to Syria to avenge the mass murder of their kids, how about we finish avenging ours?

When I say “finish,” of course I really mean “start.” A dozen years after the 9/11 attacks, the trials against the jihadist plotters who incinerated pregnant women, firefighters, grandparents, newlyweds, toddlers and schoolkids on their first-ever plane rides have yet to begin.

Justice not only has been delayed and denied. Justice has been demoted, disowned and deserted. Justice for the 9/11 victims and families isn’t blindfolded. She’s gagged and hogtied.

The terror-coddling Obama White House squandered precious years trying to shut down Gitmo to appease the peaceniks, transnationalists and Muslim grievance-mongers. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder arrogantly attempted to shove civilian trials of terrorists — which would have been held a stone’s throw from Ground Zero — down New Yorkers’ throats. Ever since, Team Obama has dragged its feet on military tribunals for the al-Qaida crew.

ICE Released 2,837 Convicted Alien Sex Offenders to Comply With Supreme Court Ruling


The 2,837 sex offenders represented five percent of the 59,347 deportable aliens that have been released from detention under the supervision of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to the GAO report, which was released Thursday.

“There are circumstances in which criminal aliens who have been ordered removed from the United States – including those convicted of a sex offense – cannot be removed,” the report states. “For example, a criminal alien may not be removed because the designated country will not accept the alien’s return.”

In honor of all who died


This fateful day is etched for ever in all our memories.

Please Support WWIII for Barack Hussein Obama II, he is depending on you


Obama bots please watch twice and think once……….

CFP: Silence of the Lambs in America


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“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act." CFP: In…

I thought I could never agree with Ralph Nader!!


Little did your school boy chums in Hawaii, watching you race up and down the basketball court, know how prescient they were when they nicknamed you “Barry O’Bomber”.

Little did your fellow Harvard Law Review editors, who elected you to lead that venerable journal, ever imagine that you could be a president who chronically violates the Constitution, federal statutes, international treaties and the separation of power at depths equal to or beyond the George W. Bush regime.

Nor would many of the voters who elected you in 2008 have conceived that your foreign policy would rely so much on brute military force at the expense of systemically waging peace. Certainly, voters who knew your background as a child of third world countries, a community organizer, a scholar of constitutional law and a critic of the Bush/Cheney years, never would have expected you to favor the giant warfare state so pleasing to the military industrial complex.

Now, as if having learned nothing from the devastating and costly aftermaths of the military invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, you’re beating the combustible drums to attack Syria – a country that is no threat to the U.S. and is embroiled in complex civil wars under a brutal regime.

This time, however, you may have pushed for too many acts of War. Public opinion and sizable numbers of members of both parties in Congress are opposed. These lawmakers oppose bombing Syria in spite of your corralling the cowardly leaders of both parties in the Congress.

When the US President Takes a Piss — The Piss is splashed around the globe


I say no, no and no to giving a bye for this US President to use weapons of mass destruction against another nation when that nation is engaged in a civil war. It IS A DECLARATION of WAR!

The President is wrong, wrong that he has constitutional authority if Congress does not give him what he seeks to carry out an act of war. Makes no difference to the “The Dear Leader”.

This is a trap, a ruse the US is playing on its own citizens and other good main street peoples of the West employing immoral propaganda.

Immoral in the sense that the justification plays to our fundamental sense of what it means to be human, of possessing the best of being a civilized society. The moral high ground propaganda he and the President’s mouthing evil pundits are using rings hollow. It is false flags.

Its an immoral ruse in the sense that there exist immoral fundamental hidden agendas. Its not solely about chemical weapons being used in Syria. The use of chemical weapons by Assad or one of the radical Islamic groups we are backing is, to me, a convenient opportunity presented to the US and its “allies”.

No matter what gory films they show us the question needs to be asked would not the mix of radicals, who are not being blamed for the use of chemicals, be averse to using them? Of course not. Would any other Islamist in the region or not be persuaded not to employ any use of weapons be they chemical or pressure cookers? Absolutely not.

Students taught that government is “family”: a caretaker that should be obeyed


A homework assignment was given to children at a public school which revealed the true nature of this nation’s education model: to condition impressionable young people to accept the paternal role of the state; trusting, accepting, and obeying the state’s wishes as you would your own family. This familial role of the state has been formally advocated since the onset of public education in America.

Fourth-graders at East Prairie School in Skokie, Illinois, were distributed an assignment titled, “What is Government?”

The assignment was prefaced with a statement that caused a stir with some parents. The worksheet stated:

“Government is like a nation’s family. Families take care of each other and make sure they are safe, healthy, educated, and free to enjoy life. Families encourage children to be independent, hardworking, and responsible. Families make and enforce rules and give appropriate punishments when rules are broken. Government does these things for its citizens, too.”

Veteran’s Benefits: Plenty for Me, but Not for Thee


There are also billions of dollars in social and welfare spending on illegal aliens. A study updated in 2011 found that approximately $113 billion is spent every year, with about $84 billion which is paid for through state and local taxpayers. Illegal aliens who are on the public dime received at the time of the study, $250 million worth of emergency medical care, $2.2 billion in free and reduced costs meals, $637 million in housing programs, $633 million in child care and development and $1 billion in temporary assistance for needy families. How is it that people who have come into this country illegally are being rewarded while those who have fought and paid huge sacrifices are still having to fight just to receive what they have paid in full to earn?

Blending In: Are Muslims Adopting Libertarianism in America?


The American Muslim Political Action Committee or AMPAC website has announced the itinerary of their “Rally Against Fear”, which was originally slated to be the Million Muslim March. The reasons for this march are to “tell our Government leaders we want transparency and policies of peace.” Going on to read more, one can see the Libertarianism that American Muslims have adopted as a way to claim their Constitutional rights, which is afforded all Americans, yet many times their Ideology infringe upon many other’s rights of Speech and religion. A few terms used in the website’s information about this march stood out in

Killing Without Consequences: “Counter-Insurgency” Warfare in Greenfield, California


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It’s often said that police are the country’s most dangerous street gang. One significant distinction between police and their private sector counterparts is that street gangs don’t expect…

With a wink, wink the U.S. has a “shared enemy” with Islam!


The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms the cowardly attacks today in Baghdad. These attacks were aimed at families celebrating the Eid al-Fitr holiday that marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The terrorists who committed these acts are enemies of Islam and a shared enemy of the United States, Iraq, and the international community.

The attacks today bear the hallmarks of similar suicide and vehicle bomb attacks in Iraq over the past ninety days. Most of these attacks have been perpetrated by al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). AQI is led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a Specially Designated Global Terrorist under Executive Order 13224. He is also listed at the United Nations Security Council 1267/1989 al-Qa’ida Sanctions Committee.

Amnesty and the Economy: A Juan Valdez Overload


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So, how that Hopey-Changey Thingy workin’ out for ya? reports that Americans’ confidence in the economy in July was the lowest it has been in any…

Obama Gives Money to Syrian Rebels, Threatens to Cut OUR Veterans’ Services


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It has been a long, hot summer. Especially for those Americans, who have been punished by our Petulant President’s “Sequester”. According to the White House Office of…